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Hello all, I'm taking this chance to meet other nurses in PA. Who knows, maybe I've meant some of you. I graduated a year ago, and meant a lot of other nursing students in clinicals, and such. ... Read More

  1. by   Fritty
    Hi Pete,
    I work in Pa, Philly to be exact. Also graduated approx 1 year prior...
  2. by   sugar plum
    Hi PA nurses,
    I live in northwestern PA. Have worked as an RN for approx. 2 years now in ICU. Was an LPN for 15 years before that. Would love to meet others in my area to chat to.
  3. by   SarahD717
    I graduated with BSN in summer '06 and now work for Bayada home care. I don't get many hours, so I've been applying for everything I can find for the last few months. I would love to work in L&D, so it would be great to hear from anyone who works in L&D in Southeastern PA.
  4. by   GooeyRN
    I am currently in Susquehanna county, grew up in Luzerne county. I am on a nursing hiatus the last year (had another baby) , but looking to work again pt or pd.
  5. by   dorselm
    I just did a clinical rotation at Magee Women's Hospital. I was interested in L&D and was told to get in L&D you have to first already work at Magee because right now they didn't have openings. They hired about 10 new hires. However, if you work in Magee, when a position becomes available, you would be able to get in. I took a position in med/surg at another hospital so I won't be applying for L&D anytime soon.
  6. by   Jean1313
    Hi All~

    I had posted a similiar thread in "general" but just found the PA section. I am looking to meet up with other Pittsburgh nurses. I saw this thread was started in 03, but if anyone knows of any social groups for RNs could you let me know?

    Thanks! :-)
  7. by   ohgoodnessgracious
    Hi! Graduated in June '08, got hired July, (but for international student reasons) started in October. I'm working in a Philadelphia hospital in one of their telemetry units. I like it so far. I think it's a fair balance of stable med-surg and intensive work. I'm getting all sorts of hours for my orientation. To be frank, I think I'm doing awesome! Haha. But it's even greater to know that I can always ask someone if I need help with anything and they're glad to help me/educate me.
  8. by   tp2player
    Recent graduate live in Philadelphia area, anybody know of any good nursing homes or hospitals that are hiring LPN's straight from school???
  9. by   iwanna
    I am an LPN from northwestern PA bordering on northeastern OH. I have 5 1/2 years of behavioral health nursing. I have been off for work almost 5 years. I took a 10 wk. refresher course last fall. I got a job at a nursing home, but it was way too many patients. Unfortunately, I quit after only 6 weeks. Now, I am looking for a job that is not too physical or stressful. My biggest problem at the NH was too much mental stress. By the end of the night, I could even think, let alone chart. I would be home laying bed, thinking, I should have charted this or that. I decided that I was placing my license in jeopardy, if I was omitting important info from my documenting. I attempted to give a two week notice. However, I had a family crisis, and my 2 yo grandson needed me. My DD started to abuse benzos while being on methadone. I know that I screwd that job, leaving withpout notice, but mys sister told me they would not give me reference even if I did complete my notice. I will not even mention this job when I fill out applications.
    I am still on disability, so the pay is not a big deal for me now. I think maybe a job in a speicalist's office may be slower. Or, maybe HH, wher I can be flexible with my visitations. I know that I will definitely stay out of LTC(although I really did develop an attachment to the residents)& hospital nursing. Another areaI think that I would like is hospice nursing. But, I have no experince inthat area.
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from LadyJRN1

    Sorry I am late, I am always standing on the curb when the train rolls by. I am from central PA and am an RN. Nice to meet everyone!
    I live in Central PA too Jane. I live in State College. Where do you live?
  11. by   FranEMTnurse
    Quote from nh4runner
    hi ! Are mental health jobs available in Pa? I grew up in Pa.Moved out of the area in my 20s . Funding has been drastically cut in NH for mental health . Jobs are far and few between. Looking to move back "home"
    There's a private Mental hospital here in Central PA called the Meadows. They are always looking for help.
  12. by   tresj08

    I graduated in December 2008! I currently have my TPP and now have an NCLEX date! However, there are no graduate nurse positions available in the Philadelphia or Allentown regions. I attended a seminar at Lehigh Valley Hosp. and they were handing out applications left and right. Now, they say they are NOT hiring, which I find really disappointing. I am, in fact, disappointed that no hospitals, or even Bayada, is hiring new nurses. All hospitals, including Bayada and other traveling nurse services, are requiring one year's experience at the very least. This is really disheartening! I was advised to apply at local retirement communities which I feel apprehensive about because I don't want to get pigeonholed! Perhaps this is a good place to start! Any other suggestions, or comments?! Thanks!
  13. by   PennStatenurse2B
    I am a nursing student but currently work as a MA. I'm in the Reading area. ( Red-ing).