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rn-jane has 12 years experience and specializes in ccu cardiovascular.

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  1. rn-jane

    what time does your shift really end?

    If I work 7-3 we can't leave or punch out til 3:23 but most times unless running late I get out between 330-345. But there have been times I'm leaving at 400 0r 430pm
  2. rn-jane

    a video to share: what I leaRNed

    A nurse sent me this video who i precepted years ago, nice video for new students, new grads and us old timers who needs reminding at times how rewarding our job can be.
  3. rn-jane

    Being notified of elevated troponin....

    Would talk with the cardiologist or whoever is your chief medical officer about the problem. Maybe if they holler enough the lab manager will sit up and understand why its so important. Don't direct it to the techs or lab people you need to talk with the boss.
  4. rn-jane

    failed ns...now what?? need advice

    First of all say to yourself "Is this what I want?" If the answer is yes then you have some work ahead of you. Make an appointment to talk with either a guidance counselor or one of the deans of the program on how you could possibly return. If not start applying to some adn schools and see if they will consider granting you admission this year or possibly next, since alot of programs are full right now. If you want it, it's there for you but remember any dream is reachable but you may have to work harder to get there.
  5. rn-jane

    HR in 40s. Doc insisting on dig IV

    I say good nursing judgement. As for the doctor I think you need to speak with your nurse manager next staff meeting for this to be brought up and discussed with the doctor. There are parameters that must then be written by the cardiologist in the order. Cya. We have a cardiologist that does something similar with amiodarone and once he realized he had to write the parameters they became more realistic since it would be his butt and not ours that would be in a sling if something happened.:redbeathe.
  6. rn-jane

    giving your email to a patient, yes or no?

    I so totally agree! It's nice that you feel like you communicated well, you did your job now you are done. It may sound cold but that is our job to provide them care and therapeutic communication while in the confines of your care.
  7. rn-jane

    Just sharing some good and happy news

    Congrats to your daughter! I bet mom is so proud!!!
  8. rn-jane

    need some guidance...

    Definitely appeal! You have rights, I would look into finding a lawyer maybe at the college if their is a law school there might be a help center where they can possibly provide you with information for free law advice.
  9. rn-jane

    Hiring Process, pre employment screening

    If your tb is positive it just means you had an exposure to tb. A nurse I worked with had to have a chest xray every year just to make sure it was not active.
  10. If you have the regret then go back. I feel there are some really good schools out there and some no so great schools. Check out the schools before you apply, ones that usually have a waiting list do so for a reason. Check out their nclex pass rate, interview some students if you can and make your decision and do what you have to get accepted and gl to you.
  11. rn-jane

    Being told a nursing career is a pipe dream

    If you have the desire the "@$%% with everyone and just "do it"! Look 14 years ago when I told my family I wanted to be a nurse I was laughed at by my family, dh's family but I had the desire and a supportive husband that said "Go for it" I was a bit younger 34 but lived as a sahm and lived moderatley in ease. I now am working on my masters, we would not be able to afford the lifestyle we have now, we own a horsebreeding farm. Dh has been laid off a few times and you know I really don't know how we would have survived without my nursing job. Dh's family always complained of me not working and raising the kids and thought i should get a waitress job. Last year I cleared 0ver $70,000 with overtime(we get paid double time) I certainly could not have done that with a job at dennnys. Don't let anyone tell you it's a pipe dream, they are envious or maybe scared you will leave your sedentary job. Just do it! It won't be easy but it can be done!
  12. rn-jane

    really high dose of meds . .

    Love the pharmacist. Believe me a good one will have no problem letting the doc know the dosage is exceeding the normal limits or at least let the nurse know so they can call him.
  13. rn-jane

    What has happened to nursing?

    The rules are out there to protect us, patients and family members of our patients. People have a right to privacy and we as nurses and care givers have to respect the privacy and know there is a line we cannot cross. It's one thing I think if you work for a doctors office in a small town and you wonder how a patient is doing. For years in our profession peoples rights were violated and abused. I can't tell you how many times as a nurse a well seeminly neighbor, church member wanted to know about a patient. For the most part most are not happy with"They are stable and are doing fine" They want to know all the test results and will grill the nurse to no end. I sometimes think family members do it on purpose in our area "Lets see who we can sue" Just realize these laws are here for a reason and I prefer they are there to protect everyone. A person has a right to come in to the hospital when they perhaps are having the worst day of their life and not have to worry about a nosy boss wondering if they need to be replaced. Believe me it happens!
  14. rn-jane


  15. rn-jane

    Signed up for ACLS...what to expect?

    Get yourself a book on acls and study before you go to the class. I really think you need to have some idea even before you go to the class, because there is a lot of information if this is new for you.
  16. rn-jane

    Advice for new CNA

    :up:Marissa Give yourself a pat on the back! Congrats to you. I think if you want to work in a hospital call to talk with a nurse recruiter at the local hospitals around you. Tell them you will work on any floor, they probally will put on a basic medical floor or a long term such as a skilled floor. Don't be upset if they tell you to get experience going to a long term facility or nursing home. You can get good experience in homes and can move on to do whatever you want to do. Good luck to you!