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NICURN29 has 11 years experience and specializes in NICU.

Post-Masters PMHNP student

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  1. NICURN29

    Friending patient families on social media?

    I know I am often in the minority on this one, but I am friends with former patients' family members on FB and often follow them on Instagram. I do not ever initiate the social media relationship, and I won't be friends with them on social media unti...
  2. NICURN29

    Mom suing nurse after suffocation accident

    This has some good information on Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse and how hospitals are dealing with the risk for it.
  3. I was not talking about any particular physician. I was talking about the medical model vs. the nursing model. There are plenty of fine physicians out there, but their education is very different from nursing education, and that makes a difference to...
  4. I became a nurse because I wanted to be a nurse, not because I was not smart enough to go to medical school. And I am becoming an APRN (I am in a PMHNP post-Masters) because I am passionate about mental health care and believe that our education in t...
  5. NICURN29

    Facebook nurses and patients

    My opinion differs from most here (and I don't need you to convince me I am wrong...I am perfectly fine with my use of social media where patient families are concerned), but I work in the NICU, and I accept friend requests from my patients' families...
  6. NICURN29


    We currently use a McKesson product that is called Care Manager, but we are moving over to Epic in three months. There are several other L3 NICUs in our area that also use Epic.
  7. NICURN29

    ETT Tube feedback- Looking for input!

    We use Neobars. I think they are fantastic. They have cut down on our self-extubations and have allowed us to stop nasally intubating babies...which is what we used to go for our teeny-tinies.
  8. NICURN29

    Medication barcode scanning

    We also use the little Posey bands.
  9. NICURN29

    How does your NICU unit run?

    Ideally, if I have two patients, one is on each schedule. And the goal is for the feeding to start at the care time, so the assessments and cares are done with that goal in mind. If I have two babies on the same schedule, I just always care for them ...
  10. NICURN29

    Vent: parents

    I am not sure why you are documenting in the medical record information about parents' interactions with other parents. It sounds like maybe it would be a CYA strategy, but I would think that, should a case go into litigation, that would be informati...
  11. NICURN29

    Cleaning Supplies in the NICU

    After the cleaning solution has dried, we rinse our beds with plain water to remove any residue. They are cleaned by our unit clerks/PCAs.
  12. NICURN29

    How does your NICU unit run?

    We have two care times...8-11-2-5 and 9-12-3-6. Our level III babies are assessed and have vitals done q3h. Our level II babies are assessed qshift, so 3x/day. Baths are done whenever parents schedule them or on nights if parents are not taking part....
  13. NICURN29

    Breastmilk Errors

    I have no other information. Sorry!
  14. NICURN29

    Breastmilk Errors

    There is very minimal risk to a baby getting the breast milk of another mother. Here is some information from the CDC...Breastfeeding: Recommendations: Another Woman's Breastmilk | DNPAO | CDC This is basically the information we give to a mother wh...
  15. NICURN29

    ECG leads for micropreemies

    Hello! I am looking for some product information and/or care information regarding the use of ECG leads on micropreemies. We have recently had several 23-weekers, and even using the limb leads has resulted in burns to their skin. We have been moving ...