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NICURN29 has 11 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICURN29

    Mom suing nurse after suffocation accident

    This has some good information on Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse and how hospitals are dealing with the risk for it. http://hospital.nuroobaby.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Infant-Assessment-and-Reduction-of-Postnatal-Collapse-Risk_-The-Skin-to-Skin.pdf
  2. NICURN29

    Flush solution for UVC?

    We use 1/2 NS with 1/2 unit heparin per mL to flush our second lumen. However, we put a bifuse at the top of the line with the heparinized flush on one port and a NSS flush on the other. We have to break into the line to piggyback a med, but if we are just flushing, the connection between the port and the heparinized flush is always intact, so we break into the line a lot less often.
  3. NICURN29

    Hydrocolloid for skin protection?

    We also use Cannulaide. Cannulaide - Infant Nasal by Mercury Medical | Medline Industries, Inc.
  4. NICURN29

    Facebook nurses and patients

    My opinion differs from most here (and I don't need you to convince me I am wrong...I am perfectly fine with my use of social media where patient families are concerned), but I work in the NICU, and I accept friend requests from my patients' families after their babies are discharged. Our families sometimes become very close to their nurses while we are caring for them and their babies, and it's a great way to see the babies grow and change. I don't put anything on Facebook that I would not want them to read, and if they try to overstep by asking for medical advice, I put a stop to it. My organization does have a social media policy, but it does not forbid Facebook friendship, as long as we are representing ourselves, our profession, and our organization in a positive and professional manner. Seeing babies who I have taken care of grow up is such a highlight of my Facebook experience, and I am so glad to have the opportunity. Of course, if I worked for a network that forbid it, I would follow those rules.
  5. NICURN29


    We currently use a McKesson product that is called Care Manager, but we are moving over to Epic in three months. There are several other L3 NICUs in our area that also use Epic.
  6. Hello! We are currently looking at our evidence regarding the wearing of rings in the NICU by nurses and medical providers. Currently, we are allowed "nothing below the elbows" (so no rings, bracelets, watched, Fitbits, etc.). However, in trying to align our guidelines with those in other units of the hospital, we are reconsidering this and thinking of going back to allowing the wearing of one ring. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to tell me what kind of rules you have regarding this in your NICU. If you don't allow rings and have some evidence for that practice, I would love to hear it. And if you do allow a ring and have some evidence for that practice, I would love that as well. Thanks so much!
  7. NICURN29

    ETT Tube feedback- Looking for input!

    We use Neobars. I think they are fantastic. They have cut down on our self-extubations and have allowed us to stop nasally intubating babies...which is what we used to go for our teeny-tinies.
  8. NICURN29

    Medication barcode scanning

    We also use the little Posey bands.
  9. NICURN29

    How does your NICU unit run?

    Ideally, if I have two patients, one is on each schedule. And the goal is for the feeding to start at the care time, so the assessments and cares are done with that goal in mind. If I have two babies on the same schedule, I just always care for them in the same order all day.
  10. NICURN29

    Vent: parents

    I am not sure why you are documenting in the medical record information about parents' interactions with other parents. It sounds like maybe it would be a CYA strategy, but I would think that, should a case go into litigation, that would be information that you might not want to be discoverable. I think that is instead something that should be discussed with your nurse manager and medical director so that they can approach the parents and encourage them not to share medical advice. We do often have frustrating families, and I try to put myself in their place and remind myself that this is perhaps the most stressful experience they have ever had. I also have a nurse manager and a medical director who I can count on to intervene if there is something like this happening in our unit, and this is hugely helpful for me.
  11. NICURN29

    Cleaning Supplies in the NICU

    After the cleaning solution has dried, we rinse our beds with plain water to remove any residue. They are cleaned by our unit clerks/PCAs.
  12. NICURN29

    How does your NICU unit run?

    We have two care times...8-11-2-5 and 9-12-3-6. Our level III babies are assessed and have vitals done q3h. Our level II babies are assessed qshift, so 3x/day. Baths are done whenever parents schedule them or on nights if parents are not taking part. We bathe every four days. TPN/IL are hung after 1900, and labs are done with the 0500/0600 cares for babies on IV nutrition and with the 0800/0900 cares for others.
  13. NICURN29

    Not cut out for NICU

    Honestly, it took me a good two years of working in the NICU to not feel anxious coming to work everyday. And I think that was an important part of what made me successful...I had respect for the acuity of the babies and knew that anything could happen at any time, and I could not let my guard down. Now, of course, my "Spidey Sense" is better developed, so I don't have be on high alert quite as much. But I think not feeling that worry means that someone is not getting the whole picture and may not be cut out for being in a critical care environment. I am SO GLAD that I stuck it out and made it from novice to expert because I think being a NICU nurse is the best job in the world. BUT no one will judge you if you decide to do something else...the most important thing is that you get to do work you enjoy that 8is meaningful to you.
  14. NICURN29

    Medicine used to treat respiratory conditions

    Betamethasone is given during the pregnancy, so I would not say that qualifies. There is also Lasix, Aldactone, Diuril, and/or Aldactazide, which are often used to help us wean babies off respiratory support. The nebs we most often use are Xopenex and Pulmicort. We use Survanta and dexamethasone (using the DART protocol) as well.
  15. NICURN29


    We definitely do if a baby is on high-frequency ventilation. And otherwise, it depends on the baby. Our nurses are good about advocating for pain control and/or control of agitation if it seems indicated, and our medical providers are pretty responsive to our requests.
  16. NICURN29

    Administering NICU MEDS

    You could also check out the Neofax and the Core Curriculum for medication information.