Pearson view trick doesnt work


i took my test a week ago and tryed the pearson view trick and according to the good pop up i had passed but it has already been 7 days and still no name on the BRN web site it still wont let me to register however i called the BRN and they told me that in california it should be posted within 72 hrs so now i am positive that i did not pass...i cant believe i even believed in that trick in the first place :'(


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How about paying 7.95 and check to see if you passed?


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they dont have quick results in california :(((

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What exactly did the pop-up say? If your results are on hold or they haven't been delivered when you check the trick, you will get a pop-up message, but it's not the good pop up that means you passed.

There could have just been a delay with Pearson VUE sending the results or your board processing them. Don't lose hope until you know for sure.


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That sucks, hope you passed. If you got the good pop up then I am sure you passed

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got to remember sometimes it may take a while for it to post. I have not talked to anyone who after seeing results delivered then doing the trick was wrong. Think about it, why would it let you pay for a test you can not take again after you pass it? Relax go catch a movie or something and get ready to look for a job as a nurse.


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thanks everyone for your comments....under the test it says delivery successful and after i put in my info i get the pop up saying that our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam please contact your state board for further assistance... but its already been 7 days and usually it takes 48-72 hrs


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Thats the "good" pop up! If you failed it would've taken you straight to the credit card page.


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keeping fingers crossed i really hope i passed!!!!

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I've heard Cali is very very slow at posting your name to the BON website...

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CA can tak anything up to 6 weeks to post results, after 1 week I would suggest checking your file is complete


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There is nothing to indicate that you failed, just be patient. Sometimes it takes longer for random reasons. I waited 8 weeks for the CA BON to post my name...had to re-send my transcripts to them. It was awful & excruciating waiting that long, but the Pearsonvue trick definitely worked for me nonetheless.

Keep breathing, you'll know soon. Good luck!