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  1. werkinit

    Is it only hard for Asn and Bsn nurses to get hired?

    I think a lot depends on where you are - research the programs in your area, and find out who's hiring what. The graduates from my school & program are really highly regarded by the hospitals in the area. Yes, we are direct-entry MSNs w/ no previous nursing experience, and yes we're all being hired as new-grad RNs at the bedside in hospitals. I can attest that the last cohort of students from my program ALL went this route, so it's very feasible where we are. Sounds like there are other areas where there's more resistance to direct-entry MSNs, or there's an idea that they are more expensive or less clinically prepared than ASN or BSN new grads. Lots of variability w/in those perceptions. If you don't have an undergrad degree, I would say try for the BSN if you can. There's a lot of opportunity there. Good luck!
  2. werkinit

    Too old for school?

    Some of my favorite RN classmates are in their 50's (I'm 30) & they bring a lot of unique life experience and perspective to the mix. Go for it!
  3. werkinit

    I got my preceptorship placement!

    WOO HOO! I'm SO excited, I just found out I got first choice preceptorship placement: Stanford Oncology! Just another step towards my dream of becoming an oncology nurse someday. Yay!!! I'd love any advice for preparing for this, if anyone has any to share. I really want to make the most of this learning experience. Can't wait to get started this Summer!
  4. werkinit

    New Grad starting Oncology

    Good luck Coconita! Sorry I don't have any advice for you, but I wish you the best and keep us posted on how it all turns out!!
  5. werkinit

    Mount St Mary's accelerated BSN, CSUN AcceBSN

    Totally disagree that state schools base admits on #'s only. My class is barely over 20 (out of 200+ applicants) and we get lots of individual attention. Everything depends on the program, so do your homework, measure the costs against the benefits, take a real appraisal of what your looking for and why, and continue talking to tons of people out there following this same crazy, unexpected, nursing school journey! In my clinical group, we always like to point out that if you ask a room full of nurses how best to do something, you'll get a room full of different answers. The same goes here. Follow your heart, or your gut, or whatever - just make sure the decision is really yours. Cheers!
  6. werkinit

    Mount St Mary's accelerated BSN, CSUN AcceBSN

    That's funny. My research on the same thing was totally different! I guess it all matters who you talk to, right? When I was looking into this I was told that direct-entry MSN's (not completing to NP's or CNS, but ending w/ a generalist MSN) are still classified as "new grads" and don't get any pay differential until they've put in some time at the bedside. Then they're considered for raises like everybody else. Management positions are another thing entirely, but if you end up going into management instead of being a clinician then you're WAY more competitive for those jobs. I would also check & see how many graduates from the previous years classes got jobs and how quickly they were hired. I chose a direct-entry MSN program (over Mt. St. Mary's) after learning that everyone who graduated last year has a job now (w/in six months of graduation) w/ the exception of one person who chose to start a family instead. Many of those grads are already being considered for promotions, recruited to specialty floors, and are moving up the professional ladder at a very quick pace.
  7. werkinit

    New Grad starting Oncology

    Congrats!! I hope to follow you there someday...would love to hear more about your journey as a new grad oncology nurse: trials, tribulations, tips, excitements, fears, anything really! Good luck and keep us posted!!
  8. I'm at a hospital that uses briefs w/ incontinent patients...do you know anything more about the research behind it?? Maybe we should look into our skin care policies too!
  9. werkinit

    Dead Premature Baby Revived by 2 Hrs of Mom's Cuddles

    Yep...that's why I have zero interest in working w/ the little ones; I'd be an emotional wreck when they don't make it or have complications. This story is definitely sensationalized, and NOT the norm but I still think it's very special. The look on that mama's face tells it all. :redbeathe
  10. werkinit

    Mount St Mary's accelerated BSN, CSUN AcceBSN

    I struggled to decide between admission offers to Mt. St. Mary's Accelerated BSN, and a MUCH cheaper direct-entry MSN program at a State school that would take longer to complete. Oddly enough, I couldn't apply to my local community college for another year, so that was off the table.... I went w/ the state school/MSN and I've got 1 year to go!! I'm very happy w/ my decision. Cost of living is so expensive (you just CAN'T work during school) and I'm very glad I'm only paying a fraction of the tuition costs of Mt. St. Mary's. I also think having a MSN will offer more job opportunities down the line... Good luck!
  11. what an amazing story! "the australian mother spoke publicly for the first time yesterday to highlight the importance of skin-on-skin care for sick babies, which is being used at an increasing number of british hospitals." read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1306283/miracle-premature-baby-declared-dead-doctors-revived-mothers-touch.html#ixzz0xuzcjfco
  12. Hi all, I was just wondering if any RN's out there are using their textbooks from nursing school after licensure? I'm planning on keeping my med/surg, critical care, and pharm books. Maybe my psych too?? I've looked up a couple other threads on this topic, and have a good idea of what texts people think are good to hold onto. I'm curious to hear if anyone actually USES them down the line, and if so how much and which ones?? (I'm notorious for holding onto textbooks, and then not using them nearly as much as I thought I would...) Thanks!
  13. werkinit

    "Graduating & Not Ready"

    The other day at my clinical site, a seasoned RN told me "nursing school is like getting a learner's permit. You really only get a taste of what to expect. Once you go out and get a job, that's where the real learning happens." In short, I don't think anyone is really ready to be a nurse when they graduate. Some more than others, true, but that learning curve is steep and those who can't cut it will be cut out eventually. Good luck with your nursing career!
  14. werkinit

    Do Accelerated BSN Programs look at Undergrad School??

    When I went to a talk at UCSF about their accelerated programs, they said they use a formula that doesn't take into account the prestige of your school. An "A" from Stanford is considered the same as an "A" from SF State. I'm not sure if all schools are like that, but I imagine that it would be very difficult to gauge that kind of difference. However, most RN schools are looking at the "total package" w/ grades only being one portion of that. Grades for pre-requisite courses are weighed the heaviest. Do you have good grades in those? Good luck!
  15. werkinit

    Typical day in the life of an oncology nurse

    Hey, that's quite helpful! I'm in nursing school, doing my med/surg rotation. Aside form picking as many oncology patients as possible this helps me frame what competencies I should be getting exposure to. Fingers crossed I find an oncology job someday... :redbeathe