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I am interested in what other hosptial's are doing across the US. I would like to know if the hospitals are hiring nurses for part time employment or only full time.

Please include your city/state but not hospital.



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MI I was hired days contigent. They are hiring full-time/part-time/contigent/days/afternoon/midnight's....whatever you will work.

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Here, too.

I am considering working 1 or 2 days or nights a week at one of the local N.C. hospitals to utilize some skills we don't use in dialysis. They will hire PRN or PT...very flexilble.


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Ohio here.

You can pretty much get what you want. Every unit has a good mix of full-time, part-time, and PRN.



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Fla is becoming very inventive with schedules....full-time part-time or all the ot you can handle!!!


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SoCal opportunities are everything from full time, part time, per diem, to job sharing.


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Central NC - any work schedule you could desire. :cool:

oldgirl, RN

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Chicago-all kinds of hours at all kinds of hospitals-full time, part time-8's, 12's, weekends only. Big variety of offers, including in-house per diem at a lot of places.


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There are at least 72 positions available, with that number continually changing. You can pick any shift basically you would want in a variety of areas (hospital setting). There are part time, full time, variable hours, per diem, 8 and 12's, 12's, weekender and extra shifts available to your delight. Let alone the overtime.

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Michigan - our hospital is hiring anyone they can get to work any hours that they will - remember the nursing shortage.

Nurse Ratched, RN

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Indiana will take you for as little or as many hours as you want :). Some even work just 4 hour shifts.


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Alabama RNs can pretty much work whatever they want to. Currently, working full-time at nsg home and part-time at large hospital, just to keep skills up. Pay is excellent for this area. Hosp. in Selma paying 25/hr prn. In B'ham average prn pay is 26/hr and up. "Heard" a hospital in Montgomery paying 35/hr. These are prn rates based on experence.

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