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  1. Medication questions

    Definitely call the physician to check the dose order. Looks like someone forgot the decimal and it could have been 1.5 or .15. You could as a student and a nurse, check with pharmacy to verify the normal dose and then when you call the physician s...
  2. How much do you make?

    RN 7 years IMCU $27.00/hr up to $29. by next March Add on diffs for pms, weekends, charge, OT and bonus pay with OT hours Taxes take a big chunk Interesting to look back when this was started in 2000
  3. New Grad Pay!!

    Forgot to mention, I believe if they are paying up to $15,000.00 towards school loans. Seems to me I heard it is paid out over at the most a 3 year time but would have to confirm that. A recruiting technique rather than a bonus for new hires.
  4. New Grad Pay!!

    New grad pay to start at $22.75 with a step pay increase yearly on your anniversary date of hire for the first 10 years and also your yearly increase with wage contract percentage settlement. Diff pms $1.60, noc $3.25, noc rotator $2.75, weekend dif ...
  5. Holiday schedule....

    We have to work 3 holidays a year alternating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Weekenders do not unless it is their weekend, makes sense, they were hired for weekends only. Per diem is starting and they will have to work a holiday (will have to see how ...
  6. Part Time RN's

    Wisconsin- There are at least 72 positions available, with that number continually changing. You can pick any shift basically you would want in a variety of areas (hospital setting). There are part time, full time, variable hours, per diem, 8 and ...
  7. What are your differentials:

    We vote today on our 2 year contract: Raises: 8% first year, 6.5% second year 1. pm dif--$1.60/hr 1st year, $1.75/hr second 2. perm Noc $3.25/hr 1st year, $3.50 /hr 2nd 3. noc rotators-- $2.75hr 1st year, $3.00/hr 2nd year 4. Weeknd dif- $2.75/...
  8. excellent article in sundays NY Times

    Great article and I sent a message off to the nytimes also. Public awareness is the route to take. Hospitals aren't budging without outside pressure. Also, their main concern and focus is on recruitment, gambling on the fact that retention of it's...
  9. NY Times story

    It is just to bad this article couldn't be published in newspapers throughout the country to enlighten our public. That added support could help us within our hospitals to initiate some change. Is that illlusions of grandeur, delerium, or what!!!
  10. How do you get a look at the tax returns from the hospital? I think we all would like to be enlightened on that subject.
  11. Where do you nurse?

    Hospital, currently in a cardiac/IMCU unit. Considering my options of weekender, maybe a little agency and then move to warmer climate!
  12. Heavy into bargaining contract and want info : List your differentials: 1. PM shift 2. Night rotator 3. Permanent Nights 4. Weekend Differential Opps- also ]1. On call pay 2. Charge pay
  13. Has Anyone Worked A Strike?

    OK, now explain to me why the hospital administration- it's CEO's, etc, that allow the unsafe work conditions to continue- are in now way responsible when it comes to that patient dying due to those nurses out on strike. You need to get at the heart...
  14. Has Anyone Worked A Strike?

    Patient safety sure isn't going to improve if you are working alot of doubles to help cover, being mandated when tired- with more errors being documented- check out the studies. Your equipment is substandard, your patient's are coming in sicker and ...
  15. Has Anyone Worked A Strike?

    You have to remember that the hospital has to be given written notice and are allowed 10 days to 2 weeks generally before a strike will start. This gives them the opportunity to make arrangements to cancel elected procedures, transfer patients to ot...