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So, I got my notice last month to go to nursing orientation July 6, and my mom wanted to come with me. I don't think it's appropriate for her to be there, but I'm not sure. She would be paying for my supplies and such, but I could just ask for her checkbook ahead of time. Did anyone take or see other people's parents at orientation buying supplies? Or is it a "student only" event? Thanks in advance!

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I think it is lovely that she wants to come. I can tell you that there were NO parents at my colleges nursing orientation. Ask the college...

I suspect she will be bored out of her mind.


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I'd call the college and find out, I think its great that she wants to come, so if you find out that there may or may not be any other parents there, let her know and it may impact her discision to come or not.


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I went to enrollment by myself. Lots of girls had their mums there though when it came time to buy uniforms in the afternoon. My mum came with me for text books and things like that.


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Alot of parents come to orientation when we had ours. I bought my mom, step dad. Its so sweet she wants to come, plus it will give her insight on how busy you will be! CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK!!!!

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oh dear, is she a helicopter parent? i hope not!

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OMG - a genuine "helicopter parent". I have heard the 'tales' from my colleagues, but don't think I have encountered one yet. Some managers in my organization are having to deal with 'angry parents' when their child(nurse) doesn't like assignments or job evaluations....srsly. Trust me, this is a career-limiting situation for the new nurse.

Full disclosure here -- I'm as old as mud (fossilized boomer) & our parenting styles were completely opposite. Our kids (your parents generation?) were deliberately 'guided' into self-sufficiency and independence early on (latch key kids). We paid the bills, but expected them to be self-directed by the time they hit college. Hmm - the old pendulum keeps swinging, doesn't it?

Well, I digress (another characteristic of my advanced age) and need to get back on task.

I would advise you to begin trying to wean Mom off in phases. Try to convince her that "over caring" will stifle your growth. Make sure that you have cut the cord by the time you have graduated. I can guarantee that you won't be hired if she comes with you to job interviews -- that's just too much baggage to deal with.


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I think it's more common to see parents at general undergrad orientation, but definitely not nursing school orientation. In my BSN program, I was already a junior in college and would have been embarrassed had my parents wanted to tag along. To each their own, I guess!


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I think you should give the school a call and see if its normal and customary that parents attend. If they say "usually not" or "its students only" then you have your answer and you'll have to let mom down gently. If they say parents are welcome to attend then I would bring her with you if she wants to go, as I'm sure she must be soooo proud of you!


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Maybe a happy medium? I have never seen a parent come to orientation, and as a faculty member, I've been doing this a few years now. You could let her know that you want to do this on your own, but agree to meet afterwards for lunch/dinner to discuss this exciting time in your life.


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I thought nursing orientation was only for students. I have never heard of a parent going before and why would they? I mean usually a student is a junior or sophomore at least before they have nursing orientation right? My mom and dad came with me to open house and my undergrad orientation but if I asked them to come to my orientation now that I've been in college three years, they'd probably look at me funny! I think it's great that your mom wants to be involved, my mom is kinda like that too but I think a parent would be bored at a nursing orientation. Most nursing orientations are for accepted students only, meaning no friends, no classmates ect. I can't imagine why anyone who isn't doing nursing or in the program would want to be there.

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Did she say why she wants to attend? Is she paying for your school or just supplies? Does she understand what orientation is and how long it will be?

If she knew it was going to be a 7 hour event (like mine will be in a few months) that might quickly change her mind, lol!

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