One of those weeks

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So in the past week, we've had:

A former 36wk TGA who was grown for a while, full feeds, used to take him off the monitor and walk him around. Then we did his arterial switch. Died suddenly just after the OR.

A harlequin ichthyosis. Died.

Conjoined twins who shared a liver and one three-chambered heart. Died.

A growing preemie who went from full feeds to his intestines in a silo, they're all dead and the surgeons couldn't fit them back in. Peeing bright red blood, K+ of 9 with rhythm changes. Gonna die.

A 6mo old with MAPCAS who was initially deemed unrepairable, then decided to take him to the OR but with a 40% chance he'd make it off the table, made it through, been two months since then, got a Nissen a week ago, was sitting in his stroller today on room air, shrieked once, asystole, coded, shocked, lido, epi. Died.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.


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Bless your heart, elizabells...that was truly a week of hell :(

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Phew Lizabells....hugs to you!!!

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What a week....hugs to you and your coworkers.


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I feel your pain. We've had 8 deaths this month. Even though they are adults, it still gets very, very old... tired of all the dying..



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Oh wow, so sorry - that is truly a bad week. :(



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sorry to hear that you have had a week from hell. but try to remember, "and this too, shall pass." keep up the good work and fight the good fight!


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I'm sorry. Hugs to you.



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Wow, very sad....{{{{{elizabells}}}}}

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I'm soo sorry, Liz! Try to get some "you" time--go do something completely different for a morning, like a museum, or meet someone non-medical for lunch. I think a little replenishment is in order!


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Oh my gosh....I've been off for 3 weeks, and I know half those kids you mentioned!

I'm scared to go back tomorrow...



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Bless your heart

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