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NIGHTWOLF87 has 6 years experience and specializes in NICU, Psych, Med/Onc,Ped Home Health.

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  1. Clinical Advice for Nursing Students - Future NICU Nurses

    hello... the best advice i can offer if you want to be a nicu nurse when you graduate, is to know your basics pretty well; such as vs for newborns, how to do a head to toe assessment, etc. the main disease processes that you need to know like the b...
  2. awkward Nicu Mom/nicu nurse

    so you will be starting nursing school in july? that means you will graduate in approx 2 years or a little less? by then, i doubt that everyone will remember who you were. and who knows, perhaps the staff will be totally different by then, so rela...
  3. First job where? and Length of orientation?

    1. area of nursing: nicu 2. orientation: was 12 weeks, but has been recently changed to 6 months: 3 months in level ii and 3 months in level iii. 3. nurse/pt. ratio: 1:1-2 in level iii, 1:3-4 in level ii.
  4. I want to be a NICU nurse

    "get names of the unit managers for your hospitals nicus and when you get close to graduating, ask to meet with them. tell them your plans and desires to work in their nicu." so you recommend i call the unit director later on once i finish school. ho...
  5. Happy Father's Day!!!

    to all the hard working dad's out there, giving it their all, day in and day out..... happy father's day!!! :mnnnrsngrk: i salute you all, and this one's for you....:beercuphe
  6. Happy Father's Day!

    to all the hard working dad's out there, giving it their all, day in and day out... happy father's day!!! :mnnnrsngrk: i salute you all, and this one's for you...:beercuphe
  7. Calling all Nurses

    1. nicu 2. i wouldn't say it was too difficult, just intense. 3. going on 7 years. 4. several: medical/oncology, ltc, pediatric home health, alzheimer's pts, veterans home, psych, and now nicu
  8. I want to be a NICU nurse

    your best chances of being hired in a nicu a year from now, depend on if their are openings in the nicus at the hospitals you attend to apply at and if they welcome new grads to their nicus. i know here in our nicu we welcome new grads, as we just h...
  9. Don't Anger The Nurse!

    remember seeing that on an older episode of "er".
  10. New NICU nurse

    first of all, congrats on becoming a new nicu nurse! welcome to the club secondly, your orientation sounds super short. in our nicu, they recently expanded the orientation process to 6 months! 3 months orientation in level ii and 3 months in leve...
  11. nursery

    hey korleone... i've been in the nicu for over 3 and 1/2 years, and i absolutely love what i do here. there is soooo much more to do than just feed the babies and put them to sleep. first of all, if you are in the nicu, you are not dealing with no...
  12. Orientations woes, Vent (long)

    first, let me say congrats for being a new gn! secondly, i am sorry that you are having a less than stellar orientation on your unit. when i first graduated, my first job was at the hospital that i did my last semester of clincials at. i worked on...
  13. sorry to hear that you were failed during your peds rotation. fortunately, my experience during the ob rotation was a positive one. i have a great clinical intructor who actually tried to get me and the other male nursing students more involved, be...
  14. Men's Nursing Shoes

    the most comfortable (and expensive) shoes that i wear for work are z-coils. i know some other guys here at the hospital that wear them as well. you can check out their different styles at i would highly recommended them. i have ha...
  15. Am I making the right choice?

    i have always thought that you 'do what you love, and love what you do' type of philosophy. if nursing is what you truly have your heart set on, then by all means, go for it! there is more to life than money. and if you continue on with your nursi...