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preemieRNkate has 7 years experience as a RN and specializes in Level III NICU.

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  1. preemieRNkate

    Professional organization for PICU nurses?

    I'm new to PICU, after working NICU for 7 years. I belong to ANN, but I'm looking for an organization more relevant to PICU. Internet searches haven't led me to much, so I'm turning to the people that I'm sure will have answers for me! What professional organizations are you all affiliated with? Pros/cons to them? Costs? Etc? Thanks!!
  2. preemieRNkate

    NICU nurse making the jump to PICU!

    Haha....I know exactly what you mean about NICU nurses being particular. Mostly because, well, I am! Thank you for your reply!
  3. preemieRNkate

    NICU nurse making the jump to PICU!

    Hi everyone! I'm a NICU nurse with 7 years of experience and I've decided to make the jump over to the PICU!! Reason #1 is because there were no NICU positions open in the hospital that I was applying to at the moment, and reason #2 is that I'm going to be going for my masters soon, and I am not sure whether I want to do NNP or a PNP (or maybe something totally different!). The only way I figured I'd know for sure is to get some experience with the bigger kiddies. My experience has been in a level III university hospital NICU, and I'll be going to another university hospital. The PICU there is a 20-bed unit, where they do cardiacs and ECMO (which I don't have experience with, and I am really excited to learn more about) as well as everything else a PICU might have. My only experience so far with a PICU has been floating there in my current hospital, and to be honest, it's been not so great. I'm hoping with a proper orientation, I will learn to love the PICU! I've been lurking on this board ever since I applied for the position, and I'm looking forward to learning more from all of you PICU nurses! Maybe a name change might be in store for me soon!
  4. preemieRNkate

    NICU Unit T-shirts

    Ours currently just have our hospital name, neonatal ICU and a pair of baby feet. They're cute. I think that we are trying to get some new stuff that will say "special deliveries accepted" to go along with NBN's "deliveries accepted" and L&D's "we deliver." One of our, um, spunkier nurses suggested "no fetus can beat us." That one got vetoed
  5. preemieRNkate

    anyone familiar with the zaky?

    We've had them on the unit quite a few times, I like them. They are nice to kind of curl around the baby and have the "hand" part rest around the baby's head, or if the baby is prone, right on his tush.
  6. preemieRNkate

    TPN/IL through UAC??

    We JUST had this conversation today about a baby that is a hard stick, couldn't get a UVC, only UAC and they figured we'd just advance feeds. Well, of course, the baby didn't tolerate feeds and is blowing through PIVs like crazy. We want a PICC, the medical team said to run fluids via UAC. The only time I've ever done so is in an emergency situation. Usually it's just heparinized sodium acetate/chloride.
  7. preemieRNkate

    Low Census

    Not us! Busy, busy, busy for the past few months. Lots of high-order multiples, a few micros, quite a few MAS/PPHN kids. We also recently started admitting any baby born under 36 weeks. We used to send babies that were over 35+1 (and otherwise healthy) to the NBN.
  8. preemieRNkate

    IV site prep

    Peripheral IVs? Alcohol.
  9. preemieRNkate

    Tape use in Neonates

    Ditto. We use steri-strips to make the chevron. I also cut a small steri in half (across) and I place that across the angio above the insertion site to secure it sometimes prior to putting the tegaderm over the whole site.
  10. preemieRNkate

    Can ADN nurses land jobs in the NICU?

    Well, I landed a job in a NICU with an associate degree! It was 5 years ago, and currently my unit has no openings, but last time we hired new nurses it was pretty evenly mixed with graduates of both types of programs. Honestly, I wouldn't even know who has what type of degree amongst my coworkers unless I asked. I guess it really depends on the hospital, I'm in NY.
  11. preemieRNkate

    Circumcized on a vent?

    Like previous posters, the only time I have ever seen that done is if the baby is going to the OR for another non-emergent procedure and they are going to be under anesthesia and intubated only for surgery. Our docs won't even circ a baby if they are on NC (well, unless they're going home on NC).
  12. preemieRNkate

    H1N1 -- in the NICU

    An individual who refuses the vaccine (regular flu or H1N1) based on a medical reason, such as an egg allergy, must have proof from a doctor. I agree with the fact that the H1N1 vaccine was rushed through clinical trials, as do most of my coworkers, and believe me, we are fighting. I know that nurses throughout the state are as well.
  13. preemieRNkate

    H1N1 -- in the NICU

    Uh, yeah, us staff nurses all think that it's nuts that we aren't limiting visitation. Management just says we offer "family-centered care." Crazy....We say (healthy) parents can continue round-the-clock visiting, have specific grandparent visiting hours, and that's it. Of course, that's kinda what we always want, but at least now we have a legit reason. I see no reason for everyone and their uncle to be parading through an ICU during cold and flu season, ESPECIALLY this year. We are told (and have been told in the past) that if we see someone who has flu-like symptoms we can ask that they leave, and that if we say something like, "you being here with flu-like symptoms is dangerous to the baby you are visiting and all babies here in the unit, and I'm going to ask you to leave," that most people will leave. Yes, most people would leave if told that. I would hope that most people would just use common sense and not visit in the first place, but we all know that isn't true. And of course, there are always those few people that just won't leave. A few years ago, there was a dad who was obviously sick. When the nurse asked him to cut his visit short for the sake of his baby and the other babies in the unit, he became totally irate and threatened her. To the point where she requested an escort to her car each night for the remainder of the baby's stay (luckily not a long one!). Anyway... According to the link I had posted previously (FAQs from the DOH), there are no religious exemptions to the flu vaccine. Medical exemptions only. The FAQs also cover what employers can do to employees that don't get vaccinated, and while they suggest reassignment in non-patient care settings, my hospital is stating that being vaccinated is a "condition of employment." Just like proving immunity to measles, mumps and rubella is and annual TB screening. And we were told that it could in fact result in termination. Like I said before, I get a flu shot every year. But it has always been MY decision to. I am nervous about having to receive the H1N1 vaccine, since it is something I have never received before and it is relatively new.
  14. preemieRNkate

    H1N1 -- in the NICU

    New York state is now requiring us to get the flu vaccine, and when the H1N1 vaccine is available, we will also be required to get that. We are being threatened with suspension and/or termination if we refuse vaccination. As far as I know, there is no option to just wear a mask. Yet we have no plans to limit visitation at this point, and we have VERY liberal visiting policies. Complete BS, if you ask me. I have always gotten a flu shot, but I'm not too keen on being forced to. FAQs from NYS DOH: http://www.health.state.ny.us/diseases/communicable/influenza/seasonal/providers/questions_and_answers_-_health_care_worker_mandatory_influenza_immunization.htm#h1n1_vaccine
  15. preemieRNkate

    Amicillin via UAC?

    In a real crunch, with absolutely no other access, yes. Ideally, we give it a real good try to get a peripheral line in though. We give blood products through UACs more frequently than we give antibiotics through them. I think in the 5 years I've been doing this, I've used a UAC maybe twice for antibiotics.
  16. preemieRNkate


    We stopped doing footprints as part of the hospital record a year or 2 ago. We still do them sometimes for parents, or when a baby dies for the memory box.