2009 On-Call Pay Scales


We've been trying to get our on-call pay increased for decades! Our rate is $2.25 per hr. We are a hospital in the midwest. How is the rest of the country stacking up?


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Good luck Mary, You get more than me $2, here 75,000 population, northeast TX, 13 OR's, level 2 trauma.

RN's used to get $3 hospital wide, and everyone else got a dollar, about 4 years ago they changed everyone to $2, unless you were already getting $3. Sucks

The heart team does get a 7% diff on our regular pay for taking about 4-5 times as much call as everyone else.

I called all the hospitals within 100 miles last year and everyone was getting around $2


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$3/hour to be on call. Time and a half when you get called in, always get paid for 2 hours no matter what. This is Texas...

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Pittsburgh: $3.30/hr for call. Salaried, so I don't get anything else when I get called/called in.


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$7.50/hr California

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Southcentral PA, level 2 trauma, $2/hr, guaranteed 2 hours call back at time and a half

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$2.00 an hour to be on call.


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$4/hr. Time and a half for call back with a 2 hour minimum. Central Masschusetts.


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Northeastern PA- We get 1.95/hr beeper time. Time and half/ hr call in time.


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$3.25/hr, Time and a half/hr, 2 hours minimum when get call in (central KY)


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We get $1.50/hr. This just increased in the last few years from $1/hr. We are a small rural hospital in the midwest. We get time and a half when we get called in, but no minimum time once we get here. We have 5 calls teams that rotate, so usually we're on call once a week and every fifth weekend.


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I work at a hospital in the North East with 30 OR's and we get $10.25 an hour plus time and a half, and a 2 hour minimum. This is of course for the Neuro specialty team.

The general Call team gets payed $4.25 an hour, plus time and a half, and a 2 hour minimum.