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MamaCheese has 5 years experience and specializes in OR.

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  1. MamaCheese

    Pulling Meds Early

    We pull our meds before each case. Our Pyxis is in our core so it just takes an extra minute to get what we need. Our management would go nuts if they saw meds outside of rooms pulled with the cases.
  2. MamaCheese

    Has anyone taken the Periop 101 AORN final exam?

    If you're not having trouble with the modules I wouldn't worry about it. I thought the whole course and final were far easier than NCLEX. Good luck:)
  3. MamaCheese

    Anyone work 3 12 hour days

    We're staffed 24/7 and our shifts are pretty equally divided between 8s, 10s and 12s.
  4. MamaCheese

    Beach chair shoulder arthroscopy and fluid control

    We use the same drape as Argo, the absorbable floor mats, and puddle suckers. But in the end there is always a mess. The drape works well but like Argo said if they don't do a good job of keeping the pouch open you get a lot of fluid flowing right past it.
  5. MamaCheese

    Trying to obtain OR position any advice

    Is the community college course the AORN Periop 101? Does it give you clinical hours in the OR? If so, it should give you an advantage when applying for OR positions. Hiring someone with no OR experience is a pretty big risk for hospitals. The orientation for the OR is long and costly and if they hire someone totally green they don't know if their investment in you is going to pay off. Our OR Residency program at our hospital typically loses at least 1/2 of its orientees by the time they hit the floor on their own.
  6. MamaCheese

    Advice for New Grad starting in Peri-OP OR

    Check out the post from IsseyM in this thread: https://allnurses.com/operating-room-nursing/circulating-222321.html Much of it may not make sense now but it will soon. Other than that just take it one day at a time. I was precepted by different people almost every day. It helped to absorb everything I could from each different preceptor. They don't want to here "but so-and-so did it like this yesterday". Unless they are putting the patient in danger or violating policy then just go with the flow and do it their way. It truly does take an entire year to have a decent level of comfort in the OR. I just passed my 3-year mark and I still learn something new almost every day. I can truly say that I love my job about 90% of the time and I think that's pretty rare these days. Good luck :redpinkhe
  7. MamaCheese

    why are OR's so cold

    Until you've seen a bead of sweat roll off someone's forehead and onto the surgical field I don't think you can fully appreciate the need to keep the heat down in the room.
  8. MamaCheese

    does OR nsg accepts RNs with no OR experience?

    I'm not saying you have to, I'm saying it will increase your chances of being hired into an OR. I don't know of any hospitals that will hire an inexperienced OR nurse unless they themselves are offering the program or you've already done a Periop program somewhere else.
  9. MamaCheese

    What made you interested in OR nursing?

    I was able to observe for two days during nursing school. I loved it!!! I was lucky enough to get into a periop residency program at my hospital about 2 years after I graduated. No regrets!!!
  10. MamaCheese

    does OR nsg accepts RNs with no OR experience?

    Usually only if they are offering an in-house periop/residency program which redies you to work in their OR. The other route you can take is enrolling in a Periop program at a university. That route is time consuming and pricey but it will probably get you where you want to be.
  11. MamaCheese

    Do you address the residents by title or first name?

    I address all the residents by thier first name and all attendings by Dr. even if told to do otherwise.
  12. MamaCheese

    chloaprep & open fractures??

    I would have done exactly what she did. We do an old fashioned betadine scrub and paint on open wounds. Why is it that such educated people can be such doofuses?
  13. MamaCheese

    Operating Room Scrubs Sizes

    Our scrubs are on racks outside the locker rooms. They come in standard unisex sizes. I'm tall and have to wear the waist rolled and at my hips so they'll be long enough for me. They look like clown pants on most of the girls but nobody cares what your pants look like in the OR. Most days I bring my own tall pants sice I'm most comfy in those. We can bring in freshly laundered scrubs to chage in to at our OR.
  14. MamaCheese


    Hearts get clipped on the floor just prior to coming to the holding area and everyone else gets clipped in the OR at our facitlity.
  15. MamaCheese

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    Wow. I'd find myself in the unemployment line pretty quickly if I tried that where I work.
  16. MamaCheese

    Please help me !!!

    Did you google it? I would imagine that the cost and duration vary from place to place.