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2 years school nurse, 15 in the OR!
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fracturenurse has 19 years experience and specializes in 2 years school nurse, 15 in the OR!.

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  1. fracturenurse

    Question regarding bovie settings and tonsillectomy.

    I bet she is talking about the coblator and not the bovie. That makes more sense.
  2. fracturenurse

    Actual discussion between scrub and surgeon

    Love all my nurses I work with! Got a call from the trauma room: Nurse: Patient is bleeding everywhere, the Neptune won't work we have tried everything! We need suction. Me: I'm coming. Nurse: Thank god, suction won't work! I go into the room, walk over to the Neptune and turn it on. Me: Problem solved. LOL
  3. fracturenurse

    Question regarding bovie settings and tonsillectomy.

    OK, we always use 30 for T&A's. Most use the coblator, but I'm confused. Are the settings different for you. 8 is so low, how could this even be used in a tonsillectomy?
  4. fracturenurse

    Looking for instruments in the OR

    I call SPD or sometimes find somebody who scrubs those cases all the time.
  5. fracturenurse

    How to get yourself ready for a long day in the OR?

    When I was learning to scrub I actually did faint. In a back case. I think we were doing cages, and the assistant mentioned that I looked pale. I started feeling funny, and the surgeon said, "back away, back away," that's all I remember. Next thing I knew I was in the sterile core. I passed out and the circulator dragged me out. How embarrassing. Not sure if it was hypoglycemia or maybe I locked my knees, but I wanted to die of embarassment. Ah, the joys of the OR...
  6. fracturenurse

    "Really...all I need is a bovie and a hemostat"

  7. fracturenurse

    Turnover Time

    Yeah, I agree with Argo on this one, not breaking down a heart room back table early. That's OK for an umbilical hernia or something, but I wouldn't do that on a heart or vascular. Turnover times drive me crazy. I hate being pushed, that's how mistakes happen. Good luck.
  8. fracturenurse

    Need help with rude surgeon

    I know...I worked at this current hospital and there are some surgeons who still won't talk to me. One surgeon drives me nuts, you have to be int he under 30 age group and super cute in order for him to talk to you. I've just gotten over it, and accepted it for what it is.
  9. fracturenurse

    Walking Patients to the OR

    When I worked in a surgery center we did it all the time. Patients didn't seem to mind. It was a SUPER short walk though. Now that I work at a hospital, they ride in the stretcher after getting a little Versed...
  10. fracturenurse

    Disposable safety straps on the OR table

    Yeah, we switched to the disposable BP cuffs in the OR as well. Single use only, one per patient, right? Nope, we are supposed to wrap it in a 1010 when prepping so we don't get betadine on it so we can reuse them on the next patient. Half of them are all stained with Betadine and you can see it. (they are white) At least when we used the other BP cuffs you couldn't see all the Betadine stains! Why did we even bother to switch to these if we wipe them down and reuse them???
  11. fracturenurse

    What made you interested in OR nursing?

    Not sure, I knew it when I was in nursing school, and never quit until I got there.
  12. fracturenurse

    Were You Born With A Strong Stomache?

    I think it just doesn't bother me...Ugh, you should have smelled the I & D we did yesterday, I almost passed out but muddled through. You will too !
  13. fracturenurse

    Steris Machines Shut Down

    We are still using them too. You can go to the Steris website and read the letter from the FDA. You can still use them, but you are supposed to be showing that you are working toward an alternative.
  14. fracturenurse

    Why do you put up with the abuse?

    I trained in a place like yours. During my internship one of the nurses who was learning with me would cry daily. Her preceptor was the biggest b**tch I have ever seen in my life. To this day, I'm scared she'll walk in my OR as a new employee. Those nurses made me look so stupid for 6 months that I had to leave at the end of the internship. How could they expect me to work with these surgeons that have heard how stupid I am for the past 6 months? I have never seen so much back-stabbing in all my life. They would set you up and I was just miserable. The good news? They aren't all like that. I love where I work now. We all get along so well and the backstabbing is minimal. The surgeons are OK. There are a few-don't get me wrong, but it's a good job. I left the OR briefly to try school nursing. Guess what? I couldn't cut that. I just wanted to go back to the OR. I love it. I'm sorry you are so unhappy. You definitely need to get out of that toxic environment as soon as you can. I've been in the OR for over 10 years now. I do it because it's my thing, I love it, I know what I am doing, and patients need me. They need you too, you can't let all the other crap bring you down. I strive not to be like that b%^ch I remember so well!
  15. fracturenurse

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    I prefer long cases. We have a surgeon who does shoulder scopes all day long and at the end of the day I am exhausted! One long case is much better! Turnovers and the rush-rush philosophy wears you out!
  16. fracturenurse

    Hospital vs. home laundered scrubs and caps

    Exactly, cheap is the word that comes to mind... Like I said I take care of my scrubs, but, what about others? Do you really want to take those dirty scrubs home to your family? I can tell you my hospital is very cheap and will never change!