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SandraCVRN has 13 years experience and specializes in OR Hearts 10.

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  1. SandraCVRN

    Playing Cards

    Yes there may only be 6 patients but there are probably only 2 nurses in the facility. If something goes to the toilet they are on their own. I’m glad you noticed it’s critical access not critical care but still you need skills. She was talking about mandatory OT and breaks. In Illinois there are 25 beds max. At my little hospital that included 2 OR beds, 2 icu beds and about 18 regular beds. We stayed maxed out most of the time taking care of fresh post-op patients as well as folks with other medical issues such as pneumonia.
  2. SandraCVRN

    Need some advice/opinions please!!

    Are you already experienced or are you still in a very basic orientation? So what I'm asking is are you running a room on your own?
  3. SandraCVRN

    New to OR, need advice on resources

    Good luck. Just take it all in. I love new peeps that also know who to be a nurse. Take information from everyone. Focus on the patient and procedures first then the charting. Hopefully they will let y'all just observe before starting peri-op 101. Like everywhere you will run into many different personalities.
  4. I've known OR nurses that worked in the ER. I went back to the floor full time a few years ago but the families drove me crazy. If time permits there is no reason you couldn't do prn on the floor. The hardest part about that is doing orientation part time. Good luck in the OR.
  5. SandraCVRN

    Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught - Legal Perspectives of Fatal Medication Error

    Thank you for this information that I haven't seen before.
  6. SandraCVRN

    Calling Out for EXCEPTIONAL Snow Conditions

    I never called in when I lived in southern Illinois and had to drive an hour to work. (Then stayed for duration) I've had to call in twice since moving back to Texas because of ice storms. I live on a hilly dead end road and just couldn't get out. My 4WD didn't help either.
  7. SandraCVRN

    Nursing @ 32?

    I was 44 when I graduated from nursing school. I'm 59 now. I would still be 59 if I hadn't gone to nursing school. Good luck in your new adventure.
  8. I worked an ortho/medical floor right out of school. It was great, good setup, great teamwork etc. then moved and had a chance to get back into the OR. I had been a private scrub for an oral surgery group before nursing school. Been on the heart team for the last 11 years except for a 7 month stint back to the floor because I missed regular patient care. When I got in trouble for not getting a blanket for a pt wife while I was doing a stat ekg for current chest pain I went right back to the OR. We bust our behinds & it wears me out more physically but I don't think I could ever go back to the floor.
  9. In my opinion it's not that they/we hate bedside nursing we hate all the things that don't allow us to be the kind of nurses we went to school to be. We want to take great care of our patients but we have: Too many patients Patients that think they are in a 5 star hotel Families that think you should also wait on them hand & foot Not enough ancillary help Charting, charting, charting Administration breathing down our necks with scripted care I think you get my point. Most of us thought the way you do when we first started out. I remember thinking what are these nurses griping about their pay (a new grad made at least double what I was making with 15 years experience as an oral surgery assistant) now I realize we don't get paid half of what we should. Good luck in your new adventure.
  10. SandraCVRN

    Green O2 Christmas trees

    Our thinking too. Just one more hoop to jump thru. Ugggí ½í¸·
  11. SandraCVRN

    Periop course money back

    Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but taking the PerOp101 and passing the test will not make you CNOR. It will just mean you passed the class. Good luck in your future endeavors. I went back to the floor a few years ago because I missed the patient contact. I soon realized I didn't miss the family contact. We have 8&12 hour shifts in my OR!!! I heart my 12's.
  12. SandraCVRN

    Green O2 Christmas trees

    Does anyone know of an oxygen cannula that already has an adapter attached. We have recently been told the green Christmas tree has to be changed after every patient. In 14 years this is the first I've heard of this. I've worked at 3 different hospitals in that time. I'm not sure if this is something new since now all of a sudden they are on back order. Any ideas?
  13. SandraCVRN

    I am not proud of my track record.

    Please don't tell me this is the millennial generation coming into nursing!! I didn't know I would have to follow the rules to a T. These were not mistakes they were lies & falsifying documents. Please be a troll.
  14. SandraCVRN

    Will my personality work will in the OR?

    Nothing wrong with being a nice person in the OR. We actually have one of the nicest sweetest people on the heart team. Like most things in life it is what you make of it. Good luck
  15. SandraCVRN

    cloth hats

    We used to be able to wear without an extra cover. Then changed to disposable over. Now no cloth & no skull caps for the men cloth or disposable. I'm with the others, my hair stay better in my cloth hat.
  16. SandraCVRN


    I'm with LovesToScrub. Small tight knit group. Most of us get 7% ❤️ differential but the 2 newest members do not since it was stopped about a year ago. Personally I find it less stressful to have a limited number of doctors & limited number of procedures to deal with. We also work in the main OR as needed Uggggggg. Most of the time I don't think I'm any different then any other circulator until the **** hits the fan. I have also gone on a couple interviews and have been offered both positions but stayed in my own little world. Most of the heart team are type A personalities. We might bit*h each other out but it's all good at the end of the day (or week). Sent from my iPhone using allnurses.