OMG I can't wait!!!


I swear, the moment I started anticipating starting classes, more specifically I think it began the moment I signed my master promissory finalizing my financial aid time slowed down.

Im starting my pre-requisites this fall and currently Im a SAHM to a 3.5 year old and a 8 month old. We are buckling down in order to move in February (currently living with my mom) so aside from the park there isnt much to do and I feel like I'm going even more stir crazy waiting for school to start. Ive worked since I was 15 and these past 8 month have been the longest I've gone without working.

Seriously, Ive been stalking my school portal waiting to be assigned a teacher for A&P so I can get a syllabus and start studying....... the waiting is killing me!!!!!

I know I should enjoy these last few weeks of freedom but I've been toying with the idea of going to nursing school for 3 years now and its finally time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Am I alone?


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You are not alone. Impatiently waiting to start the program over here But enjoy what little summer you have left. Once you get into the program you will be eager to graduate, then eager to find a job, etc.


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I'm waiting for my first semester of NS to begin! Anatomy was my favorite subject. Enjoy it!

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I know how you feel, haha. I'm not in nursing school yet but I can't wait to start school! I'm taking all online classes this semester because I won't be in town but it's still going to be 16 credits closer to starting nursing hopefully next fall


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I have been in school every session (fall, spring, summer) for the last year and a half...this is the first time that I have been out of school and had a break. I'm going crazy....I dunno what to do with the free time. I am actually doing the coursera medical terminology course to pass the time lol


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I start the nursing program In the fall and I have been in school fall, spring, and summer! I cannot wait for the program I am so excited I just want to buy my books now and start reading to get a head start!! You are not alone! Lol :)


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I know me too!! I have all my essentials(paper,notes books, flash cards etc) and I am ready to start studying! I can't wait until I get my syllabus


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I'm nervous and excited. Actually start 3 of my pre reqs this year. and I plan on going all year round. Yikes! But I understand completely!

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I'm going back to school too. I finished the RPN program last year. So I'm taking this Graduate Certificate (RPN bridging to BScN) for one year.


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I have finished all of my prereqs and about to start the REAL nursing classes and clinicals in a few weeks. 2 years down, 2 years to go! I am SO excited I have been hating summer, I just want to start! So no you are not alone:)


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If it's anatomy and physiology part one you probably will start with the basics of cells and tissue with some histology them move into bones and muscles and memorizing all those. You can always go onto a website like quizlet and look up A&P 1 flashcards and start learning to get a head start! :) oh you also learn basics like how to explain location like the wrist is DISTAL to the elbow ;) Goodluck and try for A's in your prerequisites, never skip out of lab early, nursing programs are so competitive that you really need the A in A&P and micro if you want to go to a state school for your nursing program :)

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Starting nursing school 18th of Aug. Still haven't received my uniforms yet. They must be on a slow boat from China. Get our books Aug 11th. Can't wait to start then finish, lol.