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  1. I'm just a pre-nursing student, but I've told my mother--showed her how--to cut off her IV and disconnect it when she had to use the bathroom. Why? When she didn't do it, she soiled her bed, room, and bathroom bc no one helped her go to the toilet de...
  2. With less than 6 months of nursing experience, it's not too late to apply to some new grad nurse residency programs. Most of the programs offer at least 4-6 months of preceptorship with some programs lasting up to 12 months.
  3. nandosport

    Nursing and the Ebola Virus

    Agreed. I had to read it for AP biology in high school. My friends don't even know what this means because they have not read any literature on the subject. Meanwhile, I remember thinking, at 16, how terrifying it would be if the virus resurfaced sin...
  4. nandosport

    Get CNA after 1st semester RN program?

    I suggest asking a professor and contacting your state board of nursing for further inquiry.
  5. nandosport

    Do you "tell" Facebook where you work?

  6. nandosport

    OMG I can't wait!!!

    I'm waiting for my first semester of NS to begin! Anatomy was my favorite subject. Enjoy it!
  7. nandosport

    2.2gpa - need advice

    You need a strong upward trend to prove that what happened your first semester won't happen again because you're a new and improved student.
  8. nandosport

    A&P 1

    I suggest Professor Fink on YouTube. He has an entire year's worth of A&P lecture videos.
  9. nandosport

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2015

    Could you all post your stats? GPA, healthcare experience, volunteer positions, and leadership roles are what I'm asking of you. I need to know what they are looking for in a potential hire. I have but 2 years to strengthen my profile. Thanks in adva...
  10. nandosport

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2014

    Could you all post your stats? GPA, health care experience, volunteer hours, and leadership positions are what I'm asking of you. I want to know what I should be working on while I'm in nursing school these next 2 years. Thanks in advance.
  11. nandosport


    I've had so many interests. Lateral mobility is a plus in nursing. Here's what I'm interested in: ANYTHING cardiac (Cardiac tele, CCU, CVICU, cath lab), L&D, PACU, and wound care. I took the Johnson & Johnson specialty test and was advised t...
  12. nandosport

    1st semester expectations

    Those are the two classes I'm happily excited about crushing! I feel like barfing when I think about our clinicals that start at the end of September.
  13. nandosport

    Is my school the only one?

    Yeah, my program has separated 1-3 credit hour courses for each semester. I'm taking five 2-credit-hour courses in the fall.
  14. nandosport

    Looking ahead to CRNA Med School

    You should do some research and shadowing in each field. The paths for CRNA and med school are very different. If you're set on med school, you want a major that will include the prerequisite courses, but you also want a degree that'll lead to a job,...
  15. nandosport

    CNA or Healthcare Assistant?

    I'd pick a cheaper program.