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  1. nandosport

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    I second this. I was accepted to nursing school for the fall semester, but after reading OP's "Sure to Get Flamed" thread, seeing the supporters of that doctrine, and having several anxiety meltdowns, I decided to give up my seat in the program. I now regret giving up my spot as I have no career prospects.
  2. nandosport


    No, acceptance letters are supposed to be sent out this week. Are you a transfer student?
  3. I'm just a pre-nursing student, but I've told my mother--showed her how--to cut off her IV and disconnect it when she had to use the bathroom. Why? When she didn't do it, she soiled her bed, room, and bathroom bc no one helped her go to the toilet despite having asked for assistance (those are CNA duties, right? *tisk*). THEN she had to wait until they could find a CNA to help give her a bath, change her sheets, and call house keeping to mop up the trail from the bed to the bathroom. My mother is 300+ lbs and in her 60s. Has an unsteady gait (arthritis & chronic pain= unable to carry huge, blue IV machine that's on opposite side of bed to bathroom). She's on a bunch of immunosuppressive drugs(for conditions including IBS & UC) & a few diuretics. She's been disabled since 2002; if she has to go, she has to go now. When she soils herself and has to wait for clean-up, she's: 1. embarrassed & 2. almost guaranteed a rash or some boils bc of her meds. Immunosuppressive drugs make for a slower healing time, so I'll be at the house doing patch work on her skin for weeks after her 5 day stay in the hospital bc someone couldn't help her go poo. It's less of a hassle if she shuts off the IV--you can replace the entire thing. Sorry.
  4. nandosport

    Triple whammy yay or nay

    Nay. If anything, take one science course with the psych course or just take one of the science courses.
  5. nandosport

    Will I ever become a nurse?

    I say apply to as many LVN and RN programs that you can afford (more RN than LVN). You said you already have a B.S. degree? Then apply to accelerated BSN programs. Just don't stop moving forward. I wouldn't listen to the naysayers. Neither one of those people will be feeding you with whatever degree they earn. And neither one of those people will fund/earn your degree for you. They really do not matter. If you use their comments for anything, let it be motivation. This too shall pass. Enjoy your journey.
  6. nandosport

    Alabama nursing programs

    So do you have to retake the NCLEX? What exactly is the licensing process?
  7. nandosport

    A&P or Micro?

    ^^This! Unproductive study groups? Ain't nobody got time for that!
  8. nandosport

    Recommendations on Courses Before Nursing School?

    Pathophysiology or medical terminology are good classes to take. I'm taking medical terminology over the summer.
  9. nandosport

    Extra Years for My BSN

    I majored in biology my first two years of college, and that was a costly mistake. My freshman year was great, but my sophomore year was ugly and it killed my gpa. My GPA went from 3.5 to 2.9 all in one year. In the fall of 2011(sophomore year), I tried to take cal-based physics I, organic I for bio majors, and calculus II along with two other college core classes. Well, you can guess how that went. I had to withdraw from physics and I got C's in both organic and cal 2. Oh, and the following spring semester I took 18 hours trying to keep my scholarship (had to have 30 in an academic year) including a lower level physics course and the second half of the organic chem sequence. Again, I made C's in the second organic chemistry. It wasn't long before I realized I was going to fail that physics course and then I didn't even show up to my last final in cell biology because I knew my academic stretch as a bio major was over. I was tired, sad, and defeated. That decision resulted in 2 F's instead of one. I remember spending most of my days crying and feeling helpless and angry during those semesters. I hadn't made any other plans besides becoming a biology professor, but I was a miserable failure as a biology major. I changed my major, but I didn't know what I was doing. I took three classes in the summer of 2012 and I medically withdrew from all 3 of them because I started having symptoms of a disease which had been previously misdiagnosed. Because of my illness and academic woes, I didn't attend school in the fall of 2012. I came back with a new major in the spring of 2013 and dropped out because I didn't like my major and I was still depressed. I was diagnosed with another ailment in the spring as well. I tried to go back to bio in summer of 2013, and I dropped out again because I wasn't happy. Starting college, I had $84K in scholarships and I lost every bit of it after that year and a half. I did more than my fair share of sobbing and soul searching (and unsuccessful job hunting) before I decided to return to school in the fall of 2013 as a pre-nursing student. I just completed my first year back in school and I turned in my nursing school application with a 3.84 prerequisite gpa (B in stats :-( ) and a 3.2 overall gpa. If they let me in to the nursing program, I'll graduate in 2016. That's 6 years for a BS degree. Don't feel bad. You're not the only one. Sometimes life doesn't happen the way we plan it, but that doesn't mean we have nothing to look forward to in the future. We're going to be great nurses.
  10. nandosport

    Which specialty would you like to end up in?

    Med/Surg or CVICU
  11. nandosport

    Prereqs Help (Microbio/A&P)

    I took physiology and microbiology together this past semester (spring 2014) along with pathophysiology, stats, and abnormal psychology. Grades come out next week, but I'm certain (from keeping track of my grades) that I have A's in all of my classes besides stats. I might have a B in stats :-(. If you don't have a heavy work schedule or other time consuming activity, then it's 100% possible. I just don't know if I would take them in the summer because my micro class consisted of lecture 3x a week with lab 2x a week. That's a lot to squeeze into a shortened semester. I'd move the micro in with A&P I. I'd take medical terminology with Bio I. And then I would take A&P II over the summer. But like amberdawn85 said: the schedule doesn't matter as long as you're determined.
  12. I don't know. Genetics? Diet? Both?
  13. nandosport

    Ready to be done

    You're lucky I have to wait until June to know my fate.
  14. nandosport


    Congrats! I won't know anything until the first week of June. :-(
  15. nandosport

    Nursing pre reqs

    I'm taking pathophysiology, microbiology w lab, statistics, physiology w lab, and abnormal psychology. I honestly don't know how I'm studying, but we're midway through the semester and I have 4 As and 1 B (in the online abnormal psychology : -/). At the beginning of the semester I always print my syllabi and make a study schedule. I also put all major due dates and exam dates in my calendar app on my phone and I set several reminders. I have 2-4 things on my study schedule to get done each night. I try to stick to my study schedule, but with all the class cancellations due to snow I've been prioritizing according to due dates. I spend most of my time studying physiology, then pathophysiology and lastly microbiology. I procrastinate with stats and abnormal.