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hypnotizer90 has 7 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Medical - Surgical/ General Surgery/ICU.

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  1. Ontario, Canada RN License transfer to Washington State

    Hi, you can message me here via private conversation if you want.
  2. Ontario, Canada RN License transfer to Washington State

    1. I'm currently tied up here in New England (Eastern) so I couldn't go to California (undecided, do I really wanted to?). I have 3years up to Sept 2024 to complete the 2 courses. My research is ~5000USD per course in a semester & possibly differ...
  3. USRN moving to Canada

    As far I know, due to COVID pandemic, CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) has registered more internationally educated RNs compared to the past. See CNO Req. Education.
  4. USRN moving to Canada

    - NNAS will assess your undergraduate BSN in PH. This is the handbook. - Here is the registration process from the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA). - Are there any provinces that would not require me to go through the bridgi...
  5. Illinois exam license application query

    Hi, have you tried looking up your name here? https://online-dfpr.micropact.com/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx. The previous Board of Nursing I had would list the pending requirements.
  6. CA License Clinical Hours

    Hi. This the California Board response to the same inquiry
  7. CGFNS visa screen “ready for review”

    1. Were you able to sort this signature issue? If not, I had this issue in 2019 where there was a change of personnel at the school who signs the CGFNS paperworks. The school just need to contact CGFNS themselves to communicate that there is a new pe...
  8. CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    Hi. You can start with their website https://floridasnursing.gov/licensing/.
  9. CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    Hi. The Florida Board will see CGFNS's assessment and decide if you need to do remediation e.g. enroll into a class in a Florida school to complete that missing hours. Have you already applied for RN license in Florida? Then you can track your applic...
  10. CGFNS CES Help

    Hi. Nothing to renew or whatever if you don't need CGFNS CES report unless the BON you are currently applying requires it. CGFNS will tell you what documents needed update.
  11. CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    @Sarah Jackson 1. Each BON has specific requirements. I cannot tell you how much theory/clinical hours they require. I mentioned about my deficiencies on my earlier posts.
  12. CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    So the school itself is verifying whatever clinical hours you completed on the CGFNS "Request for Academic Records/Transcripts" form. Our transcript has the course code and name and CGFNS should be able to match them. My transcript also was labe...
  13. How long do you review for a new job?

    Hi, you browse in to the subjects that you want to familiarize with. I learn actually while in practice rather than just studying. Once back in the workplace and on orientation, you kinda filter whatever skill is needed. As long as you're in the...
  14. Is charge nurse considered supervisory position?

    Yes, at my workplace, we have regular day & night Charge Nurses (Supervisors) who are salaried. They were hired for that and that is their job description. Some of our experienced RNs also cover for being charge temporarily in the absence of the ...
  15. CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    Hi, so basically the school has the course syllabus that details which kind of clinical setting for that particular semester. You can calculate how much clinical hours you had by browsing your previous course syllabus on those clinical placements and...