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hypnotizer90 BSN, RN

Medical - Surgical/ General Surgery

Registered Practical Nurse 2013-2019. RN BSN 2019-present.

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hypnotizer90 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical - Surgical/ General Surgery.


SC - Practical Nurse Diploma 2011 - 2013

CC - Registered Practical Nurse Bridging Certificate 2014 - 2015

RU - Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2016 - 2018

CNO: Passed Canadian NCLEX 2019; Received Certificate of Registration for Registered Nurse 2019


MEBON: Endorsed CAD RN Registration 2019

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  1. hypnotizer90

    Canadian getting licensed in Ohio

    This is my first time hearing this. After getting my CGFNS Visa Screen Certificate, I asked if I could get a CES report just in case needed by the Maine Board of Nursing since they grilled me with my clinical hours. I didn't needed it afterall b...
  2. hypnotizer90

    Advice for BSN applicant in Vancouver

    Hii. I think that the Ontario Universities Application Centre is a good start for you. But, before you transfer to a BSN program in BC, check the program itself just because of major difference between the US. Some States are lenient with Canadi...
  3. hypnotizer90

    Canadian RN's relocating to US

    Hii. I heard about the temporary emergency waiver. Some hospitals I know in Maine & New Hampshire put US new grads on nurse residency. Not sure on other states. If you wanted secured placement in the US then do the ff if you haven't started yet....
  4. hypnotizer90

    (Canadian) US RN License Endorsement to California

    Update: Sept. 2021 - I got deficiency letter for Obstetrics and Pediatrics from the BRN. I will have 3 years to complete them.
  5. hypnotizer90

    RN License endorsement to California

    $799 including fingerprinting for international application.
  6. hypnotizer90

    any canadian nurses in texas?

    Not in Texas but in NH. Sorry, I forgot to mention it's a different State. I'm currently employed in ME.
  7. hypnotizer90

    any canadian nurses in texas?

    Hi. I'm not working in Texas but before applying as direct hire for my new employer in Aug, I asked if they hire Canadians for TN status. My primary HR recruiter was not familiar with TN status processing but said yes to my question. Moving on, I got...
  8. hypnotizer90

    RPN-BSCN Ontario Canada 2021

    Hi. Yes, some Fulltime bridging programs are 1 year at a college then 2 years at university. Other bridging, you can just do 3 years Fulltime in University. You just need to chose, check which program is best for you. Parttime obviously is little bit...
  9. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS Application

    Hi. Were you able to sort this out? So far, in 2019, my schools used this address which was on the form: 5. Send via postal mail (preferably trackable) to: Mailing address: CGFNS International, Inc. 3600 Market Street, Suite 400 P...
  10. hypnotizer90

    RN License endorsement to California

    Possibly. For temp. license, read here. https://www.RN.ca.gov/applicants/lic-faqs.shtml. If you did your education in the US, they might ?waive your deficiency.
  11. hypnotizer90

    RN License endorsement to California

    Hi. Yes, the group is mostly for international nurses called California Board of Nursing - Foreign Graduates but they are basing their info here: https://www.dca.ca.gov/licensees/dca_20_102.pdf. Also, someone posted this May that she is deficient wit...
  12. hypnotizer90

    American educated RN leaving america

    Hi. I came from Canada and my first international destination is the US due to higher hourly wage from the ones on my list. Next destination based from my nursing research can be Australia before UK. I just want to try different countries.
  13. hypnotizer90

    Waived MS and OB deficiencies but failed the exam

    When will your BRN application remains open/ due date? I believe if you failed the first time then you need to book for next test after 45days depending on your ATT validity date. https://www.NCSBN.org/1224.htm
  14. hypnotizer90

    RN License endorsement to California

    Yes. They are waiving deficiencies due to COVID now but mostly part I read if you have concurrency issues. It really depends on the analyst and education eh.
  15. hypnotizer90

    New RN frustration tips while on the job?

    Yes, definitely you'll encounter some frustration/anxiety/anger etc when you first start, but you will grow to relax more if you become comfortable in the unit per se. I work in med-surg/gen surg, day shift, 5patient max assignment, busy/ fast t...
  16. hypnotizer90

    Most Accredited LPN-RN Bridge programs in Canada??

    I was RPN first in Ontario, had 2.5yrs retirement home and 1.5yrs med-surg experience before finishing my BScN. Really, my first RN work is when moving to the US at med-surg/gen surg. Hospital experience in med-surg is recommended so it's easier...