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hypnotizer90 BSN, LPN, RN

Retirement Home/ Nephrology/ General Surgery

A Canadian RN who relocated to practice in the US temporarily.

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hypnotizer90 is a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Retirement Home/ Nephrology/ General Surgery.


SC - Practial Nurse Diploma 2011 - 2013

CC - Registered Practical Nurse Bridging Certificate 2014 - 2015

RU - Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2016 - 2018

CNO: Passed Canadian NCLEX 2019; Received Certificate of Registration for Registered Nurse 2019

NSCN: Endorsed RN Registration 2019


MIBON: Endorsed CAD RN Registration 2019

MSBON: Endorsed CAD RN Registration 2019

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  2. hypnotizer90

    USA recognizing PALS & ACLS done in Canada

    Hello. I think your US employer will probably wanted you to take the US certifications onnce you're in the US. I had my Canadian Heart & Stroke BLS, but ended up having to do the AHA BLS at the hospital I am working with. The BLS concept is pretty the same but there is the online portion & hands - on with the manequin. It is pretty digital & I liked it.
  3. hypnotizer90

    IS BSN way harder than Practical Nursing?

    I agree. I did the RPN Fulltime then upgraded into BScN Parttime and it took so long. At the end, I wish I did the 4 year BScN straight. @Chime dolma Depending on the university you are going into, check if their BScN prerequisites needed your English, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics a College/ University level.
  4. hypnotizer90

    Questions about nursing job and CNO registration

    Hi. I don't think the weekend matters since I completed mine after office hours and got the result after midmorning the next day. (Actually, my colleague got it at the same time as well). It must be the computer that is ?working. My other colleague who failed needed to wait for a while +++ before she got her result and explanation. But I am not saying that everyone who waits failed. (May be there is just some techinical issues.)
  5. hypnotizer90

    Questions about nursing job and CNO registration

    Less than 24hrs if what you're waiting is just the NCLEX. I got all requirements completed before taking NCLEX. I completed my NCLEX on Feb 27th at 5pm. I got a notification that I had a message on my CNO account around 4am on Feb 28th. I passed. I also paid my registration right away and my name showed on the Find a Nurse after that moment.
  6. hypnotizer90

    What does the floor really think of nursing students?

    Coming from from my past experience from a busy Canadian Nephrology unit (Medical-Surgical), I love having students. I am keen on teaching students on what to do and share my nursing knowledge on the floor. I like to answer questions and be able to research when I cannot. I am considered novice nurse myself but I never want to feel that I am unwanted. I have learnt from my preceptor to be kind to the youngs because they will be the ones taking care after me when I get old. I always take that voice into my practice. Some students tell me they did such interventions but I still needed to confirm because some just lie over your face. Regardless, I am lucky if I have students not only for the help but answering those constant call bells +++.
  7. hypnotizer90

    My US Application Update - Canadian RN

    OMG. We think that everything is moving on with our application yet there are bunch of requests that keep us from moving forward. My experience. What kind of letter? My schools were not even familiar with those letter requests before. It was a customized letter & I needed to pay for it.
  8. hypnotizer90

    Who has had problem waiting for their SSN? Canadian RN

    Thank you. Yes, I was not sure if my first SSN application was ever processed since I never received it. I only received the 2nd application & probably this cancelled the first one. In total, it would probably take up to 30days for SSA. I was just a little bit irritated because of delay. I am happy because it is here now and that's what matters.
  9. hypnotizer90

    Indecisive Which Province/ Country to Work

    I haven’t start yet. Will post the comparison. Start of orientation next week.
  10. hypnotizer90

    My US Application Update - Canadian RN

    That was what they said to me lol. The replacement card came on the 6th day after I went back to SSA. New start date for me is next week Nov 25th but my recent background check may take few days. If not then Dec 9th or Dec 23rd. Worst case scenario, next year!
  11. hypnotizer90

    International Nurse to USA

    Hi. I am interested in knowing on how you can solve this issue. In Canada, certain schools have continuing education certificate program specializing for instance on pediatrics & obstetrics; but each program can take years since it is not only 1 course. There are some postings here though that I have encountered. Schools offering it in California. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  12. hypnotizer90

    My US Application Update - Canadian RN

    Yes. I just emailed to the Endorsement Specialist. My application is still pending but it does not show that I am still missing my SSN. BON has not released my license yet though. I was reading on their website it can take up to 2 weeks (7 - 14 business days) but realizing that everything is slow here, nothing shocking. Nov 25th is the next schedule for orientation. I decided to go back to ON while waiting.
  13. hypnotizer90

    My US Application Update - Canadian RN

    Hello. My SSN replacement card was mailed today at 2:00 p.m. and I didn't have any choice but to email it to my recruiter and to the BON. It will take 24 hours to 48 hours for the BON to release my license. Unfortunately next week is the beginning of the orientation so I might not be able to start if the BON will not release it by Tuesday and my start date will be pushed back again to November 25th. This sucks. If your SSN card doesn't come within 2 weeks, you need to go back and make sure to request for replacement card at the SSA office.
  14. hypnotizer90

    need advice about TN visa

    WoW. So much unhelpful on their parts. - My employment letter states my hire date, no specific end date. But in the Terms of Employment section mentions I'm here temporarily for 3 years and my employer and me will abide by the terms and conditions of TN nonimmigrant status. The end date really is the TN status expiration written on my Passport (Oct 6, 2022). My employer & me would follow this and hopefully I would have renewed before expiration date if still wanting to work here. - I had a question last time here regarding changing hospital unit/ward with same employer & I believe the answer was OK without needing another TN status. - The HR Business Partner signed my employment letter that was drafted by their Lawyer. But some people have been drafting their employment letter though. Have you contacted most hospitals there and they do not provide employment letter? I am reading on other Canadian's postings that they were hired. But again specific to which city/town/hospital. - May be it is time to look into another ?State, relocating, driving whichever. I understand Cali has its pros & cons. - I am looking into another State actually once I get my multistate license status since I am in a compact State. However, employer ABC needs TN status each and you must declare which compact State is your permanent residence. Just adding some options for you.
  15. I just wanted to blurt out my frustration while waiting for my SSN. Oct 7th was when I crossed the border and got my TN status. I applied for my SSN on Oct 11th after securing an apartment (?luck) in Maine to be used as a mailing address. As opposed to what the SSA website recommended, I applied <10days of crossing the border. Why not? I went back to ON, CAN and completed my last week of work. End date: Oct 22nd. I was hoping that my SSN card was already mailed upon my return but did not. I called SSA hotline on Oct 25th and complained. I explained the receipt said within 2 weeks to receive. Apparently, 2 weeks was the minimum and it could go to 1 month (~1 month tomorrow Nov 8th) for first time application. I eventually went to the SSA office on Nov. 1st because I could not wait. I was told that the card should have been mailed to my mailbox but who knew what happenened as I never received it. *Pending due to delayed SSN 1. My start date had been re-scheduled since my RN license was not released yet. I was able to cross the border because the BON mailed me letter saying my application was complete except for SSN. Basically, Maine State BON needed SSN but there was a loophole. They could release a letter in lieu of RN license for Customs use only. 2. I was able to register my car and changed my plates but I could not convert my Driver's license, required within 30days of establishing residency. 3. NSO - malpractice liability insurance needed SSN. I thought I was smart of getting my TN status before resigning my CAN job but I never anticipated this problem to arise. I am not currently working for more than 2 weeks now. I just don't like the waiting part and not doing anything ?productive. Luckily my CAN line of credit could still pay my apartment.
  16. hypnotizer90

    need advice about TN visa

    Hello. Any update on your paperworks?

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