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hypnotizer90 has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical - Surgical/ General Surgery/ICU.

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  1. hypnotizer90

    Canadian Nursing Student wanting to move to US

    Hi. There are old postings here re. your question along lines "Canadian to California" etc w some info. If you're a new grad <1yr nursing experience then they might put you on a Nurse Residency Program (NRP).
  2. hypnotizer90

    Pinoy USRNs

    Ya, looks like even though you mail the SSN Affidavit form wouldn't answer your question. The Board transitioned to online renewal now and I can't even find an RN Renewal Application paper form which was stated on the SSN Affidavit form. You sho...
  3. hypnotizer90

    job letter for TN visa

    No unfortunately. I have been only in ME/NH and didn't try to apply anywhere else. Try inquiring - Level 1 Trauma centers & teaching hospitals as suggested above.
  4. hypnotizer90

    job letter for TN visa

    Hi. Initially, what I did was to email HR directly inquiring if they hire Canadian RNs and aware of TN1 Status. I was at least connected to a recruiter who said they did. Then they encouraged me to apply for a job position & get connected w the h...
  5. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS visa screen “ready for review”

    My experience w CGFNS is not to wait. You can CGFNS "Contact us" & inquire the reasoning behind such unacceptance. It will take some time for response but at least you did.
  6. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS visa screen “ready for review”

    Did you check "My Messages"?
  7. hypnotizer90

    Can Ontario RPN Challenge RN NCLEX

    Do you mean in the US? Here are some links to read: Working in the US How to pursue an RN in the US with a Canadian LPN
  8. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS English Proficiency for Canadians

    Okay, I found this on CGFNS website related to CGFNS Visa Screen which is needed to receive TN status. Exemption Due to English-based Professional Education A VisaScreen® applicant may be exempt from taking an English language prof...
  9. hypnotizer90

    Canadian RN moving to California - Licensing help please!

    Hi. Any update on this? I do know some internationally educated RNs (BSN back home) that still needed the Canadian RN bridging to meet their competency gaps in their education in Ontario. Some only required 1year bridging to receive the "equival...
  10. hypnotizer90

    Canadian Nurse to NYC forms required

    Hi @psychrn101 Based on RN Pathway #4 form for Canadian, you needed Form 1 & Form 2 as well as Form 3F. Form 2 goes to the Canadian College and Form 3F goes to the College of Nurses for registration verification. *Form2F is only app...
  11. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS English Proficiency for Canadians

    Nope. It will be waived.
  12. @Ragnhild_Frydenlund 1. What are the steps I need to take to be able to work as an RN in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? - Start w NNAS then check the College of Nurses of Ontario initial step w RNs educated outside Canada. - Also, research in...
  13. hypnotizer90

    CGFNS CES Report Missing Clinical Hours

    I hope the Texas BON can suggest the next step if deemed deficient enough to require enrolling in a course like what they do in California where they have schools catering to Internationally Educated Nurses with theoretical/clinical deficiencies in M...
  14. hypnotizer90

    (Canadian) US RN License Endorsement to California

    Yes, while your're employed under TN status, you are allowed to take classes without the need for another visa. However, the employment is the primary purpose rather than school. https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/tn-status-explain...
  15. hypnotizer90

    (Canadian) US RN License Endorsement to California

    Hi. I withheld continuing my application to Cali BRN just because I didn't have the money before, around <5-10k per class (theory&clinical) in College vs. University vs. Private. The schools were on waiting list (1-2years waitlisted & vari...