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  1. hypnotizer90

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Yes. I have posted (previous postings) that I am going to Maine. My CGFNS - Visa Screen is in process. (It will asses my credentials if comparable to the US). The Maine State BON application for RN licensure is ongoing as well. After I get my Visa Screen report & Maine license then I could apply for my TN VISA. I already got a hospital job offer in Maine. The hospital lawyer told me to prepare these things to apply for TN visa via border/airport.
  2. hypnotizer90

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Hi. All I know is as long as I pay my yearly license renewal in Ontario then I am still good. But, I needed to declare/ provide proof that I have practiced nursing within 3 years. "However, I must be registered in the jurisdiction in which I am practising for CNO to recognize it as evidence of practice." I could switch my license to non-practicing but it's not mandatory. Also, I am Canadian citizen and Ontario is still my primary residence except that my employment as a nurse is in the US.
  3. hypnotizer90

    RPN to RN bridge too lengthy (Ontario)?

    Hi. My goal all along was to do RPN then bridge to BSN. I graduated from Seneca in 2013 then started Bridging via Centennial (2014-2015) to Ryerson (2016-2018). I completed the BSN program last Dec 2018. The bridging and university focused more on collaboration/ group work. Since some classes were online, group discussions were included to mimic classroom interaction. While at school, you always taught of practicing as an RN. The RN always needed to use theory, leadership, management etc in practice.
  4. hypnotizer90

    Canadian nurse in the states

    Hey. I am applying for Maine State BON & they work with IdentoGo for Criminal Background Check. I am not sure if such services is available in Canada. I emailed IdentoGo Canada but I did not receive any responses. But I have read the Maine BON FAQs that I needed to go to US physically. I could not go to Maine yet but I could have my fingerprints card done in out-of-state with IdentoGo location. Basically, I have the option of mailing a fingerprint card for processing. I drove to closest IdentoGo location in West Seneca, New York USA and have it done. Let me know after reading Florida BON if they work with IdentoGo and how you can get your fingerprints done.
  5. Did you happen to get any contact info for Tenet Health Hospital, they had a booth at the job fair you attended? Could you pm it pls 🙏🏽

  6. hypnotizer90

    Canadian Nurse, compact license?

    Hello. Any update on your application?
  7. hypnotizer90

    Canadian RN prepare to write NCLEX to work in the states

    Anyone I knew used Uworld. I chose the one with 1 Assessment but quite expensive. It was a very good review resource for me. But others also suggest Mark Klimek, Saunders. There is an NCLEX group on Facebook. People are very good in helping.
  8. Hi. It is Ryerson's policy not to accept anyone who has failed any nursing courses. Therefore, Centennial is just screening everyone and making sure students know this. My friend had one failed nursing class so she went to GeorgeBrown-Trent instead. But this is fulltime. She is now an RN even before me since I did parttime & mishaps in Ryerson. Centennial Bridging to University Nursing: Ryerson Nursing (BScN) > Post Diploma: Goodluck.
  9. hypnotizer90

    Cant find a RPN job in Ontario :(

    I found that Toronto was and still very competitive. Two nursing agencies hired me as PSW (2015) since I did not have 1 year of RPN experience. But even then there was no guarantee that they would hire you even working as PSW for a year. I met tons of RPN liked me in the same boat. I left Toronto and went to Hamilton whereby I was recommended at a retirement home (2016) by my classmate/friend in the RPN-RN bridging program (Centennial-Ryerson; 2014-2018). I eventually made it to a hospital (2018) when I did a clinical. I am happy that my friend & me managed to be hired at the hospital. Now trying to be hired as RN.
  10. hypnotizer90

    Canadian nurse in the states

    Yes. I went to Centennial-Ryerson parttime. It was so long + I got delayed for a Ryerson course failure (2014-2018). I know someone doing Nippising parttime & she liked it. I believe it's just a preference and taking into consideration where you live, if you commute, if you wanted to take it longer since you're working RPN fulltime. I would suggest to do fulltime if your friend can so she can finish faster! 1. I lived in Toronto before moving to Hamilton. I work now in Hamilton & awaiting for my US TN visa. 2. I chose Centennial-Ryerson over GeorgerBrown-Trent after reviewing the courses. I thought Centennial was harder which it was, more paperworks & I really worked hard to pass. Ryerson will not accept anyone who has had previous course failures. But once in Ryerson is OK to fail lol (I hope not) but would be in probation liked me. Now they changed some of their 50%:50% grading system on their nursing courses, which failed me. 3. Centennial bridging fulltime was tough as well but my other friends made it. Just some extra time & energy. There are some posts regarding it.
  11. hypnotizer90

    RN from the US moves to Canada

    Hi. My situation is kinda the other way around. My application is on the way to the US. But I will be keeping my Ontario RN license & paying the yearly renewal fee if that time comes. See NNAS See CNO It takes some time. My friend applied for NNAS and it took a while as you said. As per CNO:
  12. hypnotizer90

    Ryerson offer release date for the bridging students

    I am not too sure. Maybe they will eventually notify you after your final grades. I believed most of my classmates who passed Centennial was in my class back then in Ryerson. Therefore, I did not think Ryerson picked and chose the students. It was the timing of the application. Be punctual. At the moment, Ryerson is kinda slow in auditing my graduation status. Maybe both schools have their hands full.
  13. Hello. I completed this program. I would say take your time and do your readings. I found Centennial tough.
  14. Hello. My friend did the same program. This is the bridging with George Brown & Trent? Although, the Trent campus is still in George Brown. My friend is now an RN. I believed she liked it.
  15. hypnotizer90

    Advice from Canadian Nurses?

    Toronto, Ontario is a very busy city. RN jobs could be either in community, long term care, or acute care hospitals. I left the big city for a smaller one as finding job is usually easier either casual, parttime, or fulltime positions. Young adults are driven to bigger cities but not me. Good luck.