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  1. by   trio825
    Hi Lucy100
    I see that u did your RN to BSN online program at OU , and I was looking for some insight into their program. I would appreciate anything you could offer
    Thanks , trio825
  2. by   sillylilly05
    Hi there, im not lucy but im currently in the program. I just finished the 3rd class and finally have the hang of it that it is somewhat easy now. Its pretty much the same week to week and class to class. As long as you have APA format down (you will learn what to do in first class) you will do good on papers. I took one class each 5 weeks but i think im going to start to do 2 classes now.
  3. by   lucy100
    Hi Trio825,

    I finished the OU online BSN program a year ago so I don't know if anything has drastically changed ( I doubt it). I spent so much time researching online programs before finally making a school selection and getting started. I don't regret picking the OU online program! I especially loved the 5 week format for all nursing classes. If you are motivated you can finish pretty fast, the cost per credit was better than most programs, and there is a strong student support system on facebook. Getting back into the APA formatting was stressful at first but I recommend the software program PERRLA for APA. I would join the online facebook group to get up to date insight on their program. I agree with sillylilly05 that most of the classes have similar requirements (discussion boards and papers). Ultimately I picked OU because I wanted a real brick and mortar school, affordable cost, generous credit transfers, ability to finish in less than 2 years, and a program that fit my work schedule.