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  1. by   Samsham
    Question to anyone going through OU's RN to BSN online program: Has anyone ever flunked a class and if so why?
  2. by   robertmorgan
    Informative post i found it Example
  3. by   Joe V
    Submit your Ohio University review today! You can review your school as a Student, Alumni, Parent, Pre-Student, or Employee. Anonymous reviews are allowed.

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  4. by   Geminikay
    I accidentally signed up for the regular course offering class and not the rn to bsn online ecampus course offering. It says online their is no tuition appeal and i'll have to pay Athens tuituin.... HELP?? What do i do. I really want to attend this school.
  5. by   Sweet charm
    Does anyone know how long it takes for them to process the application after transcripts have been received?
  6. by   Argus333
    I just applied to OU RN-BSN. I took business courses through their "distance learning" dept (by mail) many years ago while in the military overseas and that was a good experience. Generally OU is an old brick & mortar campus with a good reputation in Ohio. My interactions on the phone have been courteous and kind, they answer the phone, etc. Admissions let me know that my transcripts sent to them a few years ago were still showing up in their system (I had applied for their online BSN and they sent me a letter saying they don't take Out-of-state applicants! after I had sent MANY transcript$) But now they take applicants from California and some other states- be sure to check with them. Because of this past history they waived the admission fee of $25 for me and I applied. Classes start in January 2018 so I'll lose this year's employer contribution for tuition (no rolling admissions like Grand Canyon has), and I have yet to get a "DARS" (transcript evaluation) to make sure that my electives and prerequisites all transfer (I am not going to take any fluff like Texas history, having two degrees from Berkeley and about 4 associate degrees already... just my personal principle there). I think OU is definitely my backup plan though I'm still considering Grand Canyon despite it's much higher cost. Also considering Nevada State College. One thing about OU is the time difference with California- I need to make sure that assignments being due at midnight isn't going to screw me up because I get home around 7pm most nights eat by 8PM and by then it's almost midnight in Ohio. So I'll likely be losing one assignment date per week and if they make changes I could miss deadlines. I'm not going to put myself in a position that hurts my chances of going on to MSN so grades are a priority and that might interfere because I live on the West Coast. Still, Ohio University looks like a good choice for me. I grew up in Ohio and took my first college credits through them, so it's neat that I've come back full circle to OU.
  7. by   faygokraze
    are you taking classes now
  8. by   Argus333
    I have two BA degrees and tons and tons of credits (about 250) from previous careers. I took a very wide range of courses from econ/anthro/sociology/nutrition/psych/history in order to get accepted to UC Berkeley and graduate as a double major. These were mostly semester-based courses from California. I know that it can be difficult to translate into quarter systems and across states especially across such distance. I know that in some cases course catalogs/descriptions must be procured.

    I applied to several RN-BSN programs and have been accepted by them already. OU was my first pick, but upon reviewing my DARS (transcript request), it says that I need "Junior composition" and "Tier 3 General Education".

    I will have to speak to a counselor and look up exactly what requirements from these would be satisfied by the nursing program. This is a minor inconvenience, but it makes it more likely that I'll just move on with Western Governor's or GCU despite the additional cost.

    Did any of you find that these issues led to them having to take additional non-nursing courses? Because for me that's the dealbreaker, and I need to make a decision as to whether it's worth jumping through all the hoops instead of just starting next month at GCU.
  9. by   Argus333
    No I passed on OU and it now looks like I've missed the January 2018 class-up so I probably won't attend. What scared me away from OU was my DARS transcript request saying that I needed GE courses and "composition"... I have two degrees from Berkeley and did graduate coursework there. This was all before doing nursing pre-reqs & ASN degree. So forgive me for being snobby but I'm not interested in taking "GE" anywhere because that cancels out the savings on tuition. I will likely start with Grand Canyon soon as they did give me a veteran's discount. The problem with old brick and mortar schools is bureaucracy.
  10. by   Hsheffrin
    I am a mother and I work as an RN part time, I have chosen this program because it seems the most suitable with my life schedule. With that said, I was hoping to hear reviews from people who went through the program because my main concern is whether or not the courses give the ability to log one and complete at your own time. Not having to log on at a scheduled hour or live online classroom. I've spoken to Admissions but they were unable to answer this question because they said it depended on the actual course. I just wanted to hear some feedback because I am hesitant to enrolling and being committed to something that I just cannot do
  11. by   lucy100
    Hi Hsheffrin,

    I just completed my BSN at OU this past summer while working part time (and having a family). There were 9 required nursing classes for all nursing students. The nursing classes are only 5 weeks long however non-nursing classes varied in their length. During my time in the program none of the classes I enrolled in had live sessions or specific hours for attendance ( I don't think this will change). Almost all the nursing classes followed the same format (sometimes with slight variation). Every school week began on Monday and had deadlines for weekly assignments. Example: first discussion post by Wednesday, 2 responses and a paper by Sunday night. A few nursing classes required quizzes (no proctor needed) just completed open book quiz by a certain date. Two classes utilized a program similar to using a SIM model(I can't remember the name of the program) but again no live classes, it is all work at your own pace within the assignment deadlines. I learned to work ahead when possible. I only had 1 non-nursing class to complete and it did not require any live sessions. The school does update/change classes so I don't know if anything has changed drastically since August. For the most up to date info on OU I would join their online facebook community. It's called "Ohio University RN to BSN online-academic outreach initiative". It is a great resource for the most up to date info. You should join even if you are not yet an enrolled student in the program. Many people join the fb group to get a feel for the program and ask questions to current students.
  12. by   uknowulovemexoxo
    hi! I'm interested in going to doing my BSN online w/ Ohio University. I am currently in California and have taken online classes with National University. How does it compare? How are the quizzes and papers? Are the papers like at least 10 pages? I am on the fence on where to pursue my BSN. any input would be appreciated
  13. by   trio825
    Hi Joe V,
    I was wondering if u have started the RN to Bsn program at OU Yet ?? I am considering
    Applying myself and was looking for any input u might have thanks

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