Oh I don't know...you all scare me!

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Just when I thought it was safe to come out of the ocean...so to speak.

I was feeling pretty confident about my decision to attend nursing school. Then I read some posts.

I'm a pre-nursing student, taking my pre req's. I applied to LPN school and if I pass the entrance exam(which I will) in the fall I can start the LPN program in Feb.(11 months in NJ ) then my name should come up for the RN program wait list.

Ya'll scare me about mean Dr's and Pt's that pee on you, bed baths from hell.

Is it worth it? Or should I go into radiology (ultrasound tech) Maybe in radiology I won't be peed on...lol

I just feel I was meant to be a nurse, I'm kind empathetic, have good critical thinking skills and I like to be busy, and I love the flexibility.

Thanks for your imput



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I have waited 25+ years to be a nurse. settled for RT and was not happy in the field 17 years ago. I have always come back to medicine in some form worked homehealth care as a CNA and then got involved in hospice worked this for 4 years and then just had to get out (high burnout rate in Hospice) but I always had this need to be in medicine. You can be peed on thrown up on have a doctor yell at you and even have the patients from Hell. It all changes when you get that patient or family memeber that says you made a difference you taught us something you made his/her life better Thank you OR you have that one save of a person that would of died if YOU did not know what you were doing and if you were not there That is your reward those thank yous and wins are what makes it all worthwhile. I hope you decide that this is the field for you because nursing desperately needs all the empathetic, good critical thinkers and CARING people it can get Good luck with your decision hope you choose nursing



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Thank YOu:) for your kind words.

I love this board.

Sometimes I just get sooo....hmmm... freaked out I guess..and I sit and wonder...what AM I doing...I can't do that....but in the end. I know I can And I know I'll be great at it. Hopefully I'll have nice people to work with like yourself. Because in the end it doesn't really matter what your doing it's how you do it and who you work with.Thanks Again :)



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Remember to always tell your patient what you are fixing to do, rather it be vitals, or a turn.

Also tell them if they are in a coma, because we don't know what they can hear.

And remember, pee and poop will wash off.


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- I work in the computer field -- constantly get crapped on by management.

- Haven't been wet on yet -- but probably would welcome the change.

- Have a good day!

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I love being a nurse. Everyday is a multitude of emotions for me, though. I can go from confident to petrified in one second flat. I've been a nurse for 8 years. There have been times when being a Walmart greeter sounded really good but nursing sort of gets in your blood. I can't imagine being anything else. As corny as it might sound....nursing has helped define me as a person. It has taught me lessons that I could have never learned doing anything else. Like any other profession you will find people that you don't like having to deal with and yes, there are doctors from hell no matter what area of nursing you get into. Remember always that you are the patient advocate and most patients put a lot of trust into their nurses. If nursing is what you want to do, then I encourage you to go for your goal. I don't know about everyone else but the nurses that I work with, including myself, have a tendency to remember the bad days but there are so many good thigns that happen. We forget that when we are frustrated by whatever is going on at the time. Do what your heart tells you to do and best wishes to you.



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If you need to make "good money" then I would recommend Ultrasound but if your heart leads you to nursing then you must decide for yourself how to answer that call.


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Do what ya gotta do and love it.

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There is rubbish thrown around in every profession. We are just very vocal about it that is all. Yep!! We sure do cop some er you know and some of it is verbal and some of it is real.

Nursing will it define you - yes! So ask yourself can you put up with sore legs and feet? A sense of smell with a rapid fire shut-down response, an ability to discuss pus filled woulds while eating lunch, a ten gallon bladder capacity, ability to work 12 hours without a break, ability to listen to hours while someone describes thier bunions and look interested. Then yes you should be a nurse. If these things frighten you - well there are so many differnt positions and jobs in nursing that you can find something that does suit you.

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I have heard it said that there is no amount of money that one could be paid that would substaniate one's decision to be a nurse. Having said that, I will also say there are definate days from HELL when I wonder if I lost my last marble when I answered my call to become a NURSE.....a CAREGIVER.....However, after thirteen plus years of nursing.....I am still at it....and very pleased to be "still at it".......I wouldn't take anything for my journey now......I can remember when I was in nursing school seeing this bumper sticker that asked, "Is there life after Nursing School????" Fear is natural......if you weren't afraid at least to a degree it would show potential incompetance.....However, this is one career decision that you will be truly enabled to face your own worse enemy which in reality is always OURSELVES.....and to overcome Your own fear while making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a hurting humanity....Go for it and when days get rough, just remember to make lemonade out of the lemons.....How exciting! To just be starting on the first steps of this wonderful journey......I LOVE to see nurses who are making this commitment......maybe that is why I am FINALLY leaning towards teaching nursing though it is also an area that I faught against almost as hard as I faught against becoming a nurse.....For myself, when I decided to become a nurse, I started nursing school with the attitude, "Well, if this gets to be TOO MUCH" for me, I can always stop.....13 plus years later I am still saying that to myself. *smiles*.....One step at a time and also remember, look behind you to see what you have already accomplished when you are learning a new procedure in your nursing career....There will be lots of times you "don't know if you can do it".......Each success will be another "feather in your cap" so to speak.....You can let the shadows of fear stop you or you can fly like an Eagle and bless all that you come into contact with.

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There are plusses and minuses with nursing, just like every profession. I have a cousin who spent most of his life (he's 50) looking for a "stress free job." Having concluded that there is no such thing (something I knew all along), he's now happily enrolled in a BSN program. He says actually having a job will make the rest of his life relatively less stressful!

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Yes it is worth it but it is not easy.


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