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I'm right there with ya -- after reading Echo Heron's "Intensive Care" and some of the more negative posts, I have found myself second guessing the entire notion of going to nursing.

I ask my bride if I'm losing it, she reminds me it's a good decision. Nursing has room for clinicians and biz types and computer geeks etc. Some days I reprase it by saying " I'm going for a BSN degree" and if my clinical experience goes badly, I don't have to do staff nursing!

Honestly, I can't think of any other degree right now that that's worth more. I can sure tell you MS in IT isn't worth much in this economy.

Hang in there.


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I think nursing is a great field, I have been in it for 18 years. So many paths you can choose, so many different opportunities. The work is hard and thankless sometimes. Doctors, patients, and management give you a hard time a lot of the time, but, it is all worth it when you feel that feeling deep inside you that you know this is what you should be doing. I don't know how to describe it but I know what it feels like.

I was not "called" into nursing and I don't really know what being "called" into nursing means. I know I made a conscious decision because I liked what I saw and heard about nursing. I was an army medic for 6 years before becoming an RN. It does get in your blood and I can't imagine doing anything else. Though my role has changed and do not do direct patient care any longer I still consider what I do very much nursing.

Come on and join us!!


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Originally posted by L.B. Path

.However, this is one career decision that you will be truly enabled to face your own worse enemy which in reality is always OURSELVES.....and to overcome Your own fear while making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a hurting humanity....Go for it and when days get rough, just remember to make lemonade out of the lemons.....How exciting! To just be starting on the first steps of this wonderful journey......I LOVE to see nurses who are making this commitment......maybe that is why I am FINALLY leaning towards teaching nursing though it is also an area that I faught against almost as hard as I faught against becoming a nurse.....For myself, when I decided to become a nurse, I started nursing school with the attitude, "Well, if this gets to be TOO MUCH" for me, I can always stop.....13 plus years later I am still saying that to myself. *smiles*.....One step at a time and also remember, look behind you to see what you have already accomplished when you are learning a new procedure in your nursing career....There will be lots of times you "don't know if you can do it".......Each success will be another "feather in your cap" so to speak.....You can let the shadows of fear stop you or you can fly like an Eagle and bless all that you come into contact with.

L.B., this really hit me, because I do fought against becoming a nurse even though I've been pulled in this direction since high school (20 years ago). I also think that it was because I would have to face my worse enemy...ME! Unfortunately, my not following through until now, has sent me going in circles, trying to find something that would have the same essence of nursing and not finding it. So I'm biting the bullet and after this term, I will have all my prereqs, so I can apply for my ADN program. As my school goes my applicants completing all of their prereqs first and their GPA, I should have no problem getting in. I'm scared, but I'm even more scared about going another 20 years looking for something that you can only find in nursing.

So, thanks again L.B., your post made me realize that what I am feeling is not abnormal.



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If you really want to be a nurse, then do it. Don't let getting peed on and bed baths scare you. Nursing has so many different specialties that may never happen to you!!

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