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I took the NCLEX yesterday and found out this morning that I passed!! :cheers::balloons:. I can't tell you guys the relief I felt to see my RN number come up on the AzBON website. It's been a long hard road...almost 4 years. I discovered AllNurses while I was finishing up my pre-req's and have come here often for advice and have met some friends on here as well.

Everything I went through to make it to this point has been worth it. All the long hours of studying, not having a life for the past two plus years, all the stresses of careplans, it was all worth it once I passed that test. So for those of you that are going through nursing school, take the time to really learn the information. Not just long enough to pass the test, but so that you can understand the dynamics of the human body and how illnesses affect it. If you take the time during nursing school to do this, then the NCLEX will be a piece of cake.

Take care everyone,

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Congratulations!! I am so happy for you.

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Congratulations, Keli RN!!!! I'm so so happy for you.

Go out and celebrate!! :)


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congratulations!!!!!!!!! :):up::cheers::balloons:


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Congrats Keli! That's wonderful! All those hours studying paid off.


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