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  1. Cursed Irishman

    NOT SELECTED, Am I being perceived as a second class nurse?

    After a few years as an ICU nurse, I had to google what "memory care" is. Yes, you are a second class nurse. What is it you are trying to do? Are you trying to be a bedside nurse in a hospital? If so, then your skills as described will not be advantageous. If you are looking for case management jobs: those seem more in-line with your description; however, you are held back greatly by lack of a BSN. As previously noted: Your years of experience do not jive: you say you've been a nurse for three years, but list four years worth of experience. You've had four jobs in three years? Not appealing. "My colleagues tell me I am strict when following policies and procedures and seek my advice" - This statement seems to counter itself. Your descriptions seem to focus on the superfluous: Its great you're bilingual and want to help, but I can use a phone and get the same results. Get or at least start on your BSN. Maintain your BLS, get ACLS & PALS. Try to get a certification. Set yourself apart by investing in your professional development. And take your name off of your postings.
  2. Cursed Irishman

    current market for working agency

    RN's can work as LPN's, but do not give up the liability of having "higher" education (http://www.azbn.gov/documents/advisory_opinion/AO Dual Profession & Dual Health Care Licensure_Certification.pdf) I had good experiences with Integrated. While I never worked for them, Health Temp nurses always seemed on par and to be everywhere.
  3. Cursed Irishman

    Deciding to get out of military nursing

    Lincoln & Scottsdale merged this month.
  4. Any words of wisdom for those pending mobilization?
  5. Cursed Irishman

    ASU school of nursing question

    Its been quite some time and many varied units since I was stationed there; guess that lingo has faded.
  6. Cursed Irishman

    Will working as a stripper affect my Air Force nursing potential?

    The one thing that really will affect your security clearance is not telling them.
  7. Cursed Irishman

    Airborne Nurses In The Army Reseve?

    Back in the day there were alot of support personnel at bragg on jump status who had no chance at ever getting a mustard stain. Since the budget cuts, most of those units have been recoded w/o airborne slots. For example: 35th Signal and 44th Med BDE are no longer on status; even 18th ABN Corp slashed their jump slots. That being said: I'm in a reserve unit assigned to Western MARSG and we just sent a CPT to jump school; so it is possible, but difficult.
  8. Cursed Irishman

    Army Reserves

    If you're already in, check this one out: https://mobcop.army.mil/tod/Default_new.aspx#
  9. Cursed Irishman

    Attitudes against the military

    I'm actually more annoyed by people who thank me for my service.
  10. I learned nothing useful in nursing school, it actually reduced my knowledge base because it focused on trivia instead of major concepts. Nursing school lays the groundwork for the endemic problems of the profession: its more about busy work, snide remarks and inflated egos than learning the fundamentals.
  11. Cursed Irishman

    Reserve or Guard?

    You're looking for people's opinions and experiences: My opinion is that you shouldn't join, your perception of the time commitment and the roles of the different branches are severely skewed. This is from someone who has several campaign ribbons and most of the scare badges.
  12. Cursed Irishman

    Reserve or Guard?

    If you don't like the idea of being deployed six months, why are you even considering the army? Just because you're in the navy, doesn't mean you'll end up on a boat.
  13. Cursed Irishman


    Humanities, a math, and i'm sure some other classes. Use the ASU RN-BSN Maricopa agreement checksheet located here to determine your progress: http://catalog.asu.edu/files/MAPPS_TAGS11/NUNURDBSN.pdf
  14. Cursed Irishman

    Options, Flight RN vs. ACNP vs. CRNA in Air force

    Civilian CRNA programs are eligible for HPSP? Do you have a reference/linky for that? All I can find is it applying to m.d. programs.
  15. Cursed Irishman

    BSN Strap Program?

    Assuming you are going to school full time, yes it is that simple. You're attached to APMC (google, they have a website) during your time in school. You fill out some paperwork every six months showing you're still enrolled and showing how much longer you have. Upon completion you are transferred within APMC until you go to OBC. OBC can take as long as a year to schedule. Once you graduate OBC, you're assigned to a unit on their rotation schedule. The unit is not necessarily one near you; in that case you just drill with a local unit and submit paperwork to either the unit you assigned to or apmc if you stay affiliated with them. Look into the reserve, as promotion rates and slots available for the NG are not as plentiful. For instance: my state had two nurse slots, but had seven nurses.
  16. Cursed Irishman


    I graduated from the RN-BSN program recently and have a friend in the online program now; it is completely do-able while working. Just some tips: Do not expect to learn anything useful. Alot of the instructors have been in academia for some time and are not exactly up on whats occurring bedside these days. Fill your papers with lots of gushy emotional appeals and you'll do fine. Use OWL at purdue for APA. Most of your classmates will have recently graduated nursing school, are only doing their BSN because they couldn't find a job, and have no real clinical experience from which to draw from. Just don't quit. When my program started, we filled a large lecure hall, when we finished, we had less than half; alot of people got fed up w/ the shennanigans and didn't come back after the first semester.