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  1. I am almost a year into graduate school for Midwifery and am thinking about switching to FNP. So far I have not taken any classes that are specific to midwifery, so I don't think I'd lose any time by switching but I"m just scared to make the switch. There are not a lot of midwifery jobs available where I live and I had originally hoped to practice at the Indian Hospital and if that didn't work out I was going to try and get a job as a WHNP. I have a friend who just researched FNP as opposed to WHNP and she found out that it was a lot easier to find a job as an FNP. I really love women's health but I don't want to go to school and end up with a large debt for my eduction and no increase in my pay. I start working on classes that are specific to WH in three weeks so I really need to decide about this. Any opinions??
  2. Calzonan RN

    any Frontier applicants out there?

    I'm not sure when she applied, she actually used to work with me and then moved to Florida. I found out from one of the midwives I work with that she was going in June and then I contacted her via facebook. I'll ask her details, I'm curious about when she applied etc. too. Frontier did get my package and I've received an email saying they are reviewing it for the June class. I'm excited/nervous about all of this. I just graduated two years ago and I'm not really looking forward to diving back into the books. I am excited to start learning new things though!! I'll let you know what my friend says...
  3. Calzonan RN

    any Frontier applicants out there?

    I have actually just sent my application for June. I'm hoping to hear back fairly quickly since the deadline for applications was tomorrow. A friend of mine was placed in the June class in December so I'm really excited to see her at Frontier bound. A good friend of mine is just finishing up at Frontier, in fact she's starting clinicals in April. She said when she was at Frontier she asked about how easy/hard it was to get placed and they told her that if you're going for Midwifery and you have all the qualifications, you will get placed. I've been waiting over a year to get started on this, I'm really excited!!!
  4. Calzonan RN

    Online Midwife Programs

    I work in a hospital with a lot of midwives and most of them have been educated through Frontier. It's a great program, I plan on applying for it very soon. Good luck, maybe I'll see you at orientation
  5. Calzonan RN

    Apollo College Associates Degree Program

    I've seen this argument over the years that I've been posting on this board. I personally think Apollo is a waste of money. You caN get an ADN from a CC for around $6000 and if you work it the right way, you won't have the huge wait that most people have. OR you can go to a 4 yr college and get a BSN for around the same cost as Apollo (maybe even less expense). There are ways to get into the 4 yr colleges without a huge wait and you'll have a BSN when you're finished, just one step ahead of everyone else. Where I work they won't hire Apollo grads. People who graduate from Apollo think that it has a good reputation, but it really doesn't. I've asked around (my friend is considering going there) and the consensus among the RN's I work with is that the school really isn't that good. Sure you may be able to pass the NCLEX but as a new hire skills are really important too. JMHO
  6. Calzonan RN

    labor nurse circulating for C-sections

    Where I work we do about 250-350 deliveries a month right now. We circulate for all of our c/s's, scheduled and unscheduled. We have a dedicated scrub tech who sometimes acts as a HUC as well. We always bring in a Neo for the delivery and someone from nursery comes as well to assist the Neo. I love circulating in the OR, I originally wanted to be an OR RN, but discovered L&D while in school and I was hooked. Now I get the best of both worlds.
  7. Calzonan RN

    How long does it take to get your license?

    I took the NCLEX on a Tues, found out through AZBON on Wed morning and had my license by Thurs mail. That was a year and a half ago, my friend took it last summer and it took forever for her to get her license. Congrats on passing the NCLEX!!!
  8. Calzonan RN

    Any one work for Chandler Regional?

    Depends on what area you want to work in. I know a lot of nurses who have had really bad experiences there. Just my
  9. Calzonan RN

    GRE vs. MAT

    My college offered the choice of the GRE or the MAT. I chose the MAT because it was only an hour long. I just didn't have the time to study up on my math or take a class to prep for the GRE or to spend the day testing. I ended up getting a high enough score on the MAT to qualify for the school I'm applying to, so it was a great experience for me. Plus it was easy to set up a date/time to take the test and since I'm restricted on time, this worked out really well. Good luck
  10. Calzonan RN

    Being eaten alive!

    Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I have been in L&D for 2.5 years now, 1.5 years as a new grad nurse and before that a year as an extern. I unfortunately, had a similar situation happen to me, that you've described. I took a job at a new hospital as a new grad and found out that the nurses there were the most cutthroat people I've ever dealt with. They constantly set me up for failure. I too, am an older new nurse. This is a fourth career for me, lol. At that hospital no matter what I did, I could do nothing right. It made me question why I went into nursing and why L&D especially!! A good friend of mine (who posts on here often) gave me some good advice and said she believed this is where my heart really is. She had worked with me while I was an extern and knew that I loved L&D. With very low self-esteem in place I managed to find another hospital. I wasn't sure I'd make it there even. My first week my preceptor worked with me in triage. She asked me a bunch of questions "what would you do if...". I was able to answer all correct and she looked at me and said "you'll do great here". I started crying, I hadn't realized how stressed I'd really been. But she was right. I've been there almost a year and I'm excelling (if I can toot my own horn). I'm even looking into starting on my Masters in midwifery soon. I love it where I'm at now, I'm supported by my peers, the doctors have confidence in me, my managers praise me and my patients get excellent care and a birth experience they'll cherish for a lifetime. Those snooty nasty nurses at the last place I worked at lost a valuable RN in my opinion. So to make a long post short, sometimes where you're at isn't the right fit. For you or them. Maybe you should look into other hospitals in your area that may mesh with your way of doing things. You've got a lot of life experience to draw on, anybody would be lucky to have you working for them.
  11. Calzonan RN

    phoenix nicus

    A friend of mine works in peds at Banner Desert and told me that they just laid off at least 6 nurses from their NICU. Things are getting tight here in the valley. Most hospitals are not hiring new grads. If you have experience, make sure you have a solid job lined up here in the valley before moving. On a side note, Banner has a tendency to overstaff their shifts and call off nurses if not busy. All the people I know who work at Banner are having a hard time even getting their 3 shifts a week. Investigate fully before hiring on, it's not like it was a year or so ago where nurses had their pick of jobs.
  12. Calzonan RN

    Nursing school uniform & supplies? Help

    You'll need a good stethoscope, a lot of people say you can go cheap in NS, but you'll miss a lot if you do. I bought a really good Littman on Allheart.com (or it might be allhearts.com) one of those, and I"m still using it. I can pick up unusual lung and heart sounds pretty easily. You'll probably need just two uniforms, don't worry about the jacket, I never wore mine (it's still brand new) and they let you wear a nice white one anyway (which is a lot softer material). Nice, comfortable shoes (all white, no designs). A watch with a second hand that you can push up on your arm while you wash. As for the books, I wouldn't buy the whole package at school. You'll do a lot better by ordering what you'll need from Barnes and Noble (make sure you join and get the 10% discount), usually they'll ship right to your door for free, it'll save your back!! They were also cheaper than at the on campus book store. Don't think you have to buy every book they have on that list. If money is tight, find out what you NEED for the first semester and get those books. I found that a lot of the books I bought that were required, I never used!! Some essentials are the Med-Surg nursing, Pharm book, Davis drug guide, Mosby's manual of diagnostic and labratory tests, and the best nursing diagnosis book I"ve found ' Ackley/Ladwigs Nursing diagnosis Handbook', which was a lifesaver while writing care plans. Some extras I bought before nursing school were a PDA and software for it. It was a lot of help while at clinicals and saved me from having to carry any books to clinicals. make sure you have a really good alarm clock as well, those clinicals are early!! Can't think of anything more specific right now, just save save save your money. Things come up and you need to have a safety net. The urine test was only about $35, you can get used uniforms at the end of the school semesters from the lab for around $5 each. Enjoy it, learn lots, and welcome to the program
  13. Calzonan RN

    The Sad Truth

    I hate to say it but the 'stimulus package' that the new president is trying to pass will only make things worse. We can't count on it to make things better. A good analogy of it is if you owe $10,000 on credit cards and you borrow $10,000 to pay off those credit cards, you're not only not out of debt, you're further behind than when you started. We're just borrowing against our children and grandchildrens' futures. As for no jobs out there, it is getting pretty bad. The best thing you can do is to try and find any job and then hope in 6 mo or so you can transfer to a different area internally. Jobs that are opening up are getting filled by experienced nurses, or are filled internally. I"ve been trying to get a friend of mine a job at the hospital I work at for over 6 months with no luck. I TG everytime I go to work because I'm making great money, love my job, and love the people I work with. I'll do everything in my power to keep my job right now...no complaints here.
  14. Calzonan RN

    How are local hospital's are doing

    It's not all bad everywhere. Where I work I"m still picking up at least one extra shift a week, and they're still paying double time for it. We've been unusually busy lately, and this is usually OUR slow season. Summer L&D is really busy, but during the holidays it typically slows down. Not so right now, we're doing about the same number of births as we did during the summer. Last summer was slower than '07 though, probably due to the E-verify program, that's what's been speculated at least, but we're busy enough to keep all of us working. We have a new grad who was just hired, but she's externed in our dept for a year now. Flexibility is the key as a new grad. You may not get the area you want at this time, but just get your foot in the door. Once you prove yourself it's easier to move to a dept you really want. Hospitals like to keep their good employees. As a student if you can find an extern position somewhere it'll be easier to get hired once you graduate. Good luck,
  15. Calzonan RN

    Everything I do is wrong!

    I was in exactly the same situation 7 months ago. When I had originally started my orientation I thought my preceptor was great, friendly, a really nice person. By the end of it I would cry every morning on my way home. I could do nothing right, I would work my a** off all night long and she would mention the one thing I forgot "you were 15 minutes late on a temp". She got to the point where she was downright hostile towards me and would sit around with little sticky notes making notes about what I was doing wrong. They ended up extending my orientation (my preceptor never mentioned it to me I had to find out from my manager) and when I finally met with my manager about it she was just rude and condescending to me when she had always been friendly. I didn't get it at the time, but I just didn't pass their 'tests' and so there was no way I'd ever make it. I've come to find out that this unit has a horrible reputation as being hugely clicky and rude. They never even fired me, the manager just never scheduled me for another shift and never even called me. Looking back this was the best thing that could've happened to me. I found a job at another hospital, in L&D. I was a little nervous, my confidence was at an all time low. My first couple of days of orientation my preceptor asked me a bunch of questions about what would you do if... what does this mean... would you do this. I answered everything correct and she told me that even some of the experienced nurses would've answered some of those questions wrong. She looked at me and said "yeah, you'll do just fine here". It was such a relief I started crying. I really thought I would never be able to work in L&D, but now I'm at a hospital where they're supportive of me, they don't mind my questions and in fact, encourage them. I've been able to switch to a 36 hr/wk pool position (which wasn't offered at my last hospital) I"m able to pick up extra shifts if I want to. I've found that at some hospitals L&D nurses are not only competetive, they are just mean and nasty. It may not be you, it may just be the nurses you're working with. If they feel like you won't make it (for their standards or for their personal reasons) they'll cut you from the herd and feed you to the wolves. Find a hospital where you're appreciated and where you don't have to leave crying everyday, life is too short to work in that environment. Take care and keep us updated,
  16. Calzonan RN

    Who's Hiring New Grads?

    Really, you should've started looking in Aug/Sept if you were due to graduate in December. Most of the new grad (Dec) slots are filled up by the beginning of November at the latest. I graduated last December and some of my classmates chose to wait until they graduated to start looking, they were still looking for a job in April. One of the best kept secrets here in Phoenix is this...yes, there is a nursing shortage, but there is NOT a new grad shortage. It's tough competition out there and if you want a specialty field you have to be very aggressive and set yourself up for a job in that specialty by externing or doing your preceptorship in that area at the hospital you want to work at (except they may not have any openings or they may not hire new grads, but sometimes they do). Hospitals only allocate a very few amount of new grad slots, some of which are taken by their new grad employees or by the fellowship participants. Just keep on applying, call the manager personally if you haven't received a response, a lot of times it seems like HR doesn't even forward applications. You may have to take a job in med-surg and then wait 6 months and try to internally transfer to another area. Try applying at the larger teaching hospitals, I know Good Sam and St. Joes hire a lot of new grads. Good luck,