What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 69

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   Reno1978
    Quote from RNnTraining1973
    I almost ended up Timber Wolff, Winter Wolff, or Summer Wolff.
    That made me chuckle! I actually have cousins named Blue Wolfe and Grey Wolfe...when my other aunt was pregnant with her daughter, she was planning on naming her Timber, but I think my grandmother raised hell about it and that plan was scrapped.

  2. by   sanctuary
    She is not a baby any longer, but I know a woman named Donning Horizon.
  3. by   Blondielox
    This is actually kind of cute, My neighbors daughter works at SeaWorld and named her twin baby boys Gilbert and Finnegan, "Fin & Gil", for short-hehe.
  4. by   LaNICUnurse
    Quote from rn/writer
    And now for the most outrageous one I can think of. Drum roll, please. I remember a messed up adolescent psych patient whose first name was Crystal and whose middle name was--I kid you not--Meth. Need I say more.

    LOL, I think this one tops them all. Well, like someone else said, she doesn't have to use her whole name. Crystal isn't so bad, or unusual. :roll
  5. by   RN@10,000ft
    I used to work for a man named Richard Wacker and he honestly went by Dick (I'll let you put the 2 together).
  6. by   Jamesdotter
    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    One of my best guy friends in college had a girlfriend named Ophelia Dick. Her sister was Tabitha, and got about as much teasing (kids would call her To Bite The Dick). Personally, I'd have changed my name in either case.
    My first thought was that people would get over teasing her about her name as they matured, and then I remembered that in nursing school we had an instructor named "Miss Orwig". The students called her "Earwig". She knew it, of course. Living with that name, she had to have heard it many times!
  7. by   Iwannabeababynurse
    the weirdest name that i've heard and it wasn't from a patient was january surprise.
  8. by   MiRnSoon
    Cash Monae, if that doesn't predestine a child to become a stripper I don't know what would.
  9. by   redwinggirlie
    Poor newborn little girl in Arizona oh, about 21 years ago...
    Champane Belcher.
    What were they thinking?
  10. by   ukstudent
    Brother and sister, Precious (boy) and Princess (girl). Also a different family named there baby girl K (first name) C (middle name). Called her casey.
  11. by   shebbie
    Cara Vann And Mini Vann

    Siblings, We Talked Mom Out Of Chevy Vann
  12. by   magz53
    Too many weird names to remember...........there have been several Harley Davidsons, Penny Candy, Memphis, Summer Storm.......I wish I could remember them all. Poor things. Mostly teenagers trying to shock people I suspect.
  13. by   Kis4KittyRN
    Back in my hometown, here in the U.S., there was a man named Donald Duck. You guessed it: he and his wife had three sons and a daughter. The boys' names were Huey, Duey, and Luey. And the girl's name was Daffy. Obviously, the man didn't mind his name but I have to wonder about his wife. She either didn't mind the names or didn't have the courage or guts to say "NO!"

    My aunt whose name was Mary married a Charles Lamb. When their baby girl was born, there was a big write-up in the paper that Mary had a little lamb. I personally thought that was cute. But not the names of the Ducks!