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MamaTheNurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in M/S, OB, Ortho, ICU, Diabetes, QA/PI.

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  1. MamaTheNurse

    NSQIP Clinical Nurse Reviewer

    wow - I can't believe this thread is back in circulation!! where has the time gone?? gigisark, I am no longer a NSQIP SCNR - I worked as such for a little over a year and then went to work for the collaborative that was started in our state (Michigan) to bring together all of the hospitals who do NSQIP - so, although I am not an SCNR any more, I am still involved with the program both at the state and national level.... however, when I was an SCNR, I did like my position very much - lots of automony and the opportunity to do some really good QI work - I enjoyed it so much so that, before I took the position where I am now, we were moving to a different community and I was planning on keeping my SCNR job although the move would have added at least another hour to my round-trip commute (which was already 1 1/2 hrs round-trip) a word of warning, though, - over the years, I've found that, through my interactions with many SCNR's, how much you enjoy your position is directly proportional to the amount of support that you receive as an SCNR, from your hospital (in terms of resources allocated by your hospital, the understanding & appreciation of the program by your direct supervisor, IT support, cooperation from your Surgeon Champion, the surgeons and their office staff, etc.) - I had a ton of support from the senior leadership at my hospital, my boss was great and my Surgeon Champion was (and still is) awesome and made sure that I got what I needed from the surgeon side of things and that made a big difference but every hospital is different - I don't mean to sound grim - most of the SCNR's I know love their job but I know some who don't....... hope this helps...........
  2. MamaTheNurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My husband's (deceased) grandmother always told the family that when naming a baby, you should first imagine what it would look like on a name plate sitting on the desk of a banker or some-such occupation and take it from there - I think if I ever went to get a loan from someone who had a name plate with "The Other" on it, I might think twice!!!!!! BTW, even though she was long gone before we had our kids, we like to think that Grandma was nodding in approval when we named our kids - tee hee!
  3. MamaTheNurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    yup - my dad is one of 9 french-canadians and the 6 boys have "Joseph" as one of their middle-names and the 3 girls have "Marie"............
  4. MamaTheNurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    is she from Quebec? can't say that sounds appetizing to me - I've never been a big fan of poutine (I'm from Canada) although I have friends who claim that it's the best remedy for a hangover (I've always had good success with the rapid ingestion of Harvey's cheeseburgers - yum - with an ENO chaser........)
  5. MamaTheNurse

    phone calls no outsider would believe

    when I worked OB, on stormy nights, we used to take special care double-checking all the birthing rooms to make sure they were all stocked up appropriately (especially our "precipitous delivery" kits) because we were guaranteed to be running all night with deliveries - we had one of our FP docs have her water break at 35 weeks (textbook pregnancy up until then) and she and her also FP doc husband came in - he was like "Wow, I can't believe her water broke!" - she was like "Dumbass, how hard was it raining on the way here?" - guess she believed it too!! speaking of full moons - ask anyone who works LTC with dementia patients, ED or in law-enforcement about how busy they are...............
  6. MamaTheNurse

    Do You Have Any Favorite OB Myths?

    what a funny thread!! I can't count how many of these I heard from patients over the years - I don't know which ones that my family believe in because fortunately, both my mother and mil are afraid of me and would have never tried to give me the benefit of their "wisdom" for fear of receiving the sharp side of my "knowledgeable" tongue - tee hee........ I have 2 boys, healthy as horses - I worked 12 hr night shifts in OB right up until 40 weeks - I never had one single day of morning sickness either time - I delivered one the day after my due date and the other one was 4 days post-dates - I carried both of them so low down that I didn't look pregnant from behind because I still had a definite waistline and no change to my hips or butt - and, sorry to be so personal, but I know exactly when I conceived each kidlet and know for a fact that I DIDN'T have an orgasm either time (quite honestly, we were struggling with fertility issues, fertility drugs, ovulation-prediction kits, etc. and I was so stressed that I really couldn't relax and have fun!!!) so........some of these myths applied to me and some not.............. I flew 8 hrs overseas when I was 24 weeks along with my oldest and I had people ask me if I was worried that the pressurised (sp?) air in the cabin of the plane would cause my water to break - has anyone heard that one?
  7. MamaTheNurse

    a day in the life of a rheumatology NP

    hey all is anyone out there an NP in a rheumatology practice? if so, can you tell me what you do in a typical day? also, please let me know if you/your practice specializes in any specific rheumatological disease (eg. RA, osteop., lupus, etc.) thanks MamaTheNurse
  8. MamaTheNurse

    Funniest thing a new nurse said/charted/asked...

    my first year out of nursing school, I had a surgical patient who seemed to always be sleeping when his wife came in to visit (I think he wanted some peace and quiet because she was quite the talker) - one day, she commented that he seemed to be sleeping alot so I reassured her by announcing in a cheerful voice "Yes, but he's easily aroused!" - the supposedly sleeping patient laughed out loud then opened his eyes - he said "Hey, I thought that was our little secret!" and winked at me..............
  9. MamaTheNurse

    phone calls no outsider would believe

    I've finally stopped laughing long enough to be able to post! When I worked in OB, I had someone call and was masturbating to the answers that I was giving them about breast-feeding questions - the situation didn't actually get weird and suspicious until they asked if I had ever breast-fed a baby - I currently had a 4 month old that I was nursing and, unfortunately, I was sort of punchy (it was 3 am and I didn't tolerate nights that well) and answered yes - their breathing got harder and faster and I could hear lots of rustling and such (it was actually a woman) and I said I was going to hang up and they said "No, not yet, I'm not there yet..." - I blurted out "What the heck are you doing?" - they managed to answer between pants "What do you think?" - then, I hung up....... Calls that late at night had to be patched through the ER since we didn't have a 24 hr switchboard operator (little rural 90-bed hospital) so I had to call ER and tell them the story so they could screen the calls - I made their night................ my least favourite calls were when people called OB and asked for a certain patient - when we said there was no one in our unit by that name, they would always say "Oh, I called her house and she isn't there and since she's due pretty soon, I just thought I'd see if she was there having her baby" - I worked with someone who used to ask if they were going to call the grocery store or K-Mart since those were also possible hiding spots...... also had a patient's (in)significant other call and tell us that they were coming in because she was contracting, blah, blah, blah, and she was dilated to 4 cm - she came in and really was in labour and was actually dilated to 4 cm - then, I remembered to ask the guy how they knew how much she was dilated - he held up 2 grimy fingers with nasty long and very dirty fingernails and announced (with great pride) "I checked her myself!" eeeeeewwwwwww........................................
  10. MamaTheNurse

    Think I could get fired for this.....

    I find this part of the original post very interesting - personally, I wouldn't be thrilled to be pulled to be a CNA (making my normal $$ would sweeten the pot, however ) but I would do it - I would also expect that ALL of the LPN's take turns - did they really tell you that you are used because of your prior CNA experience? That's not fair - is that legal for them to actually tell you that's why you get the short end of the stick just because you were an aide in a previous life instead of something else? Can anyone else answer as to the possible legalities - could that be construed as some distorted kind of discrimination?
  11. MamaTheNurse

    Genex Services - does anyone work for them?

    sorry to not reply sooner - no, I didn't even apply..................
  12. MamaTheNurse

    Name that part. Words patients use for their own anatomy.

    isn't that a word for female parts found in the Kama Sutra?
  13. MamaTheNurse

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I wonder how that last name is pronounced? hmmmmmm...........
  14. MamaTheNurse

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    wow - that's cool...................
  15. MamaTheNurse

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    there is a 5 day novena that you can do that involves St Therese "The Little Flower" - among other things, you say a little prayer that asks for her to "please pick a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love" and for her to ask God to grant your favour (whatever it is - it can be anything) - I've done it countless times and have had many requests granted - the roses have appeared to me in some really strange situations - just to make sure I'm not seeing what I think I want to see, in my request, I usually specify a certain colour of rose and I get chills when I "get my sign" (as my mother calls it) but I know things are going to go my way............. ok - enough about me - carry on with the stories..............
  16. MamaTheNurse

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Brrrrrr...... When I regained consciousness, I probably would have had to change my pants, if you know what I mean.........