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  1. Study Groups

    Hi all, My A&P class wants to get together to study outside of class. What format does your study group use? Do you sit and ask each other questions or what? I have never been part of a study group before and do not know what to expect. Thanks...
  2. This is Too weird...

    What is NOK?
  3. CNA I Training

    The nurse aide course enables you to take the test to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) in NC.
  4. You know your pt is a jerk if........

    I was putting in a cath on a post op patient that could not void. I got the catheter in and the guy says, "Ahhhh, you have majic hands"
  5. You know your pt is a jerk if........

    I had a 63 yo male tell his nurse that he knew that I wanted to do an EKG on him just b/c all I wanted to do was see his body!!! Yeah right!!
  6. LPN programs in the Charlotte area

    There are 2 places you can go, one is South Piedmont Community College and the other is ECPI. As far as the job responsibilities go I know that LPNs cannot give blood or push certain drugs, there are other differences, I don't know exactly what the...
  7. Couldnt put in a foley!!

    On some patients if you will lay the catheter on your upside down index finger (holding it with your thumb) and insert it while pushing upwards a little it helps to guide it into place.
  8. Stop Foreign Nurses

    The issue I see with foreign people coming over to our country (at least with the hispanic population) is that some of them are bilingual and that is a big plus for them seeing as many who come here do not learn the language and our higher ups someho...
  9. Frustrated with Drs ordering un needed test.

    I can see both sides of the coin. My husband died b/c his Dr. did not pick up that he was in early stages of heart failure. On the other hand I work in the ER and see it first hand every day, people who probably do not need it are given CT's (we do...
  10. cna's doing dressings??

    In NC we can go to school to become a CNA II (2). It takes @ 8 weeks for the course and we are taught to put in Foleys , Straight Cath, oral Suctioning and trach suctioning, Do tube feedings, priming tubing and to change sterile and non sterile dres...
  11. masks

    I participated in fit testing this past week and had no one complain about this. We use masks made by 3M.
  12. What is your unit's Uniform Policy

    It is so funny that you say that (about the red and black scrubs) because where I work we wear solid red scrub tops and black scrub bottoms. They look ok, at first we did not want red because we thought it would make mad people madder but we get comp...
  13. ER Aides

    I work in the ER and love it. We do such a variety of things and the things we see are amazing. I get to help the docs with procedures (pelvics, casting, stitching etc.) At our ER we can do splints, clean the rooms (make the bed, clean up trash), ...
  14. The Things Patients Say & Think....Oh My!

    I had a neighbor tell my mother that her dying daughter was on "100% oxygen!". I Wanted to tell her that oxygen that comes out of the tank is 100% oxygen, it is the number of liters they are on that varies..... (unless there is something that I do n...
  15. ER- HELP: Dumbest reason people go to ER

    Constipation......I will admit there are cases where it is a bonifide visit (rarely) but most of the time, just OMG, would you go to an ER for someone to either give you an enema or to dig you out?