What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 206

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   Gerlich8
    "La-a" was the name and it was pronounced la-dash-a. Yeah that's right. The "dash" is not silent.
  2. by   33-weeker
    This is from the 'instructions on completing a birth certificate' in Texas:

    "1. Child's Name
    First Name: Enter the infant's first name. If the parents have not selected a given name for the
    infant, enter "Infant." Do not enter the last name of the mother as the child's first name. Do not leave
    this item blank.

    Middle Name: Enter the infant's middle name, and any names other than First and Last. If there is no
    middle name, leave this item blank; do not enter NMI, NMN, etc.

    Last Name: Enter the infant's last name. The child's last name does not have to be the same as either
    [emphasis mine] Also enter any suffixes following the last name.

    ' No numerical names, obscenities, or non-alphabetic characters are permitted. [emphasis mine]Parents may name the infant any name they desire as long as it will fit in the space provided on the
    certificate. The entry may be "double-decked" if necessary. The parent(s) do not have to give
    the child their surname; for instance John Jones and Mary Brown, husband and wife, may
    name their child Tommy Green, Jr. A mother may give her child a supposed father's name
    without his name appearing on the birth certificate as the father. A last name may be
    hyphenated, as in Jones-Brown."
  3. by   rolisont
    Shadaquiri she named him after the drink she was drinking when she got pregnant, a strawberry daquiri.
  4. by   rolisont
    ok i wont
  5. by   ckonicek
    twins, lemonjello and orangejello

    also, my friend who worked in OB in NYC had someone name their daughter shithead (pronounced chitheed)
  6. by   kdrntx1
    Grandparents reported their new granddaughters name pronounced "Ab-see-dee", but spelled ABCDE. Not kidding.
  7. by   Jbug
    How about naming your daughter "Swastika"? Nice huh?
  8. by   RetRN77
    Ugh - hopefully that mom is only ignorant and not truly neo-nazi.
  9. by   mercuryrawks
    I worked with a girl who was named Godis and her middle name was Good. So her name was God is Good. Her cousin--who was born 3 days later, was named Iamme. I am me. Godis was also very stunning and gorgeous, so when guys would try and flirt with her it always came back to "yeah God IS good!". Or "Your mama shoulda just named you Goddess!"

    I guess they were good reminders to have through out life?
  10. by   JenTheRN
    Maybe it's the coffe talking, but I think Godis and Iamme are cute!
  11. by   sweet_b
    I had a pt in the hospital whose name was Sequoia Wood (first and middle)
  12. by   Angelfire3
    I knew a man who named his daughter Mishell Johnetta. When I was doing my CMA clinical I had a patient with an African name. I could NOT pronounce his name b/c there were NO vowels. It was all consonants. It started with a "Y" and ended with a "Z." The boys name had 15 letters.
  13. by   bpedsrn
    Had a new born named Tequilla Sunrise. You could figure the rest out...ref conception