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  1. AssociateDegree

    Chamberlain, Tri-C, Bryant & Stratton?

    I suggest that you go to the Ohio Board of Nursing website and look at NCLEX passage rates for the three schools.
  2. AssociateDegree

    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    I'm not going to CSU, but if your screen name is your real name, you need to change that ASAP. Just an internet safety tip.
  3. This page may answer your question. Exam Day | NCSBN Look at what it says under "Special Research Section."
  4. One thing you might want to check out is how the MIECHV job is funded. If it's a grant-funded position, I would not leave your current job, given that you are still in a new grad residency program. Grants expire and may not get re-funded. This has happened a number of times where I live (Ohio), specifically in maternal/infant home visit programs. If you lose the PH position and don't have a lot of hospital experience, it could be difficult to get hired in the future. Just my 2 cents...
  5. AssociateDegree

    I want to get in to an RN program but have no clue where to start

    Pima appears to be a community college, so your OP confuses me. Are you ineligible to take prerequisite courses because you need to take developmental education courses first? If so, go to the Academic Counseling Department at Pima and ask them to tell you where you need to go to take those. (I am from a different state, but community colleges here in Ohio offer developmental courses to get students ready for prerequisite courses.) In addition, they should be able to assign you to a mentor who can help you navigate your way through all of the ins-and-outs of college admission. You may even be eligible for support through programs made for first-generation college attendees, veterans, homemakers returning to college, second career students, minority students, etc. Under no circumstances should you be so eager to go to nursing school that you get involved with a for-profit school, which will cost much more money, may not meet your needs at this point, and may make it difficult to transfer credits later on.
  6. AssociateDegree

    lorain county community college nursing

    The programs are comparable. If you aren't doing well at Tri-C, you may not do well at LCCC. They use NCLEX-style questions, too. Before you go and jump ship, have you seen the nursing tutors? Have you taken a learning inventory to find out your learning style (and what study methods would work best for you)? Where is your cell phone while you are studying? You say that you are studying 8 hours/day, but if you aren't studying effectively and have constant disruptions, 8 hours is meaningless. Plus, no one can sit in one place and study for 8 hours solid. Are you studying in chunks and getting up and moving around? That's important, also. How much are you working? Can you work less hours? Do you have family support? Is a RN program right for you or would you do better starting off as a LPN and going back for more training? A lot of things go into being successful in nursing school.
  7. AssociateDegree

    Looking for FNP to shadow

    I'm in a different state, but the pharmacy-based clinics (such as CVS MinuteClinic) here use FNPs. Maybe you could shadow one of them? Also, if there are FNP programs near you, call them up and ask if they can help you locate an alumnus to shadow.
  8. AssociateDegree

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    If your name truly is "A. Ramos," you need to change your screen name, especially if you are posting comments about hospitals that could be construed as negative. And, "nszucs," the same goes for you. Your screen name is dangerously close to your real name.
  9. AssociateDegree

    Students for Fall 2014 Tri-C program?

    Go to Background check information for Tri-C Health Career programs: Cleveland OH and scroll down until you see the "Program Specific BCI Information" area for Nursing. Click on that and read the document. If you are still confused, call the Division of Nursing and ask to speak to the Program Manager for the first semester.
  10. AssociateDegree

    I'm in tears--to accept or decline?

    I would decline for all of the reasons the previous posters have given you, but also for an additional one: it may put your school's accreditation at risk. If you are teaching in any way, shape, or form, you would be considered as "faculty" by the accrediting body and do not have the credential to teach (given that you are a student) nursing students at this time. It would be one thing if you were just casually helping another student in lab, but if this involves preparation and grading assignments, it puts you in the role of faculty.
  11. AssociateDegree

    Tri-C Clinical sites

    Moderators: Please move this to the Ohio forum.
  12. AssociateDegree

    Best route to get into mother/baby

    Sent you a PM.
  13. AssociateDegree

    Living on the Ohio Border: NCLEX & Ohio BON

    It is my understanding that you'd have to declare Kentucky as your primary state of residence in order to be eligible for a multistate license through compact licensure.
  14. AssociateDegree

    About applying to Tri-C...

    Samantha, You aren't getting the answers you need because you aren't asking the right people. It's not your fault; it's just that there are only certain people in Counseling who understand the admission process. May I make a suggestion? Call the Nursing Division directly or come to their office at Metro campus and ask your questions in person. I would give you specific names of people to touch base with, but Allnurses doesn't allow me to do that in postings. If you are able to send personal messages, PM me and I can tell you who to contact. Tri-C does not have a waiting list because we have rolling admissions and fill spots as students become eligible for admission. As of a couple of days ago, the last time I checked, there were still spots for Fall 2016.
  15. AssociateDegree

    ADN worth it in the Cleveland market?

    While I respect LPNs, the current situation is that hospitals are not hiring LPNs, are requiring them to become RNs as a condition of continuing employment, or are demoting their LPNs to PCNA status/pay if they do not become RNs. Besides, being an LPN is a almost a guarantee that you'll work in LTC, at least initially. If you can afford the money and time (and you are NOT old, no matter what you think!), go for your BSN right from the start. If you can't afford either or both, become an ADN, but with the knowledge that you'll have to go back to school soon after graduation. This is how things are in the CLE market. One more thing: ADNs definitely get hired by local hospitals, especially CCF. The job scene for new grads is loosening up. It was hard for new grads to get jobs after 2008, when the economy tanked and nurses who were near-ready to leave nursing decided to stay for financial reasons. Those nurses are 7 years older and ready to leave nursing now, plus the economy has improved in some areas.
  16. AssociateDegree

    RN seeking PRN/PT Day work new to NEO

    Contact the Cleveland Clinic. Their website indicates that they may still have flexible shifts.