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katieusa has 6 years experience and specializes in med/surg, ob/gyn, CM.

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  1. katieusa

    I'm an apple.

    What brands would you suggest?..i know popular does not always mean high quality.
  2. katieusa

    I'm an apple.

    Those are really cute! Thanks a bunch.
  3. katieusa

    More attractive grads have better chances of getting hired?

    One advertised position in our area required a photo with the resume and stated that if you wouldn't send a picture then do not send a resume. I thought that was very weird. However, being desperate, I sent it anyway. And since I am of average looks, I am not at all surprised that I was never contacted for an interview:o.
  4. katieusa

    I'm an apple.

    This is not in response to "can a fat nurse be a good nurse", but it did get me thinking. I am a true apple shape: thick in the middle, thin arms and legs. I still want to look professional in my scrubs but don't know what is the best style..should I wear a lab coat or not, shirt in or out, style of pants, etc. Maybe some of you were a stylist in a former life and could offer some recommendations about styles, particular brands, or suggestions other than a tummy tuck. (I am working on the diet part but that doesn't help me for right now .)
  5. katieusa

    Finding an RN job

    How right you are, Esme.
  6. katieusa

    Finding an RN job

    After searching and applying online for over 7 months, I finally started pounding the pavement the old fashioned way. And had 2 interviews within 3 days and have a follow up interview for one of those today. So I would recommend to everyone to get out and knock on doors and meet real people...maybe they will start to notice you.
  7. katieusa

    Discrimination Against Relocaters

    Take it from a small town girl (pop 5,000)...we are a nosy bunch. We all know each other and we know everybody elses business. And if we don't know, we make something up. We ask what we want to know. The boundaries are a little blurry (or a LOT blurry). You can open up and let them in and share your goals..that's what they do with each other, or you can do your time and move on. All you owe them is a good days work for good days pay. It may be hard to get used to but if you open up and share some of yourself they will actually trust you more. They want to know you and your business like they know each others. Thats why all the questions come your way. If you look at it in our kinda twisted small town way, its actually a compliment.
  8. katieusa

    Question About Abortion

    Oh dear God! So heartbreaking.
  9. katieusa

    70 year old mom

    Having a baby at 37 sucked the life out of me...I cannot imagine this!!!
  10. katieusa

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    I know a Dick Long and Fanny Butts (not her maiden name, so she took this one on by choice!)
  11. katieusa

    Not allowed to SIT during 12 hour shift and MORE

    Not the same place then, :). I did leave that job, however. It is such a shame because it was a great place to work until HCAHPS and everything is what the patient "perceives" (even though they are sick and drugged most of the time!!!). I am currently at a hospital that works on perception but goes about it in a totally different way, that doesn't make the employee feel like the enemy. If the employees are being mistreated to supposedly get better HCAHP scores, then that hospital is all about the money and not about the relationships. Better off leaving that behind...because sometimes the grass really is greener.
  12. katieusa

    DONE with interviews and indecision - it's depressing

    I have been an RN for 5+ years. After moving with my family last year, I have applied for countless jobs (even out of the medical field)...after 9 months finally got a prn that I don't even like, but I have to help suppport my family. It feels awful to start a job, dreading it from day one, with no idea how many hours I will get to work. I am thankful to get a few hours, but also feel so trapped!!!
  13. katieusa

    Cytotec for PP hemorrhage

    Our docs give it PR.
  14. From my experience, I would have benefited most from working in the city in a big ER or in Labor and Delivery. These are the two areas that require the most specialized knowledge and being ahead on one of these areas would be a great help starting in a rural setting.
  15. katieusa

    REALLY bad hair day

    No, I have not found out what it was, although I still have nightmares about it getting on me! Sometimes, when I go in that same room to see a patient, I think I can still smell it...yikes. The links posted both had some similarities, although the terrible stench cannot be conveyed online..and aren't you glad?!?!
  16. I am relocating with my family to Madison from south Alabama and need a job ASAP. The majority of my experience is as a staff nurse with OB/GYN (including antepartum and postpartum) and general med/surg unit at a pretty large hospital. I also have about a year experience at a rural hospital where I worked med/surg including pediatrics thru geriatrics, in-patient hospice, swing bed, nursery, labor and delivery. I have PALS and NRP certification. Does anybody have any knowledge of jobs available in the area that might not be posted? I am interested in working hospice, outpatient surgical, or w & c area. I am aware of jobs with HH and Crestwood and I am applying online. Need a day shift job. Prn, part-time, or full-time. Any advise will be appreciated.