What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby? - page 169

Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   lainith
    At different times in my life I went to school with the following: Crystal and Shanda Leer, Mercedes Rolling, Tekkila (Pronounced like "Tequila"), and a Shevi (Like "Chevy"). My younger brother had a Mercedes Carr. My best friend's aunt works for the DMV here and had to call the other day to let us know that she did the license for a freshly-16-years-of-age "Tooth Fairy"... Have seen young kiddos in friends' kids' classrooms with names like Precious, Lovely, Beautiful, Lacy, Silkk, Sateen, Cadillac, etc. And a friend at work named her twin girls Grace Hope and Faith Love.
  2. by   lainith
    Oh man how could I FORGET?? My own step-brother... first name Jon middle name Wayne. And my mom and step dad each have the first name of someone on Roseanne and the last name Conner. *blinks*
  3. by   Daysleeper
    Oh yeah--best one I think I've ever heard. My niece has a girl in her school whose name is Deja Pugh. I am drop dead serious. Can you imagine naming your kid that?!
  4. by   jlyounginn
    My exboyfriends name was Paul. Which is cool except that the rest of his siblings were Matthew Morgan Madison and Michelle and his parents were Mitch and Moira. I just thought it was kinda mean. He wasn't even the youngest or oldest he was smack in the middle. So he went by Mike.
  5. by   *MommyWifeStudent*
    not a nurse yet, but had an antepartum tell me she was naming her some Demetrius because it reminded her of all the talk about her endomETRIOUS... =)) (She had an issue with her endometrial lining conceiving LMAO!
  6. by   MystyqueOne
    Quote from merilynjc
    As a nurse as a poison center a few years ago, we had a call from a mother who said her child's name was (it sounded like) "Shi-theed". She was asked to spell it for the record, and mom spelled "S-h-i-t-h-e-a-d". What a way to go through life...
    You are the second person so far to have said this. I'm sure "sh*thead" is surely a myth! Crazy! But we never know!
  7. by   Sun_danc3rRN
    Quote from canoehead
    Mahogany Love

    The product of a teen pregnancy with a really mushy dramatic mom.
    Geez...even though I was a very young teen parent(15 when I delivered) I managed to think about my child's future and how his name would measure up as he became an adult..his name is Michael Patrick. I think I did a good job
  8. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from sun_danc3r
    geez...even though i was a very young teen parent(15 when i delivered) i managed to think about my child's future and how his name would measure up as he became an adult..his name is michael patrick. i think i did a good job :d
    you did a great job!

  9. by   sharpeimom
    i just had an email from my social worker cousin. a woman her caseload had a baby and named her for her two grandmothers... <tada> feather louise! do we have another pole dancer in training?

  10. by   island40
    I was told by an ER RN during school that she once had a couple name their kid Kitchen Sink Smith because that is where he came into the world. That was 20 years ago and I hope he has since been able to legally change it- like Prince did!!
  11. by   Anisettes
    I had a patient years ago and he was an older man (early 70's) and his first name was Ghoul - now I realize he was older, but I can't imagine the name 'Ghoul' being in vogue in ANY generation.
  12. by   psalm
    WAs reading the paper today and saw siblings named Phoenix,Thunder, and Fauna, two boys and a girl.
  13. by   shugrr22107NA

    No kidding...LOL, takes all kinds I guess