Video cameras banned in L&D

  1. The hospital where I work recently banned videotaping in the labor & delivery suite. There's a big sign on the entrance door to the unit.

    The technician who told me about it believed that the doctors are afraid of being sued and they don't want the evidence on tape. I respectfully disagreed and said it's probably because the video crew gets in the way, or the support person can't give support because they're waving that camera around, or the woman doesn't want to be taped and the person does it anyway, or whatever.

    I could see taping the birth if, say, the dad is in Iraq. I have also heard of people who taped the birth and showed it to all their visitors for years afterwards and then wondered why their friends stopped coming around.

    What are your policies and opinions on this? I'm curious.
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Our only rule is that you can't film the whole nursery, the nurses have to be asked before they themselves wind up on the tape, and no filming in the hallways.
  4. by   LDRNMOMMY
    No still pictures or video from the time pushing starts until the baby is out for a delivery where NICU is not involved. If NICU is involved then not until NICU gives permission to takes pictures or video. All staff should be asked permission to be phtographed/filmed.

    I once had a fob (father of baby) holding a camera that he swears wasn't turned on when pushing was started. I reminded him of our policy, and he started to argue with me that the camera wasn't on. There was a light illuminated on the camera. The Dr got really mad and I swear he was going to rip the camera out of his hand and throw it out the window.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    They are not allowed during deliveries in our hospital, either. Liablity issues.
  6. by   emllpn2006
    At our hospital they are allowed during delivery but once pushing starts they are only allowed to be on a tripod (no fathers holding them) and can only film from the chst up. No baby comming out shots. The baby is only allowed to be filmed once it is cleaned off wrapped and laying on the mothers chest or someone other than staff in the room is holding it. In the nursery anything is allowed to be filmed. We as nursing students on slow days were even allowed to get the video camera or regular camera from the family with the babys parents permission and film the first bath and diaper change inside the nursery. That way the video would pick up the babys crys and it got close up shots instead of through the nursery window.
  7. by   mitchsmom
    No videos of actual delivery for us, either.
  8. by   HappyNurse2005
    i think that in theory they aren't allowed during actual delivery, but think that might also depend on teh doc, b/c i remember a delivery being recorded the other day. This particular parent also video'd teh name badges of the 2 nursery nurses and 3 labor nurses so they'd remember everyone's names.
  9. by   rpbear
    No filming or pictures of labor or delivery, not until baby is stable and we give the OK for filming and pictures. No cameras of any kind in the OR. These are changes as of a few years ago, liability is the reason we were given also.
  10. by   bagladyrn
    I want to come work on some of your units as I HATE being videotaped and no one ever asks my permission before filming me doing my job!
  11. by   Mrs.S
    Quote from bagladyrn
    I want to come work on some of your units as I HATE being videotaped and no one ever asks my permission before filming me doing my job!
    the other day I was wondering out loud to a dad how many people's home movies I must be in by now. the only thing we don't allow where I work is videocameras in the OR. we get a lot of dads filming baby's first bath. it's cool by me though.
  12. by   Mimi2RN
    We used to allow video cameras at deliveries, but that changed several years ago. Now they have to wait till the baby is out and the OB or RN with the baby says it's OK.

    I went to a c/s years ago, baby tried to be a dead baby, had to bag and do chest compressions. During that, the SO came around with the video camera, didn't realize we had a problem. Very disruptive, having a camera at my shoulder! I turned to her and said "Not right now". The circulating nurse then dealt with her. She had no clue that we had a problem. Luckily, baby decided to behave, and we let her come back to the warmer.

    I was happy when management decided to restrict the use of cameras at deliveries. I've seen family members taking photos of mom with her legs spread apart, and the baby not even crowning! Tacky, tacky!
  13. by   rn/writer
    Just filmed dd #3 giving birth to her second child. No objections or limitations from anyone. I did try to be discreet with camera angles, but that was my choice, dot a directive from the staff.
  14. by   babyktchr
    We don't allow video anymore...which is just fine with me. I would rather not have pictures either, at least until the baby is out and stable. Recently had an episode where one family member had not one..not two but FIVE cameras that she was going to take pictures with. It ends up that it is a horrific delivery (the cord snapped when the midwife was reducing a LOOSE nuchal) and the baby ended up having to be resuscitated. I told the camera person she could not take pictures until I told her she could. woulda thought I asked her to peel her skin off. As I am bagging the baby, she meanly asks..."CAN I TAKE PICTURES NOW???" now. A day later I am in my manager's office being asked WHY I didn't allow pictures??...that the family was upset that I didn't let them take pictures??....and that maybe I should go apologize?? I won't apologize. Quick thinking and skill saved your baby...sorry you didn't have a kodak moment. Unfortunately..the only thing the family remembered is that they didn't get pictures till the baby came out of transitional nursery. And because of Mr. Press and Mr. Ganey...I will only be remembered for that fact only. (sorry..rant about an off topic)

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