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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   vaughanmk
    my favorite so far has been Eve Snow White.
  2. by   Stitchie
    Quote from hippienurse
    Interesting names! I had a friend growing up whose name was Shannon Dick, her father was named Harold. No kidding, and he WENT BY HARRY!!!!!

    So what do you think of Savannah Rayne and Sahara Blue, weird?
    No, I think they're great, and if my DH wasn't such a conservative what-will-my-parents-say I'd steal them from you for the Polish baby girl twins we're planning to adopt!
  3. by   MSMCnurse2004
    I graduated with a guy named Telef Telefson, and my family also knew a man named Harry Dick
  4. by   RNinProgress
    Quote from CA CoCoRN
    I have a friend, true story....I fell out laughing when he told me his name....Richard Payne. He doesn't go by "Dick", but just the thought had me on the floor

    I thought he was joking when he told me his last name....then I had to apologize.

    "Dick Payne" :spin: :spin: :roll :roll
    At least your friend goes by Richard! I know a Richard Payne who goes by Dick. Swear to it.. Funny thing, I didn't even realize the humor until I repeated his name to someone else!

    My hubby knows a couple, Dick and Anita Finger.

    Once met a Porsche Carr. Heard of Aliki (A leaky) Doufus. Brother, Rufus Doufus.
  5. by   BETSRN
    I can't remember whether or not I have posted these names. I couldn't remember the last time I read this board. We had some people name the kid COLTRAIN RADIO and another couple more recently gave a middle name of PHYCHO. I am really NOT kidding. Can you imagine that?
  6. by   Da Monk
    Truth, I swear. In the OR in the 1970's, I was circulating on an ortho case and the head nurse came in to ask the surgeon about his next case named Fannie Butts. The nurse started laughing so loudly that she was asked to leave the room. And I took care of an ED patient named Harry Tush. I had to compose myself before assessing the guy.
  7. by   finallyRN
    I had a patient when I worked Med Surg Flossie Butts.
  8. by   vaughanmk
    Years ago I took care of a child whos first name was Burden. Those were cruel parents
  9. by   kristylee
    I had a friend in high school whose aunt named her baby "Misty Dawn".
  10. by   sjt9721
    Quote from merricat
    my friend has a little boy named cash, which i actually think is kind of cute, and a daughter named justice.
    Cash friend's father-in-law
  11. by   AFWife
    My mom had wanted to name one of my sister's Cinnamon. Good thing my dad said NO! LOL
  12. by   Tabatha C.
    My cousin lives in Mississippi and she knows these twin boys at her school and there names are orangejello and lemonjello. I am not weird is that..spelled orange jello and lemon jello. I thought that was kind of weird. And at a middle school that i went to there was this kid his name was shampoo. Just for kicks everyone called his cousin conditioner.
  13. by   Danelle
    I knew a lady that had two boys, the oldest got the family name and was a III, so they called him Tripp. His little brother was named Chase. Now, the two names alone are not bad, but when you put them together you get...Tripp and Chase.