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rse,Childbirth Educator, board certified lactation consultant

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    Rooming-in Vs. Nursery Care

    There is a huge differnce between a cardiac patient and a new nursing mother. Let's compare apples with apples. Encouraging a breastfeeding mother to sleep through and have the baby fed in the nursery is undermining that mother/baby couplet. As a nurse (but here as a lactation consultant) I have to say that you, as that L&D or PP nurse will not be the one trying to undo what has been done in the hospital when the mom is having difficulties that may never have needed to happen.

    Rooming-in Vs. Nursery Care

    Why, we do that on occasion. If you have very involved parents, and a baby that is not critical, it's fine for the parents to watch, as long as the nurses are around if need be. In my opinion, the parents are far more likely to really watch (sometimes too closely) the numbers on the Sat monitor than nurses are. Sometimes, nurses tend to try and rxclude parents from the baby's care. Sometimes, we have to step back and rememebr that the baby belongs to the parents: not to us and they certainly have a right to be involved in the baby's care.

    more on CT schools

    St. Joe's is a private 4 year college (BSN). It's a good school. Goodwin is new and still has to receive its accreditation. Naugatuck Valley is a cc and has an excellent reputation as far as their nursing program is concerned. Like others, it has a wait list and they will not accept you into the nursing portion until you have passed all their other requirements. One of our unit secretaries is a srudent in the program presently. Getting into the nursing program is very competative.

    What degree do I go for

    NO LPN's in my hospital at all. LPN's are not usually used in OB anyway.

    Pregnancy hormones

    The hormones women take during or before menopause are to help with the hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other symptoms that older woman may experience as they age. They feel better when they take these and those symptoms I mentioned are decreased. Of course, hormones are controversial and must be taken with caution. This is totally different from what you are experiencing.

    Rooming-in Vs. Nursery Care

    > I notice that you mention that your baby was returned to you two hours later (as above here). You also mention breastfeeding. I assume you were nursing and if that is the case it is perfectly natural for the baby to want to eat every two hours. Obviously, the baby wouod have come back out to you in a couple of hours. Would you not maybe get only 2 1/2 hours of sleep at home with your new infant? While I am all for new mothers getting rest, the hospital stay is also so that Mom learns to care for her new infant and respond to the baby's cues. That cannot happen if the baby is sitting in a nursery. We always respect a mother's wishes and help out as much as possible. We usually take babies under phototherapy to the nursery at night so that Mom can sleep and not have the bili lights bother her (not to mention we have to know that the baby's eye shield is on corectly). but during the waking hours, the baby stays with Mom as much as possible. We show her how to take baby in and out,etc., and are always available to help with questions or problems. However, when nurses take babies to nurseries under the guise of letting Mom rest, we are doing her no favors, whatsoever. When Mom goes home, the nurses are not going with her and the reality is that she will indeed, be on duty 24/7. The more familiar she is with her infant, the better. If she is breastfeeding, she will be feeding that baby every 1-3 hours anyway. The more that baby is withher in the hospital, the easier her adjustment will be at home. It sounds like your baby had a lot going on. I was mostly speaking for the feeding issue.
  7. Don't buy expensive: no need. They may have them on the unit. We do.
  8. At my hospital, GN's are not even allowed to practice as such. They remain aides until they pass the bards. I think the nurse manager is wrong to do that. I can see that she wants him to get confidence and experience, but I'm not sure that is good from a liability aspect.


    We use gentamycin in infants as well as on moms in labor when necessary.
  10. BETSRN

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    I delivered a baby just the other night. She was there about 5 minutes before the baby came. She stayed home with her doula and SO. It was such a great feeling. I love when that happens!
  11. BETSRN

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    The only problem with that thinking is that in a hospital with a level 3 NICU, you (as the laboring woman) are probably far more likely to get unnecessary interventions that could cause your baby to need a NICU in the first place. Big, teaching hospitals (with interns and residents) are far more likely to overuse interventions in the first place.
  12. BETSRN

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    There is no way you know that such a baby will not fit through your pelvis. I have seen very tiny women (under 5 feet) deliver 10 pounders without a tear.
  13. BETSRN

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    With my second, I delivered in my hospital with a CNM: no meds, no IV's no nothing except routine intermittant monitoring. It was great. I probably could have done it at home, but being a L&D nurse and having seen how wrong things can go so fast, I would not risk a home birth, but am fine with it with a qualified care provider who has good OB back-up.
  14. BETSRN

    Would YOU ever have a homebirth?

    Of course she does, depending on the environemnt in which she works.
  15. BETSRN

    An update about the doc with the fundal pressure

    EXCELLENT job! You'll have made a difference for a lot of mothers and babes!
  16. BETSRN

    My Results are back

    I think we have stayed on the topic, Siri. All the posts are related to her strep status and to her emotional health surrounding this subject. I believe it is a nurse's job to advocate for her clients. The poster came here asking for advice. I believe that that is what each of us have given her. How we express it is going to differ.