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just had a unique baby name the other week....thought i'd share, and hope to continue this thread from earlier.... "strange baby names": strawberry :roll (thank goodness this was changed by the... Read More

  1. by   Rosienurse
    Hi all, I have one that is not exactly strange, but still fits here. Two weeks ago, one of our new moms decided that since her last name was Hawkins, she was going to name the new baby Sadie.

    And she did!
  2. by   anjanette
    When I was in the hospital having my son, one of my nurses told me about a mom who named her son Damien Lucifer. Hmmm.....

  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    About the baby girls named Candida, that was the name of a song in 1971, only the song pronounced it CanDEEDah. It was one of those sappy "our love will make it through whatever crisis" type of songs that appealed to all the girls in my sixth grade class.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Candida (Latin for white ) and Melena (alt sp Melina, from the Greek for honey ) are popular in Mediterranean cultures. St. Candida was a Spaniard who purported saved St. Peter's life. There have been at least two noted Greek actresses named Melina: Mercouri and Kanakaredes. The only reason we find them funny is because of their clinical associations. But even I could not forgive Placenta !!!!
  5. by   LuvsOB
    One of our FP docs just named her baby . It's unusual but I think it's cute.
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  6. by   Mimi2RN
    Originally posted by LuvsOB
    One of our FP docs just named her baby Magnolia Sunshine. It's unusual but I think it's cute.
    Maybe she can be Maggie instead. Can you imagine calling for that poor child!

    :chuckle :chuckle
  7. by   salgal
    I knew a person whose husbands name was Landers Mckanders
  8. by   Jennerizer
    My brother named his son Magnus. I called his name out at a store once to get his attention & this older lady thought I was calling him "Madness." I was hoping they'd develop some sort of nickname, but nope. His middle name is Ericson (yes, after the cell phone). Magnus Ericson.....sounds like swedish royalty only we don't live in Sweden.

    I knew a kid in school named Flip Page. And my friend just had a baby.......she wanted to name it Tera Paige........until she pronounced the two names together....tear a page. And there is always Beau Ty. My other friend named her daughter Addisyn Presley. Took a little while to get used to that one.
  9. by   ragingmomster
    Originally posted by Mimi2RN
    Maybe she can be Maggie instead. Can you imagine calling for that poor child!

    :chuckle :chuckle
    Big Grateful Dead Fan huh? I think if I was going to name a kid after a song, I might go for Melissa from the Allman Brothers.
  10. by   ragingmomster
    Originally posted by JUSTYSMOM
    I worked with a young lady named "Qwatara" but since nobody could prounouce her name correctly, she had us call her "Tara".

    I hope not to offend anyone, but what's with the name "Milo" for a boy? Wasn't that a dog's name?
    Well, then again, I love the name Brandie and I know a few dogs named Brandy too LOL!

    Oh, and my new neighbor's names start with an "N".
    Ready? (dad) Nate, (mom) Nicole,(daughter) Nakya &(son)Nakyle.

    I have an aunt and uncle who named all 3 of their girls with the letter K, we call them Kim, Kris and Kathy. Then my mom is Kathleen, my husband is Kevin, my daughter is Kathleen also. My brother and his wife broke all records though. His name is Kirk, his wife is Kiersten, and the three boys are Kyle, Kalen and Kameron. By the time he got to the third boy the novelty was wearing off, but we convinced him #3 would feel left out without a K. Not so sure now.
  11. by   KaraLea
    I recently heard of a baby girl named "Liberty Jade"...called Libby.
  12. by   HubbywifeRN's
    What a cool thread, just love it!
    I've worked post-partum for 13 years and here are some of the more memorable names I've run across:

    -A biker couple who named their daughter "Z"
    -Twin boys called Neil and Neal
    -Twin boys called Maverick and Buck
    -Twin girls called Chris and Chrissy
    - Candy Kane
    -A couple who named their daughter after their favourite vehicle and drink....her name was Harley Cola
    - A Vietnamese lady named Mrs. Kong had just delivered a baby boy. We were working night shift and feeling a little silly, and starting thinking of possibilities for his name... King Kong, Hong Kong, etc. We couldn't wait for her to hand in her birth registration form to find out what it was. Turned out she named him Curly!
    -Destiny Starblanket (can't remember the last name but it was also unusual)
    - A mom who named her twin boys Kirk and Kurt. When I asked her about the middle names, she smiled and said, "Kirk Douglas and Kurt Russell!"

    Keep 'em coming, everyone!
  13. by   KaraLea
    I've recently heard of...Liberty Jade (baby girl) and Liberty Lee (baby boy). I actually kind of like it for a girl, but for a boy?