Insane visitors!

  1. I'm a graduate nurse (took my NCLEX last week) and I work on a postpartum floor in a rural hospital, and for the most part, I love it. I'm just a little baffled by some of the visitors we get -- we get them at all times of the day and night, regardless of when the delivery was. Visiting hours end at 9pm and people seem to think that they can just come waltzing in b/c the mom delivered after 9pm. It's like HELLO? This woman's been in labor all day, has been through a delivery and it's now BEDTIME!! I've had patients that have had probably 10 people in our little private rooms less than 5 minutes after we get them into the bed on the postpartum unit. And then, while you're doing frequent vital signs and have to check the patient's fundus, lochia, etc., the people in the room make a big deal of us asking them to step out! What's the deal? I realize this is a big thing, new member of the family and all that, but good grief! Provided there are no complications, mother and baby will be home the following day - does everybody and their dog really need to come visit in the hospital?

    Anybody else feel this way? Thanks for letting me vent...

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  3. by   biscuit_007
    besides does a new baby with an immature immune system really need to be passed around that much?
  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    well you will get used to it, i try to limit the visitors but soon as i chase some out more come in,. I have been amazed at the number of people a women will allow in the room while having peri care done, or vag exam etc. I thought it was just my part of the country but i guess not.

    i used to worry about the germ thing and the babies immune sytem. but as a couple of our midwives put it" they going to be exposed to it and more in 36 hours so let visit." I just secreen the sick ones out as much as possible one hospital i worked at took all visitors under 12 temperature. well hope you are having fun,I know i am.
  5. by   sbic56
    I agree with Mark. It is very different in OB as far as visitors are concerned. I always make sure she wants them there and if so, good enough. And the germ thing... these infants are going to meet these people either in the hosptal or very soon afterward, no matter when, from the germs' perspective. Just be sure to screen out the sick ones.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    **get used to it*** welcome to the new family-friendly birth center environment, where customer is king (or queen). At times, it will be the bane of your existance as a labor nurse, but also can be a boon. They are VERY supportive and helpful at times. All you can do is work with them, try to foster a positive relationship with them, and if they get in the way, ask them to MOVE...... and I wish you good luck. :-)
    Oh gawd! Don't even get me started. It seems that the minute a woman has a baby, her family, loved ones, neighbors, and aquaintances all become pushy overbearing idiots, and the woman herself becomes a pushover.

    I personally won't even let anyone in the room until I've admitted mom and gone over all of the admission paperwork. If I don't do it right away, I'll never get it done, so it gets done then. Then when I leave, baby goes with me to nursery for admission, bath, etc. P*sses them off to no end!

    A couple of times when I've asked people to step out (for peri care, vag exam, etc.), they'll look at me and say "Oh, I don't mind."

    I say, "Well, I mind, and whether or not she says it, I'm sure my patient minds."

  8. by   HazeK
    family and visitors can indeed be a boon or a bane!

    Our classics are the ones who go to our open nourishment room and empty the cupboards of crackers, teabags, sugar, etc. that is there for our patients and staff...or the ones who unplug the phone and take it with them...or 'go shopping' on the supply cart in the room for goodies! Argh!

  9. by   CATHYW
    originally posted by obnurseheather
    i say, "well, i mind, and whether or not she says it, i'm sure my patient minds."

    when i started reading this thread, i knew you'd pop up somewhere, saying just the right thing to put these folks in their place!

    people have become so complacent and nosy , that almost nothing seems private and personal any more!:imbar sometimes we just have to teach a little respect for our patients and ourselves. after all, these women are worn out, and certainly don't want to have some degree of confrontation to contend with.
  10. by   HazeK
    almost nothing seems private and personal any more!

    this applies to way too many areas of our lives!!
  11. by   shay
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    A couple of times when I've asked people to step out (for peri care, vag exam, etc.), they'll look at me and say "Oh, I don't mind."
    Yeah, I get that one, it's THEM you really give a sh*t about!!! Heather, you GO, girl!!!

    I should start saying, 'Oh, GOOD!! Then, since her bare butt will be exposed to you, please drop your pants and bend over, since YOU DON'T MIND.'

    Wonder what kind of response I'd get?? Almost afraid to ask!! LOL!!

    I'm evil nurse....I kick visitors out by the BUSLOAD. I don't care who you are or how long you've been waiting (I love it when they tell me they've been waiting for xx # I forced them to wait...OR EVEN CARE), I'll still bounce ya out. HAH!!

    Just get mean, ADN2002. One of the 'unspoken' duties as nurse is to double as BOUNCER.
    Originally posted by shay
    I should start saying, 'Oh, GOOD!! Then, since her bare butt will be exposed to you, please drop your pants and bend over, since YOU DON'T MIND.'

    Wonder what kind of response I'd get?? Almost afraid to ask!! LOL!!
    Great one Shay! I'll use that one next time I'm presented with the opportunity! Gawd, I can't wait!

    "That's fine, dear MIL, you may stay. I'll just be examining your perineum first then..."

  13. by   kids
    Just gotta get my .2 in here...

    My girl child is having a baby in Febuary...the test had barely turned blue when her girl friends and girl cousins started lining up at the door, wanting to be there for the birth. Its amazing how much pressure people will put on someone wanting to be there.

    <one wants to bring her SO because they won't be having anymore kids and he wasn't there for the birth of their baby and he has never seen a baby born.

    <another wants to be there but "can you pick me up ?"

    <another said if it happened at night she wouldn't be able to get a sitter...but thats OK, <4 yo> can sleep on the (birthing room)sofa

    <some have even said things like: well, if XXX is there then I get to come, I've know you longer or you better not let YYY come or I won't

    The good news is, my girl does not see this as a social event...she is holding firm in telling every one that the ONLY people she wants with her are me and her Granma. She does not plan to call anyone but Granma & me when the time comes so that should help too.

    I know how much of a push over one can be when exhausted and loaded on hormones, so they will be going thru me to get in the door, of course it helps that over the years I have cultivated a little healthy fear of me in her friends that has lingered into their 20s.

    Now I just need to convince her to come stay with me for a few days after so she can have some peace and quiet while she and baby get to know each other.
  14. by   shay
    Alright, Nancy, you'd better behave yourself in there!!! No messing around with the monitors or IV or crap like that!! LOL!!

    Glad your daughter doesn't see it as a social event and that you have the good sense to play bouncer and keep the onlookers out.

    HOWEVER, YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. You'd be shocked how many people think birth is a sideshow. I think shows like 'A Baby Story' should be banned because now the general public thinks it's totally kosher for the whole d**n world to watch as a wet baby head emerges from their neighbor's-husband's-hairstylist's-cousin's-wife's vagina.

    It just kills me.