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  1. ADN 2002

    Working while sick!

    I actually have a doctor's appt. tomorrow with my PCP - I think I"m going to see if he'll order a couple days bedrest for me..I think I need that worse than anything else right now. :stone
  2. ADN 2002

    Patients You *Know*

    I also work in a hospital in a small town - my hometown of about 10,000 people. And, while I know a lot of people on my own - a great many more people know my parents and recognize the name from my name badge, so this has come up a lot. I'm also an OB/GYN nurse -- it just doesn't get much more personal than that! LOL I graduated from high school in 1997, so I have taken care of a lot of friends that have had babies and/or GYN surgeries. Like other posters have said, it's all about being professional -- my relationship with these people has not changed negatively - if anything, it's changed positively. Friends that might have shyed away from it before are now comfortable asking me a personal health related question.
  3. ADN 2002

    Working while sick!

    Exactly. What is the point of having sick days vs. vacation days if all you can touch really is vacation days? I've worked here three years and I've only been able to use "sick" days once -- after I'd been hospitalized and made to stay off of work for nearly two weeks.
  4. ADN 2002

    Working while sick!

    Thanks for all the nice replies -- I really needed them this morning. You guys won't even believe this -- I just got home (8am CST) from my 3-11pm shift YESTERDAY. So here's what happened: I went to work, feeling crummy, but I managed to psych myself up a bit - I was like, it's only eight hours, I can get through anything for eight hours. I was going along and running my butt off and trying to get stuff done so I'd get out on time b/c I have a lot of things I need to get done today (my day off), when a little more than halfway through my shift the house supervisor calls me and says well, you're on call for 11-7 (I am an OB/GYN nurse, and we have to take turns taking call - there is always one of us on call in case the "bus" shows up...) - and so the supervisor couldn't find anyone to come in to work (or so she said) b/c we were really busy and so she was like well, you'll have to stay and work a double. I didn't say a word and she's like "okay?" and I told her - what do you want me to say? It's not like I can say "no" -- despite the fact that I am ILL, I am here and I am on call for the following shift! I had my fit, cried for a few minutes, and got on with it. Long story short, I got through my unplanned double, and my plans for today are shot to pieces b/c I am beyond tired and am about to crash. (However, after reading all of your replies, I probably should have thrown myself on the floor, "unconscious" and let them deal with the aftermath.) As for my mystery illness this week - I think the majority of my problem is exhaustion. I worked all last weekend, and we were busy. I found out Tuesday that my pregnant best friend that lives 1000 miles away tried to kill herself over the weekend - I still don't have all the details on THAT one... Tuesday was the day I actually managed to stay home and that was the day that I passed out at home. I live in an apartment, and it seems that every time I lie down to rest lately (no matter what time of day) there is some kind of noise or whatever that keeps me from falling asleep when I need to. In response to some of your comments: I forgot to mention this in my previous post, but I actually have a doctor's appointment this coming Monday - I am going in for another issue, but I will talk with him regarding my syncopal/near-syncopal episodes this week. I have sick time at my hospital, but I can't touch it until I've used two vacation days first (totally ridiculous -- if I could actually take a vacation, maybe I would not be quite so exhausted...it has been a while since I had a "real" break, and even then, it wasn't a vacation...long story). We also have the point system mentioned by another poster - but it's on the discretion of our immediate supervisor as far as having points added for being absent from work -- and I don't really think my supervisor believes a whole lot of what I say when it comes to my being ill. There probably IS a policy someplace (I'll have to look into that), but if I threw that in their faces, who knows what'll happen. One of the house supervisors told me they aren't supposed to ask us what is wrong with us when we call in because it is a HIPAA violation -- I don't think I've ever called in when I wasn't interrogated (What's the problem? Did you take something? What did you take? etc., etc.) I think you have to be one of the "important people" in my facility to be able to take FMLA for idiotic reasons -- honestly, one of the nurses on my unit had designated FMLA days on the schedule -- scheduled FMLA days?? What is THAT about? Yeesh. I think I'm through ranting and raving for the moment; I've lost my head of steam.. P.S. I'll have to remember the handshake thing...I could just see the look on my supervisor's face...
  5. ADN 2002

    Working while sick!

    I am so aggravated. I have been ill since last weekend (on and off, I have times that I feel okay), but earlier in the week, I was having diarrhea x 3 days (TMI, I know) and actually had a syncopal episode while at home alone (not really sure why - I considered dehydration, but I've been keeping fluids down and really trying to push fluids). I worked the two days following this episode (nearly passed out again in a patient's room last night) and today I am feeling bad again. So I called my supervisor to let her know I am ill and she pretty much went off on me, said we were busy and I needed to come in or work this weekend (my weekend off, after the busy week we've had -- I desperately need the days off). So I'm working today (I have to leave in a few minutes, in fact), and I'm really frustrated over it. I have a splitting headache and I ache all over and I'm horribly nauseous, despite the 12.5 of Phenergan I took (maximum dose I can take w/o getting drowsy). So what do you do? I work in a small hospital in a rural area, and most days I like my job and the people I work with (except my supervisor, but nobody likes her). Plus, the hospital is having its annual budget crisis and they're threatening layoffs -- when we're understaffed to begin with (I can totally see how it's better to lay off full time nurses and bring in agency when they're swamped...) I'm off to work -- thanks to anyone reading this for letting me vent.
  6. ADN 2002

    Postpartum pain management

    Quick question about the self-med kits - how does that work with JCAHO? We've been told that EVERYTHING has to be locked up - Tylenol, Motrin, IVFs, Tucks, whatever. I'm not opposed to it, but just curious as to how it works. (Not that our guys would change ANYTHING right now, we're about to go through a JCAHO survey next month...:uhoh21: ) A couple of our docs have standing orders for Motrin 600 mg Q6H around the clock - not prn. Also on their standing orders is Lortab 5mg Q4H prn. Their patients seem to do really well with just the Motrin (assuming they don't have a 4th degree). I always offer the Lortab but not everyone needs it. Just an observation...there will always be the patient that requires more pain meds to be comfortable -- I am, unfortunately, one of those people. With any pain med I give to my SVDs, I encourage them to get in a hot bath 30 minutes or so after I've given the med - many of them think I'm nuts (and a few have told me so to my face) but I rarely have a a patient come out of the bath that says they don't feel better to some degree. BreastfeedingRN - you sound like you're in tune with your patients' pain! Keep doing what you're doing, it sounds great.
  7. ADN 2002

    I feel like a real DIRTBAG!

    I had a similar experience not too long ago, and I beat myself up over it for a while (I'm better now). Pt is a G2P2, uncomplicated vag delivery, strong epidural, foley pulled at delivery. She came out to me moderate bleeding, fundus firm in the midline, -1 from umbilicus, bladder non-palpable. IV of new liter LR /c pit was at a moderate drip (no pump available). About an hour and a half after she came out to me, she had c/o abdominal pain, states it is kind of a crampy pain. Fundus firm, midline, -1, bleeding about the same rate as before, still can't palpate the bladder. Pt states she doesn't need to void and is starting to feel her legs again. Medicated for pain. About an hour and a half after that, pt is c/o increasing abd. pain. Denies need to void, and can move legs well. Bleeding is same as it was, no clots. Still can't find the bladder. IV is dry..yikes! Foley inserted, 1400 cc out, immediate pain relief. Pt suffered no ill effects, went home the next day. What's the deal? I kept assessing her abdomen, never could find the bladder, and I never felt the fundus off the midline. Perhaps I thought I was feeling the fundus and was actually palpating the bladder? Maybe all the pit in the bag (20U) kept her from bleeding like she should have if the bladder was so full? Is there some trick that I've missed? I only graduated in May of last year, but I feel like I shouldn't still be having problems like this. Yeah, the pt was fine and went home as planned, but come on! I couldn't find a 1400 cc bladder? Help!
  8. ADN 2002

    Need to Vent: 3 Co-workers from Hell

    She comes in at 7am, first thing she does is take a break. She sits down and eats. She eats all shift, she's always on a break. At the end of the shift, she's like well I need to go eat. (what??)She is constantly making personal phone calls (which becomes really distracting when I'm answering all the call bells constantly, and trying to chart at the same time) - she hangs on the phone all the time. She has people calling her all the time -- and they're rude to you when you pick up the phone and tell them they're going to have to hold on a second. She neglects the patients' needs, she neglects her teaching that she should be giving these patients -- so when I come on at 3 I'm having to rush around and pick up the slack and get the patients back on track so that my shift goes halfway smoothly -- and then I get chewed out b/c I'm late getting out sometimes. My nurse manager is aware of the problem, but does nothing about it. My DON is new and seems to be another one of these that isn't too interested in dealing with a problem such as this. She's also a PP nurse and enjoys hanging out in L&D when we have something "interesting" going on, such as a IUFD -- she has a sick sense of what's interesting. Meanwhile, the call lights are going off out on the floor. It is very much frustrating. Currently I'm working the day shift (and she comes in at 3) and -- what a surprise! - my shift goes MUCH more smoothly. Unfortunately, I go back to evenings soon. I wish my nurse manager would get the hint and put me on day shift, but that only helps me. I wish they would do the right thing and get rid of her - the unit would benefit as a whole. Just my opinion.
  9. ADN 2002

    Help! OB Supplies Expensive!

    We use: #1: Glove /c ice in it (but we also have a chargeable ice pack that has a cloth cover that you re-use -- I find this gross after a PP mom has been bleeding all over it, and just cover the glove with a washcloth). #2: When we set up a PP room, we give them: 1 water pitcher (non-charge) 1 pkg of 12 kotex pads (now non-charge) 1 pkg blue chux pads (chargeable) 1 peri bottle (now non-charge) 1 sitz bath (chargeable; in a semi-private room for sure, and we give them to our private room patients if they don't want to sit in the tub) #3: Our (chargeable) delivery packs contain: 1 set sterile instruments (to be re-sterilized) 1 bulb syringe 1 set sterile vag delivery drapes 1 syringe 1 needle 1 sterile cup for cord blood (to be re-sterilized) 1 placenta basin 1 cord clamp (but we throw this out, as we have security clamps in a separate pack) 5 laps 1 kotex pad 1 (or 2?) white cloth things that we throw out when setting up the table Other stuff we routinely throw on the table: 1 sterile doctor's gown 2 sets sterile gloves according to doctor preference 1 set of 5 sterile blue OR towels 1 suture for epis/repair (again, doc preference) 1 vial lidocaine for epis/repair 1 extra syringe and needle #4: We have no manual breast pumps. We have chargeable kits that work with our one electric pump, but somebody has run off with the electric pump station as our unit (in their infinite wisdom) loans it out to patients after they go home - I do not promote this practice, because the unit does not come back and our inpatients don't have one to use. Hope this helps! It's kinda interesting to hear what other units do...
  10. ADN 2002

    boy or girl ?

    I hear ya, cheerfuldoer! :chuckle
  11. ADN 2002

    Pubic Bone

    The first patient I took care of during my OB clinical in nsg school had a separation of the symphysis pubis. This poor woman didn't speak a syllable of English, and I had the worst time trying to communicate to her what had happened... She screamed any time she tried to move! I don't remember what kind of pain meds she was on, but it wasn't near enough for what had happened. I'd give anything to see that x-ray though...
  12. ADN 2002

    boy or girl ?

    I was scrubbed in a c/s the other day and I had a doc tell me that if the head comes out crying then it's a girl. (The head had just come out crying and we didn't know the sex.) It was a girl! He says he's been wrong very few times with that one...
  13. ADN 2002

    Insane visitors!

    Well, I had my first set of visitors the other day that didn't know the name of the patient they were there to see. I came around the corner and there were these three people going from door to door reading the names and I'm like can I help you?? And they tell me they're here to see a new mom and that they don't know her last name but they know she was induced this morning and that she's there somewhere. They gave me her first name and I was like well we don't have anybody by that name here and these people just insisted that she was there somewhere! After I told them a few more times that she WAS NOT THERE, they finally gave up and went home. Jeez! If you're not close enough to somebody to know their last name, you're not close enough to them to be visiting them in the hospital postpartum!!
  14. ADN 2002

    Insane visitors!

    Thanks Debbie! I'm really excited to be working in OB! About the kid with roseola...I'd love to let this one charge nurse we have get ahold of the lady that was with that kid -- she'd probably jump on her...literally! Too bad we can't implement the blowgun idea...
  15. ADN 2002

    Insane visitors!

    **gasps in horror as the color drains from my face** I cannot imagine not having visiting hours, that would make me absolutely insane...
  16. ADN 2002

    I have a stupid question

    I'm a PP nurse, and I don't have kids (I'm only 23...) and I haven't had a patient yet that acted like I didn't know what I was talking about. I have been asked a lot of times if I have kids though...I get asked just about daily at work. I like having worked in OB before I go to have kids, I know EXACTLY what to expect. One of these days...