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  • by Deb123j
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Hey - gotta ??? for y'all!

When I registered for fall semester I registered for A&P and figured I'd take some easier classes to go with it, one of which is Nutrition.

I guessed it would be an easy class - but now I'm hearing differently!!! :eek:

What do you all think??? And any suggestions for pre-studying???

On Friday I ordered the Complete Idiots guide to nutrition...hoping that will give me a head start.

Any insights you would care to share...please please please!!! :p

Altra, BSN, RN

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I loved my nutrition class - and I was glad I had it before the nursing courses, because when we talked about the different patient care aspects of various diets, and nursing diagnoses related to nutrition, it made much more sense to me. For me it was an easy A.

Good luck to you. :)

wonderbee, BSN, RN

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Some found it difficult, others found it easy. There are some references to chemistry involved. Nothing like balancing equations or anything like that. Just very very basic stuff. Maybe that's where people found it difficult.

Like MLOS, I loved my class. I took it online. The instructor managed the course extremely well and kept it interesting and current.

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It depends on the instructor. My nutrition class was a lot like a chemistry class...probably because the teacher was a chemistry teacher. It was hard and required much study time. I was glad when I was done with that class.


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:eek: OHHHHH.....NOOOOOOO!!!!! :eek:

Nobody has mentioned it's like chemistry!!! :chair:

I :angryfire HATED :angryfire chemistry!!!

You guys have now officially :eek: FREAKED ME OUT!!!!! :eek:


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I thought that was a very easy class, but I agree it always depends on the instructor. I don't know if you have the option to take it online, but through, it was cake for myself and some other students I know who have taken it. I did find the material very interesting which always helps! SG

PennyLane, RN

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Mine was thankfully very easy. :smokin: But it did involve a lot of memorization. :(

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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There are different levels of nutrition classes. My Clinical Nutrition course required prereques of Organic Chem, Bio Chem, Anatomy and Physiology. It was definately one of the most difficult classes I've ever taken. Mine was more of an advance Bio Chem class. Other nutrition classes may be easy A's though. I was happy to pass mine with a C. :stone


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Honestly, I found Nutrition to be one of the easiest classes that I have ever taken. However, I can see where it could be extremly difficult if you get a difficult instructor. My instructor was awesome and one of my favorites thus far, she made the class so fun and easy. I think it is a great idea to take nutrition before you start the nursing program. Nutrition is such an important aspect in nursing I wish I would have taken it before I started my ADN progran, but it is only required for the BSN. I waited until second semester of nursing to take nutrition because I had to have another class to be considered full time and I figured it would knock of one of my BSN classes, but man I wish I'd have taken it sooner.


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The instructor for my Nutrition course was definitely a factor in how hard the course was - the material was pretty easy to comprehend but the prof was one of those that words questions so that you are more confused by the question than the possible answers??!! In other words - the material was pretty simple and actually kind of interesting. Good Luck!:)


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My nutrition class was fairly easy. The only hard part was paying attention. I liked the instructor as a person but he was a horrible nutrition teacher. He gave outlines for the chapters and we only had to fill them in. He had such a monotone voice that I found it difficult not to zone out. The funny thing is I love reading the health and diet section in beauty magazines but when I was trying to learn the same thing in class, I was ready to fall asleep!

Yellow Rose RN

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I loved my nutrition class! My instructor was very detailed oriented though and the class did involve quite a bit of study time and memorization. There were a few chemistry-based concepts and luckily I had chem. before the nutrition class... I loved it and think that if you stay caught up with your assignments/readings that you will do fine. Good Luck :p

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