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Hey all you wonderful nurses who have made the journey across the pond, or are nearly there bar the flights! I thought it might be fun/interesting/helpful if you could post something along the lines... Read More

  1. by   chrissy51
    Aha that explains that one - thankyou . Just wish I could get things through more quickly - have a hubby in the US and am missing him like crazy
  2. by   CCURN
    Yes, we could complain about the lack of vacation time in the USA, but in the state of MN, or at least at the hospital I work at, most of the RN's work 4 days a week, I only know of 2 RN's on our unit who work full time, so I think that if you take that into account then the lack of vacation time doesnt really matter. Of course that doesnt take into account all the other professions etc.
    The number one question that I wish I had known is : How bad does the home sickness get....I have been in the states 8 years, and it doesnt get any better, expecially around the hoildays.......