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has anyone received one of these?????? Ive had a couple of emails from people about this, it sounds horrendous. opinions please... Read More

  1. by   rinku25
    I will not be signing this contract. this is absol awful. OGP claims that i am the only one left & this is compulsory!!!.
  2. by   rinku25
    I dont understand on what standards has the breach fee been raised. It would have been reasonable if they would have followed an inflation calculator or ...

    feedback pls!!!
  3. by   english_nurse
    Quote from rinku25
    I dont understand on what standards has the breach fee been raised. It would have been reasonable if they would have followed an inflation calculator or ...

    feedback pls!!!
    They can prove that this is the amount of money lost to them if the nurse breaches the contract.
    i suppose in lost fees, and lost earnings this could be true, i think it outlines the actual breakdown in the contract
  4. by   cariad
    to be quite honest, i signed everything before i came with ogp without a second thought. luckily enough for me i worked 40 hours a week straight through for 18 months without any hassles.
    not that i know much about the cost of immigration, but we have been told by other uk people that it has cost them around $10,000 each to get green cards after being here on work visas and wanting to stay here. my hubbys son who has been here for a while on a student visa, has married an american, and when his visa ran out had to get an immigration attorney in on the act, the first visit cost him, $4,000 and he reckons that its going to cost between another $8-9,000 to get the green card.
    there are lots of nurses here who like me came with ogp, and have completed the hours and are now happily settled into their own jobs, either as nurses on hospital staff or like me who is doing travel nursing. the choices once the contract is ended are open to everyone.
  5. by   english_nurse
    your contract is the old one i assume without the 45000 dollar breach fee that your husband would have had to sign too, saying that he would pay if you were unable to, i have the same contract, and i too, signed this without much worry really.
    The thing about the breach fee is that it only becomes an issue if you do not complete the contract, which isnt the intention of the majority of the nurses on here, however what if you were unable to work or injured as some have experianced on here, or god forbid if i died would my husband have to pay?!? i think that is the issue here.
    I dont doubt the integrity of OGP in any way, nor do i think they are trying to tie me in knots over money during my immigration, they have been very good this week trying to sort out my particular problem, the thing that worries me is that im moving to the USA to forge a better future for my family, and anything that comes along and may put my families future at risk needs to be scrutinised carefully, to ensure that if anything happens to me they will be ok.
    If i sign this contract, i will be getting life/accident insurance to cover the amount of the breach fee incase we become unable to work and become liable to pay it.
    I find this all very stressfull and i dont doubt that OGP are attempting to cover themselves for losses when nurses havent completed nor paid the fee, its a shame that those of us that come after are suffering for it.
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  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    OGP tries to rip off nurses here in the states, as well.
  7. by   RGN1
    All I know is that my breach of contract fee is $8000 - WAY, WAY below OGP's so I have no idea where they get there figures from!
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    my breach of contract fee is approx $10,000 but reduces depending on length of time I work there
  9. by   RGN1
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    my breach of contract fee is approx $10,000 but reduces depending on length of time I work there
    Again way below OGP's!!
  10. by   MrsCleverclogs
    This is a very interesting thread and I have watched it with interest since it began. Unfortunatly you are never really going to read on here how nurses have been used and abused by OGP. The main reason is that most of the unfortunate nurses who have had problems with this Agency are too frightened to speak out against them because of fear of reprisals. This has the knock on effect for everybody because although we live in a democratic world with free speech this in not true when faced with a law suit from OGP for liable.


    I do not think that many nurses come to the US with the intention of trying to defraud OGP-many of the nurses have unfortunate events happen to them, and then are punished further by OGP who demand money they dont have or OGP simply ignore the situation. There is NO support mechanism from OGP in the US. They do try but what they need is a UK person who has been through the emigration process, instead of an American who has no clue of what it is like to move countries and jobs.
    I hope and I pray that many of you have good experiences when you come to the US, but if you dont I am sorry. Make sure you establish a support network as soon as you can, because it is lonely here until you do. Remember you have no back up.
    I have been a support for many UK nurses, I have been there bought the T shirt and read the book. Trust others who say it takes a year to settle, it does and it will be a long year.

    Once you have settle and understood the rules and regulations of the country you will have a great life.

    Good Luck
  11. by   suzanne4
    Hate to throw this in but the newer contracts that are now signed with them have a $45,000 cancellation clause.

    The issue is not what they are losing but that so many nurses are not completing contracts with them, also even an $8,000 cancelation if the nurse cancels their contract before they even take the NCLEX exam.

    Please read the contracts carefully.

    And they usually will give you the amendment to sign just before the interview with immigration.
  12. by   nurseD11
    I had OGP today... Would you believe I was told that amongst 400 contracts sent by OGP, I am one of the 20 who have not send back and sign the forms..That my application is on hold until I don't sign them..... Those who are from OGP and have not sign the forms,,,I need your hands and comments please!!!!
  13. by   english_nurse
    i think it is very difficult
    if your sponsership is going to be withdrawn if you dont sign then you have a hard choice to make
    but surely the contract you signed in the first place is now being broken by them? as they are threatening to delay your paperwork?