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has anyone received one of these?????? Ive had a couple of emails from people about this, it sounds horrendous. opinions please... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    You are at the very beginning of the process. The time where you get the update contract to sign is just before your interview at the US Embassy. That is what many of these agencies have been doing. You can expect another updated contract to sign down the road. Especially since the immigration fees are going up significantly at the end of the this month.
  2. by   TickyRN
    WOW this thread was very interesting.
    i wonder what happened to all the people involved. Its been about 4yrs now, did anyone make it to the usa b4 retrogression?
  3. by   RGN1
    Not that I know of. A couple of us are now happily settled in Canada though!
  4. by   TickyRN
    RGN1, thats great, do you ever plan on coming to the US when retrogression lifts or its just Canada for you.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    I am like RGN1 now settled in Canada, loving it and only plan to visit the US on holiday or visiting friends (some that I have made through my journey on here)
  6. by   RGN1
    Yup, I second that. The USA is a vacation destination for me too. The kids are so happy here, they are so free as crime is really low. The schools are awesome & as a family our quality of life has dramatically improved.

    Now if I could only win the lottery ........ :-)
  7. by   english_nurse
    hi there
    i started this thread..

    AND Im still in the UK,

    I got my visa but hubby didnt so hes stuck in retrogression, OGP were actually very good and didnt put pressure on me to go without him but I see now that the visa dates are moving forward, hopefully his date will become current again soon and we can actually get to the USA
  8. by   ann h
    Wow this is a blast from the past
    I think is was one of the last RNs to get in
    Arrived in Florida Sept 2007
    Happy working in a Cath Lab in Orlando
    Husband and kids more than happy with new life