Nursing Superstitions!


I thought this would be a fun topic since nurses are the most superstitious people in the world!

I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says it.

I also never bring a book or magazine to read because I think it will be a slow day. That's a sure way to guarantee a code or a ton of admissions! :D

O.K. maybe I'm a little weird. :p


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Well..When there is a code in the hospital we open a room(turn the lights on, balance our bed scale, turn monitor to stand-by) and if the patient doesn't make it into our ICU we NEVER turn the lights out. Also we never bring up the actual name of former pain in the a-- patient because we feel that will guarentee their readmission.


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The "Q" word is a biggie. Also, we do NOT have graveyard shifts.


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When someone asks "How's your day going" I always reply "Ask me at 3:30!" :D


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How about it sure looks like a good day.

Sure is Q ---- around here today.

"Only" 5 surgeries from our docs on the schedule today....(So bed-control fills us up with 15 medical patients)

And the never mention the former PIA patient is a biggie!!!!! Darn if they don't crawl in on hands and knees to get to see us.

And my personal favorite is....You know, I think this new computer system will make things EASIER!! Ewwwwww


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Nurses are more superstitious than Haitian

Voodoo priestesses. I usually try to combat this by doing or saying those things that are certain to create disaster.

My least favoerite "everything comes in 3's"

"Oh no it's a full moon", "Don't mention the name" and of course "Don't say the Q word".



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I even had the priest in our hospital trained not to say the Q word. Also, there are some nurses who bring certain disaster when assigned to triage or the trauma rooms!


And the never mention the former PIA patient is a biggie!!! Darn if they don't crawl in on hands and knees to get to see us.

Oh no! We spoke the names of about 5 of those PIA patients yesterday! OMG!


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I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says it.

O.K. maybe I'm a little weird. :p

Well, you might be a little weird, but you're certainly not alone! The "Q" word is my biggie, but I do have a few others. When I'm asked (by a coworker or a patient) "how good are you" in reference to my venipuncture skills, I firmly believe that bragging on myself will cause the IV gods to smote me for my vanity with the inability to hit the broadside of a barn. So I always hedge with "I'm pretty good". :rolleyes:


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Thought I'd add a little from a student nurse perspective.

Never, ever say "gee, that exam was easy!" because sure as anything....the next one will be so hard you won't understand a thing!!

Never say anything adverse about another student because sure as anything....that student will become your lab partner in the hardest to understand course you have.

Just a couple of things from a student nurse!!


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OMG! The "Q" word! Yes indeed! When people ask "how's your day today?" and it does happen to be ('Q'), I simply reply "I'm not saying anything...." I will NOT say it's Q..... ! And everyone understands completely!

Our rule is that if you mention the name of a particular patient, you have to take care of them when they roll in the door... ('cause you know they will!).


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We never use the Q word - but actually we REFUSE to use the S word!

Full moons, as well as low pressure centers (decreasing barometric pressure) always brings in catastrophes and ruptured membranes.

If a patient has "C-section" written all over her, we usually stamp up a C-section pack, have labs drawn, etc, so that the chances of her actually HAVING the C-section decrease dramatically.

Also, if a patient was called in, and hasn't shown up yet, even if it is HOURS later, we WILL NOT erase her from the board. The moment we do that, she will show up transverse and complete. We've left patients up on the board for 48 hours or more to keep them away.

I have a friend who works ICU and he says that they NEVER say "it's dead around here"