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  1. codebluechic

    Rapid Response Team

    Try this link and click on the how to guide for rapid response teams. http://www.ihi.org/IHI/Programs/Campaign/
  2. And it never hurts to send a thank you note after the interview. :)
  3. codebluechic

    Barry University Nursing Students Or Alumni

    I begin Barry's acute care NP program this fall. I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far.
  4. codebluechic

    What do you use to carry books?

    Rolling "office on wheels." http://www.tutto.com
  5. codebluechic

    ACNP's...do you recommend critical care experience?

    Hi Effa, I have also just recently applied to an ACNP program. I could not imagine starting this without critical care experience. I have been doing critical care for 5 years and have my CCRN. Your telemetry experience may be very benefical though. What was the level of acuity on the unit? Did you have gtts, pacers, etc?
  6. codebluechic

    Using PDA's in practice.

    I'm not an NP YET but I am also interested in this topic. I have a Palm 505 and I find it very useful. I plan on upgrading to another Palm before starting grad school this fall. I also use epocrates and I have a lot of reference ifo from the AACN. Most of the docs and CRNA's where I work have the Sony Clie. I have compared both and I really refer the Palm. I guess it's just what you like.
  7. codebluechic

    I Passed! Zee_RN,CCRN!!

    Zee, congrats!!! You used Robin Dennison's book didn't you? Email and tell her that you used her book and passed and she'll send you a CCRN pin. robin@robindennison.com
  8. codebluechic

    Studying for CCRN. Argh!

    Zee, I took and passed the CCRN exam this month. It was very hard!Have a very strong grasp of hemodynamics and you'll be fine.
  9. codebluechic

    Recommend Critical Care Text

    Fast Facts for Critical Care Nurses is a good one. I have the program on my PDA but it also comes in a book. http://www.kathywhite.com
  10. codebluechic

    Longest run V-tach?

    I had a patient that presented to the ER in asymptomatic VT. He was on a continous EKG and when his chart came up they sent it all! Pages and pages, at least 2 inches thick. Impressive.
  11. codebluechic

    mangled diagnoses

    One old man asked me to not close the drapes because he didn't like closed in spaces. He said "I've got the hydrophobe ya know"
  12. codebluechic

    Where do you nurse?

    In a hospital...ICU 7a-7p
  13. codebluechic

    Okay now, why am I scared to death NOW

    Don't worry! No ICU is going to let you do anything but watch during a code. If there is one find a corner where you can see and learn.
  14. codebluechic

    Gender biasing by MD's

    In my ICU's the docs go to the nurse that is most FAMILIAR. The ones that they see or speak to every day get the most respect and trust. Just like the new docs have to prove themselves before we trust them.:)
  15. codebluechic

    Any Step Down Nurses?

    My point was you need to research the unit. Is the ratio 10:1 or 4:1?What is the acuity level? Although I gained great experience it really was an awful place to work!!
  16. codebluechic

    Any Step Down Nurses?

    Brandy, You need to find out more about the different floors.I started on a PCU as a new grad. The pt's were VERY sick and on multiple drips but the ratio was 8:1 or sometimes 10:1! We had codes all the time (wonder why?). I found when I floated to m/s the pts weren't as "acute" and it was a lot easier to have 8 of them. Anyway, it WAS good experience and I'm glad I did it before going to the ICU.