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  1. Death and Dying.

    Read the book "The Right To Die." It's appalling how inhumanely we have treated the afflicted when they want to end their suffering. It should be every person's right to make that choice.
  2. Why Did YOu Want To Be A Nurse?

    I became a nurse so I could get paid for what I'd been doing my whole life - caring for some living creature that's injured or ill. It's the only job in which I feel perfectly at home.
  3. 10 major things an old grad should know

    The very most important attribute of an aged, gifted, gnarly, tenacious, gritty nurse is a sense of humor! Oh, yes, and A SENSE OF HUMOR!!
  4. To me, Nevada has some of the most hauntingly beautiful scenery in our country. HOWEVER, the government has it's head where the sun don't shine. I have heard horror stories from teachers, doctors, Native Americans, casino workers, etc. It's sad. ...
  5. Divorce And Affairs????

    Mario, you silver-tongued devil, you. Just because we have been divorced doesn't make us retreads. The man I was married to when I was in nursing school was a college grad, had a good job, and an enviable life style, nevertheless, for some reason, ...
  6. help

    I agree with the other posts that right now you need to take care of yourself, your job, and your personal responsibilities. If you had a bucket of money, you could afford to bail out your husband. Right now, you can't, and it shouldn't be first on...
  7. Opinions on oncology

    Amy: Eight patients is way too many. Don't do that to yourself. If you want to work oncology, find some place where you have no more than four patients. Illinois doesn't seem to be a great place for nurses, does it? You could go to almost any ar...
  8. Obesity Costlier Than Smoking

    Wildhoney: I am NOT a smoker. I would just rather lift a smoker than lift an obese person - not that they can't come in the same package. And didja notice, I did qualify the tobacco thing. We've also managed to refine most of the nutrients out o...
  9. Obesity Costlier Than Smoking

    I have been a nurse for 20 years and have always worked in health care. My observation over 40 years has been that obesity does indeed affect the people around us. How many of us have bad backs because of lifting and turning those truly heavy patie...
  10. Changing Urinary catheters

    The policy in all the home health agencies I've worked for was to change q. month and prn. Some require more frequent changes especially if the urine chronically has a lot of sediment or other debris. Supra-pubic catheters the same. I always chang...
  11. Unsafe working conditions - (Graphic)

    Amy: You were really screwed without a kiss. When they made you a team leader after two weeks, a bunch of lights should have gone off. Remember that in your next job - which you will be getting before too long. Be very clear in your mind what yo...
  12. new guy, nursing as a career, input plz

    What is old? I am 62 and I'm still working the floor. I just don't do it 5 or 6 days a week. I know we don't all have that choice, but it's one of the reasons I go without bennies and work for an agency. I do see a lot of new grads in tears becau...
  13. hi there, can anyone help?

    It's going to be hard to find any place that you will like as well as your home. However, I certainly understand the desire to wander a bit. Florida or the Gulf coast would probably be a good choice for you. As the others have said, first pick whe...
  14. protéinurie?????

    Yup! BUN and creatinine.
  15. S. O. S.

    All good posts here. I've been around 20 years or so, and as someone just said, there are days (or nights!) that are just going to make you feel s***ty! My reality check is two questions: 1. "Did anyone die?", and, 2. "Should they have?" If I c...