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PLEASE HELP!! I've recently started a new job that is frequently three 12 hour shifts in a row.. I'm looking for comfortable shoes that will be supportive enough that my feet won't be killing me by the time I get home. I have completely flat feet and have heard that danskos probably wouldn't be helpful. Money isn't really an issue as I know most shoes would be high in the price range but well worth it!! Thank you for your help!!!

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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My daughter bought custom orthotics from the Good Feet store- and can place them in every pair of shoes she owns. She RAVES about them.

CelticGoddess, BSN, RN

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I would go to a store the specializes in custom running shoes. A couple of my co-workers have had to do this and they are very happy. The shoes aren't cheap but they no longer have knee, foot or back pain. Not sure if you have a Fleet Feet near you but they are really good.


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Mine thing is The Walking Company (shoes, insoles and sleeves). But wherever you go, make sure to mention that you are going to WALK and STAND a lot, not run, and take at least a good hour to test products. Do not buy things like this online - good quality stuff is not cheap, and you do not want to lose your money.

If you know you are going to work three shifts in a row, you may want to buy two pairs of everything. Switching shoes mid-shift is very helpful sometimes, and insoles/sleeves/ supporters are small enough to get lost.

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If you ask 10 different nurses about good shoes, you will receive 10 varied answers.

When working 12 hour shifts, I had good luck with Nike Reax running shoes as well as New Balance running shoes. I have tried nursing shoes in the past with poor results. Athletic shoes work out better for my feet.

I retired my clogs after school because I rolled my ankles too much. Went to REI and bought a pair of Salomon trail running shoes. They are the same brand that makes ski equipment. Best comfy pair of shoes I've ever owned!

Thank you all for your help!!

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I second the Solomon trail shoes and orthodics. VERY comfortable!

I would also consider changing out shoes half way through the shift. Your feet get a chance to start over!

Consider bringing a tennis ball or foot roller to stretch out your foot muscles, tendons, and ligaments on a break (if you're so lucky).

Wear compression hose. A little compression on your feet and legs can do a body good!

Be good to those feet. They sure put on the miles!

37changes, ASN, RN

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I'm not a nurse yet -- not even close. But I AM on my feet all day. Minimalist shoes literally changed my life and turned all of my aches & pains around.

I bought these in May 2014 and I have been wearing them ever since:

Amazon.com | New Balance Women's WT10 Minimus Trail Shoe, Black/Pink, 8 B US | Trail Running

I also have these Vibram five fingers, which I wear in the summertime for lifting and walking:

Amazon.com | Vibram Women's Bikila Evo Road Running Shoe, Black/Yellow/Magenta, 36 EU/6.5 M US | Road Running

(I've been told that the five fingers are not acceptable for nursing -- need a closed toe? But they would still be GREAT for at home!)

I am glad to hear you are able to wear a minimalist shoe at work. The idea of putting my feet in "casts" for 12-hour shifts was really bringing me down. I am not comfortable in regular shoes anymore.


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I love Danskos. I have had the same two pairs for years and they look brand new and feel brand new.

I bought a pair of Brooks shoes (ghost 9's) and they are super comfy.....would recommend

I work in a busy ER and don't really sit

I've found that New Balance 860 or 880 running shoes are the best!

chacha82, ADN, BSN

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I have done both expensive and inexpensive shoes. I like my Koi Sanita (order a size up) and on Amazon they were $70. Also have Skechers tennis shoes and I rotate them. And some $30 Anywear shoes that are awesome. My expensive Jambus are OK for 8 hours but not after. Never bought Danskos.

My Dansko Pro XPs were amazing, but I'm a bit of a clutz and rolled my ankle a couple of times in them. I wore them for a little over 2 years before they started looking a little worn so I donated them. Now I wear the lightest, most supportive and comfortable Merrell Encore Breeze 3's and love them. It's funny, I sliced my thumb 7 months ago and went to the ER for a few sutures and literally saw 3 nurses wearing the exact same shoes! They are very easy to clean as well.

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I do not have much of an issues with shoes so I buy moderately priced ($40-60) but toss them when the support is gone. I sometimes use OTC inserts, but these posts make me want to investigate better orthotics.

I am totally dependent upon compression socks, however. I can feel the difference when I skip them.

As a former long distance runner I applied my simple shoe philosophy to nursing.Buy a high quality shoe (Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, etc) and replace them often. Now this all depends on how far you walk in an average shift with the average being 3-5 miles. Most shoes are designed for running so if you are only walking in them the will last a little longer. Most shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles so only walking will lean them towards a longer life (400-500 miles). So if you work 12 hour shifts full time you should be replacing your shoes at least twice a year. If you chose to buy running shoes you can also usually find good deals on last seasons designs/colors and get great shoes for half price or less.