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  1. Multiple Job Opportunities

    I always ask for time to consider the offers. The last time I accepted a position, I took two weeks between considering the offers and negotiating pay. To be fair, I know the employers because I live in a small town kind of area. So they both knew I ...
  2. I think I made a mistake

    I had a very similar experience when I did PRN at two different LTC/SNF facilities. I really thought the problems at the first could not possibly exist at the second, I was wrong. Dead Wrong! Everything you have described sums up my entire experience...
  3. Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    It definitely amused every person in my school! LOL
  4. Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    That is HILARIOUS!!!
  5. New RN, leaving after 6 months unprofessional?

    If it is in the employer's best interest to fire someone they will do it in a heart beat. If it is in my best interest to get a different job I will do it in a heart beat. I have never not gotten a job offer from an interview. I always do what is in ...
  6. Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    My first day of clinicals in nursing school I went to take vitals on a dead person. Seriously, this happened. There was no butterfly sign on the door and we (Me and 3 other students) walked in to do vitals. There was a ton of family there and everyon...
  7. What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    Thank you.
  8. RN shortage

    There is a huge shortage where I live. There are 3 community hospitals here and they are all short staffed. Nurses in my area work an average of 1-2 extra shifts a week. Some volunteer and some are voluntold.
  9. What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    I would have not gotten so aggravated by the broken system and poor professionalism. Over the years, that has taken a big toll on me. I expected more from the career field and have been let down at every turn. When I tried to help people and do the r...
  10. ED staffing ratios

    I have worked in several ER's set up like yours is now. Most staffed the back end at 4 to 1 with the exception of ICU level patients stuck in the ER for a hold or awaiting bed assignment. Usually in that instance they would go to 2-1 or 1-1 depending...
  11. Want to quit

    I know how you feel! I am getting out of nursing and sucking up the pay cut. There is no price on my happiness. We only live once and we weren't made to be miserable and hate our work. The Japanese surely have this figured out, their culture is big o...
  12. Community ER vs Travel Nursing

    Based on my experiences in trauma, I would not go there since you have been out of the ER game for awhile. I would go back to your old ER for awhile and obtain your TNCC, after some time I would then try to switch. Trauma is a lot of stress, it might...
  13. Education Conspiracy

    I don't care if you resent it, I am not here to fluff your ego.
  14. Washing scrubs?

    Wash with Tide and add in a scoop of baking soda and splash of vinegar.
  15. Dealing with faeces?

    I think everyone has something that gags them to death. Eventually you will be better able to tolerate it. I threw up in a facemask when I went into a c-diff room once.