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  1. NotYourMamasRN

    Multiple Job Opportunities

    I always ask for time to consider the offers. The last time I accepted a position, I took two weeks between considering the offers and negotiating pay. To be fair, I know the employers because I live in a small town kind of area. So they both knew I was weighing the offers between each other. There were no hurt feelings when I made the decision. In the past, I would sit on an offer for about a week before making a decision. I always told the employer I want to be sure the job was the right fit for me and them.
  2. NotYourMamasRN

    I think I made a mistake

    I had a very similar experience when I did PRN at two different LTC/SNF facilities. I really thought the problems at the first could not possibly exist at the second, I was wrong. Dead Wrong! Everything you have described sums up my entire experience in these facilities. Like you I became attached to my patients and that is why I stayed as long as I did. I tried to fight the system to improve it. I tried to implement new policies, root cause analysis, and attendance policy implementation. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing ever changed. I left before a really horrible sentinel event occurred on a floor I could likely have been working. Even as someone looking to get out of nursing, I still don't want to jeopardize the license I worked hard to get. And I definitely don't want to be part of a system that harms a fragile population. I will never go back to that setting, never ever!
  3. NotYourMamasRN

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    It definitely amused every person in my school! LOL
  4. NotYourMamasRN

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    That is HILARIOUS!!!
  5. NotYourMamasRN

    New RN, leaving after 6 months unprofessional?

    If it is in the employer's best interest to fire someone they will do it in a heart beat. If it is in my best interest to get a different job I will do it in a heart beat. I have never not gotten a job offer from an interview. I always do what is in my best interest.
  6. NotYourMamasRN

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    My first day of clinicals in nursing school I went to take vitals on a dead person. Seriously, this happened. There was no butterfly sign on the door and we (Me and 3 other students) walked in to do vitals. There was a ton of family there and everyone was quiet. I looked over briefly and I guess we all thought the patient was asleep. Walked closer and didn't look at the patient, just went to get my bp cuff out and tell the family we were going to take vitals. The daughter looked at me and said "But she's dead". Yup, never managed to live that one down.
  7. NotYourMamasRN

    What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    Thank you.
  8. NotYourMamasRN

    RN shortage

    There is a huge shortage where I live. There are 3 community hospitals here and they are all short staffed. Nurses in my area work an average of 1-2 extra shifts a week. Some volunteer and some are voluntold.
  9. NotYourMamasRN

    What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    I would have not gotten so aggravated by the broken system and poor professionalism. Over the years, that has taken a big toll on me. I expected more from the career field and have been let down at every turn. When I tried to help people and do the right thing, I always met opposition. I can't work in a field like that, it eats at me every day and makes me hate it and the people I am surrounded by. I am exiting stage left!!!
  10. I have seen a lot of this in healthcare. If you figure out a solution, please share what it is. The only intervention I have ever seen work is when they do something that HR has to take action on and it gets reported straight to HR. This was in a hospital however, in the SNF and LTC facilities I worked HR was not reputable.
  11. I understand what OP is saying about having trouble adapting to an all woman profession. I worked in a male profession for 10 years before becoming a nurse. I am a woman and in those 10 years I rarely saw a cat fight or heard gossip. One week into my first nursing job and I am pretty sure I knew who every nurse was sleeping with, cheating on their husband with, not a "good enough nurse", etc... all from sitting in the break room and trying to eat my lunch in silence. It is safe to say that a man with pretty much no experience working in a female dominated profession might feel somewhat uncomfortable with the new culture and environment. That doesn't make him a sexist.
  12. NotYourMamasRN

    How do you feel about being a nurse?

    I hate it, so I am getting out of it :-)
  13. NotYourMamasRN

    Does "BSN preferred" mean "ADNs need not apply"?

    You must have a BSN when it says Required. Otherwise, you can apply.
  14. NotYourMamasRN

    Being Managed By Someone Younger

    I am in my mid 30's and have had managers that were younger. I did not mind, but I did mind when working PRN in an SNF and they were putting new grads in management positions to fill holes. Thankfully I left before the adverse and sentinel events.
  15. NotYourMamasRN

    EBP Narrated Powerpoint

    Google How to Avoid Death by PPT. It is a 20 minute video that will explain what to never do with a presentation. Have fun with it, PPTs are a good way to show your knowledge and creativity.
  16. NotYourMamasRN

    Going out with your co-workers (Mixing Business with pleasure)

    I do not hang out with coworkers outside of work unless it is a work related function. I do not like my life revolving around my work, personally. So I have decided separating the two is the best for me and my family.