1. I work in the ER and with the ambulance bay it gets chilly. I usually wear a long sleeve shirt under my scrub top. I had gotten several at a uniform store that were supposed to be stretchy. They are, but after a few months they develop holes along the seams.
    Does anyone have a good recommendation for undershirts that are more durable?
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  3. by   Miiki
    I just buy cheap $5 or less shirts from forever 21, target, or Walmart. When they wear out, I throw them away.
  4. by   studentnursemon86
    That's what I've been doing. Mine are about $7 a piece. I was hoping there was something more durable out there.
    I know under armor makes them, but they are expensive.
  5. by   Lev <3
    I have some from old navy and gap (which I got at the outlets) and target.
  6. by   Miiki
    I think target has champion shirts that are kind of like underarmor. I don't know , But it should be less underarmor.
  7. by   KelRN215
    I wouldn't wear under armour clothes to work- too expensive to risk getting poo on them and I need them clean for the weekend/hiking. Old Navy usually has cheapish long sleeve shirts that work well under scrubs.
  8. by   tokmom
    I get shirts from scrubs and beyond. It's a great tee to wear under scrubs. They are too thin otherwise. I LOVE them because the sleeves are blinged.
    Yeah, it's the small things, lol
  9. by   seasons18
    Heart and soul makes thick but not too hot long sleeve shirts I bought @ my local scrub store. They also sell regular clothing at Kohls. But the tops are very durable and warm.
  10. by   RunBabyRN
    I just wear long john shirts from Old Navy.
  11. by   ICURN3020
    I also agree with checking out Old Navy. I have many of their long john/thermal type shirts in various colors. Comfy and cheap!
  12. by   Nibbles1
    I get mine from target by Merona. They used to be 7 bucks but now they are 11.00 a piece. I can't complain because they last two years. The only time I got a hole was when I was holding my sweet cat and he freaked out ripping my shirt and tearing my skin. They come in a plethora of colors too.
  13. by   Loo17
    I buy these athletic type tops by Cuddle Duds similar to underarmour but less expensive. Target, walmart and kohls sell them but I usually buy them at tjmaxx or marshalls for $10. They come folded with a box around them like nylons and are sold near the sock or underwear depending on the store. Some styles have thumb holes, some don't, some are moisture wicking. I like the fitted style the most. If you google cuddle duds you will see they have a bunch of styles.
  14. by   tyvin
    Get a few of all cotton long sleeve shirts. Quality breathable cotton selections of pima and spun cotton is great. You can stretch it without getting holes. There are hundreds of choices online. Crazy Shirts have beautiful quality long sleeves.

    Anything with polyester isn't going to breathe

    You get what you pay for