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  1. seasons18

    Microbiology Help..

    I am taking micro with a tough professor, and I regret not withdrawing now. I dropped down my hours at work to have less distractions, but I am still not doing well. My grade dropped from an A to a B after the first exam, and is now at a B- after our first practical. I spend hours organizing my notes, reading them over, reading them on work breaks, listening to youtube videos.... I don't even know if I can maintain a B+ with getting perfect scores on every remaining assignment. Advice? Should I stick it out? Should I retake with a new professor next semester - will that have a negative impact on applying into a program? I chanced this guy based off of 95% negative reviews on ratemyprofessor, and I know not to do that again I'm so stressed because I'm putting in so much effort; hours on my lab reports and at home quizzes, which I get 100's on, but the exam and practical killed me. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. How many patients is the maximum your floor can hold, and what is the staffing ratio? How many nurses are on and how many cna's? How does your hospital handle 1:1 needs?
  3. seasons18

    Lawrence Memorial/ Regis

    Do they accept transfer prereqs, or do they all need to be taken at Regis?
  4. seasons18

    Best Boston hospital for CNA??

    I have 3 upcoming interviews @ 3 Boston Hospitals, and just wondering if anyone had insight on better ones to work at. Pay, experience, room for growth, flexibility (I'm in school)?? They're all per diem positions, but I'd like to get my foot in the door somewhere in town
  5. seasons18

    Laboure College nursing program

    Question about the math exam.. When do you take it & what exactly is on it?
  6. So I have come into contact with many sick patients lately. Contact & droplet precautions, and just coming into too many bodily fluids for my liking when I am not gowned. How can I properly disinfect my scrubs? I usually do cold water because the hot water will eventually break down the material, and put them in the dryer for the heat to kill any germs. What should I add in the wash? Peroxide, vinegar? Can't use bleach on colored scrubs
  7. seasons18


    Heart and soul makes thick but not too hot long sleeve shirts I bought @ my local scrub store. They also sell regular clothing at Kohls. But the tops are very durable and warm.
  8. seasons18

    Killing flu germs on scrubs..

    What is the appropriate way?? Can't use bleach on colored scrubs. I just used hot water (which will eventually ruin the material :/) and vinegar with Clorox2 & tide. Any suggestions???
  9. seasons18

    Pre-Reqs question..

    I still have my science courses to do, I just wanted to know if I can apply @ more schools than just Massasoit. Thank you for your insight :)
  10. seasons18

    Pre-Reqs question..

    I have for an LPN program but it didn't include science, just math reading & english.
  11. seasons18

    Pre-Reqs question..

    So basically any program can accept you as long as you've completed their required pre reqs, even if none are actually taken there?? Say I have my science classes done but not chemistry and I want to try for Quincy, could I simply use my transcript and take chemistry @ Quincy and apply? Thank you!!
  12. seasons18

    Pre-Reqs question..

    Hi, silly question - but if you complete your science, english, psych/soc pre-reqs at a community college and don't get into their program, can you apply into another community college's nursing program with those classes you have taken? And how does applying into a BSN program work - the same, take pre reqs at a com. college, shoot for a high GPA and apply?
  13. seasons18

    CNA 2 Courses???

    Has anyone taken a CNA2 course? From doing a few quick google searches, it doesn't seem like there are too many. I'm in Mass and would love to be able to take one... I'm assuming they're all in person, or is there anything offering online courses and you go to a clinical site for a day? Thanks! Kate
  14. seasons18

    Dansko white clogs/bleach??

    I put some bleach on a cotton ball for the bottoms of the shoes - theres some kind of stain that will NOT come out!!! I dont know what else I can use
  15. seasons18

    Dansko white clogs/bleach??

    Hi, I have a pair of the white leather Dansko clogs. Theyre only a few months old and I wipe them every shift if i have time, but I've never really cleaned them-cleaned them. I can't find a valid sorce saying if bleach is totally safe, and if so do I soak them in a bleach/water solution and if so how long? Do I just put some on a rag and spot clean? I've read people saying they put theirs in the washer... i just feel like that is so risky for shoes this expensive. Any personal experiences? I just want to start doing weekly cleanings that will kill germs and make them look fresh. Thanks!
  16. seasons18

    What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

    Not sure if I ever responded... MA-hand washing, dressing patient with leftsided weakness, pulse, communication and documenting

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