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  1. seasons18

    Bunker Hill Community College Fall 2018

    CONGRATS ALL!! :-) Weird question... Did all of you attend the nursing info session prior to the application deadline? I actually did not, but was accepted. I'm afraid this will cause an issue at the big orientation in May... tell me I'm not alone??!
  2. seasons18

    UMass Boston Traditional fall 2018 application

    Any updates from anyone?
  3. seasons18

    UMass Boston Traditional fall 2018 application

    Hey all. What does it say for your Major when you check your status? Does it say nursing or your second choice (if you picked one)?? seems like everyone found out last year at christmas time, such a long wait!
  4. seasons18

    UMass Boston Traditional fall 2018 application

    Where do you check your status to see it say a decision has been made?
  5. seasons18

    Northeastern Transfer...

    Just looking for any and all info on Northeastern. I am curious about transferring into their nursing program with basic pre-reqs done (Micro, a&p 1&2, english, psych, stats) Should I take an a&p there or want to transfer it in? How many are accepted for transfers? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  6. seasons18

    A&P while expecting??

    I will be around 4 months at the end of January when winter classes start. What are realistic thoughts on taking anatomy while pregnant in regards to chemicals, labs, workload??
  7. seasons18

    Microbiology Help..

    I am taking micro with a tough professor, and I regret not withdrawing now. I dropped down my hours at work to have less distractions, but I am still not doing well. My grade dropped from an A to a B after the first exam, and is now at a B- after our first practical. I spend hours organizing my notes, reading them over, reading them on work breaks, listening to youtube videos.... I don't even know if I can maintain a B+ with getting perfect scores on every remaining assignment. Advice? Should I stick it out? Should I retake with a new professor next semester - will that have a negative impact on applying into a program? I chanced this guy based off of 95% negative reviews on ratemyprofessor, and I know not to do that again I'm so stressed because I'm putting in so much effort; hours on my lab reports and at home quizzes, which I get 100's on, but the exam and practical killed me. Any advice would be appreciated
  8. How many patients is the maximum your floor can hold, and what is the staffing ratio? How many nurses are on and how many cna's? How does your hospital handle 1:1 needs?
  9. seasons18

    Lawrence Memorial/ Regis

    Do they accept transfer prereqs, or do they all need to be taken at Regis?
  10. seasons18

    Best Boston hospital for CNA??

    I have 3 upcoming interviews @ 3 Boston Hospitals, and just wondering if anyone had insight on better ones to work at. Pay, experience, room for growth, flexibility (I'm in school)?? They're all per diem positions, but I'd like to get my foot in the door somewhere in town
  11. seasons18

    Laboure College nursing program

    Question about the math exam.. When do you take it & what exactly is on it?
  12. seasons18


    Thank you!!
  13. seasons18


    Question. I was in a pediatric patient's room for about an hour holding the patient, who has RSV. I had gowned up, wore gloves before holding, and washed my hands after. I didn't wear a mask. At first it wasn't explained to me that this patient had RSV, just "respiratory issues" until I looked in the computer and saw for myself. Issue is, I have an infant at home. Is my baby at risk now? I showered after work as I got home and hadn't touched my baby until this morning.
  14. So I have come into contact with many sick patients lately. Contact & droplet precautions, and just coming into too many bodily fluids for my liking when I am not gowned. How can I properly disinfect my scrubs? I usually do cold water because the hot water will eventually break down the material, and put them in the dryer for the heat to kill any germs. What should I add in the wash? Peroxide, vinegar? Can't use bleach on colored scrubs
  15. seasons18


    Heart and soul makes thick but not too hot long sleeve shirts I bought @ my local scrub store. They also sell regular clothing at Kohls. But the tops are very durable and warm.