How to find the best shoes -- & other ways to prevent aching feet and blisters?

  1. I'm a new urse that just started at a LTC/rehab facility. By 12pm of my first shift, my feet were absolutely covered in blisters, and I was limping the rest of the day. Day two was slightly better (because I elevated my feet and put hydrocortisone cream on the blisters), but still aching and limping by the end.

    Of course, it's gonna take time for my body to adjust. I'm also losing weight, which will undoubtedly help. But in the meantime, what are some ways to reduce feet trouble? And what shoes would your recommend for wide/sensitive feet? (Ideally tennishoes, because I have trouble with clogs)

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  3. by   amoLucia
    I've suggested that staff have 2 pairs of shoes with which to rotate. Allows for 'airing out' for moisture and pressure relief/redistribution of the shoe body.
  4. by   NuGuyNurse2b
    Tennis shoes. I have yet to find a pair that allows me to go 8 or 12 hrs pain free, but tennis shoes come close to enough. Still a little achy but nowhere near limp mode.
  5. by   AJJKRN
    A good pair of running shoes with a good pair of insoles. You can go to one of those shoe shops if you want and have your feet matched to their footwear but probably expensive.

    In all honesty, you may just need to get used to running your tail off but blisters may mean that you shoes aren't tight or are rubbing somehow? God supportive and "airy" socks may help too.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    Socks are almost as important as shoes.
  7. by   baby_nurse-
    That's a good point. What type of socks would you recommend?
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from baby_nurse-
    That's a good point. What type of socks would you recommend?
    I like all cotton and a little cushiony.
  9. by   AceOfHearts<3
    Quote from baby_nurse-
    That's a good point. What type of socks would you recommend?

    Compression socks. My favorite brand is Danish Endurance from Amazon. They don't rub and cause blisters on my toes like some others I've tried because of seams.
  10. by   applewhitern
    I wear Sketchers; I have many pair and just drop them in the washer every week or so. Then I just air dry them (they dry really fast). I also learned to buy a half-size larger shoe than I normally wear. I prefer thin socks, and wear the gold-toe brand, in a crew style, because I don't like my ankles showing at work. Oh, my Sketchers are all the slip-on style, that way I don't have shoe-strings that dangle and come un-tied.
  11. by   Sour Lemon
    Are you wearing the right shoe size? I have more and less comfortable shoes, but nothing that creates blisters all over my feet. Maybe you need wide? Double wide? Look on Zappos.
  12. by   hppygr8ful
    I just last night purchased a two Pair of Nike RNs ( I didn't even know they made shoes for nurses but I do like the Nike brand. If you feet are blistering it suggest you have an incorrect fit. I replace my shoes every 6 months, do warm Epsom salt soaks when my feet ache and I also have a portable home TENS unit with recovery socks that send gentle electrical massage to my poor feet.

  13. by   TriciaJ
    I found clog-style shoes (think a really popular brand that many nurses love) to be a bad fit for me. I went to a specialty shoe store to have shoes and insoles custom fit. Made a world of difference. I currently like UnderArmour brand shoes; they feel great all day. And I wear a pair of Vionic slippers at home; they have arch supports that have much alleviated the chronic aching feet.
  14. by   DowntheRiver
    New Balances work well for me. I'm flat footed and need serious arch support. I went to one of those fancy shoe stores and tried on a bunch of New Balances with arch supports and then came home and bought the shoes on Amazon for like $20-30 less than the store but I did buy the arch supports at the store.